Nemani Delaibatiki

FijiFirst will win the September 17 general election, the latest Razor Research/Fiji Sun poll reveals.
Eighty per cent of those asked in the 20th weekly poll predict a positive result for FijiFirst.
The outcome is identical to other results in the latest poll and is consistent with the polling trend so far.
FijiFirst has taken a big leap from 59 per cent in the previous poll to 78 in the Preferred Party standing. In a parallel result, its leader and Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama, has gained six per cent to be on 79 in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes.
If these results were translated to seats in Parliament, they would mean FijiFirst would secure 40 out of 50.
As the campaigns by the political parties roll into top gear, expect some movements in the ratings. But the opening salvos of the campaign by the “pack of four” have failed to cause any dent in the FijiFirst machine.
SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party), which had broken away from the pack to hit double digits some weeks ago, has fallen back below 10. For two weeks now, it sits on eight per cent. Its leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, has gained one to be on eight per cent.
In third place are National Federation Party and its leader Dr Biman Prasad. Fourth are the People’s Democratic Party and leader Felix Anthony. Fiji Labour Party and leader Mahendra Chaudhry hold the wooden spoon.
The Razor Research/Fiji Sun Poll is conducted weekly. Six hundred eligible voters are polled each week, 300 from the Central Division, 200 from the Western Division and 100 from the Northern Division.

Q1: Have you registered for the upcoming election.
Yes 72%
No 28%
Unsure 0%

Q2: Preferred Prime Minister in the upcoming election.
Voreqe Bainimarama 79%
Ro Teimumu Kepa 8%
Someone else 5%
Biman Prasad 5%
Felix Anthony 2%
Mahendra Chaudhry 1%

Q3: Preferred Political Party in the upcoming election.
FijiFirst Party 78%
Sodelpa 8%
National Federation Party 5%
Don’t Know 5%
People’s Democratic Party 3%
Fiji Labour Party 1%

Q4. Do you think FijiFirst will win the election?
Yes 80%
No 20%


4 thoughts on “

  1. This poll has to be a reasonable representation of how the people polled feel.

    Lets be honest with ourselves, nobody with half a brain who wants to convince someone is going to do it with figures that look so ridiculously biased and false.

    The only way this could be so far out is if the those polled were chosen because they were wearing Fiji First advertising.

  2. How come the foul mouths are not commenting on this ? The simple truth is people maybe be uneducated , but not blind. You cannot deny the fact there is support for FF because they are doing things for the people. Tax payers of this country. No matter how many swears come out of your mouth , it doesn’t do anything for anyone. The other parties as opposition would be more valuable then in power.

  3. The other parties as opposition would be more valuable then in power.

    Why would you think that? To me, it seems it would just be more of the same; Frank threatening everyone that points out his bullshit; and the media running around like headless chickens everytime Aiyaz farts.

    Who wants more of this mess? What we need is a REAL government, not a two-man circus made up of a greedy, white-eyed mongoose and a fat-headed whiskey sponge.

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