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Bai and Khai will not be happy

July 13, 2014

SODELPA support is growing more open – will the regime react?

The picture of some of the giants of Fiji rugby turning up to a SODELPA party rally will not be welcomed by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Following the story last week exposing the complaint of wife-beating against Bainimarama jnr, the dictator duo will be as mad as hell against the Fiji Times. But the world is watching and any action now will be seen to be retaliation for publishing stories the regime doesn’t like. What will particularly worry them about this story is the encouragement it gives to ordinary Fijians everywhere to step up and be seen as supporters of SODELPA and other parties standing against Bainimarama’s Fiji Fist Party. The more people who stand up, the more people will be able to stand up and be counted as supporters because there will be too many for the regime to try to intimidate.
Fiji Times, July 13, 2014 NRL stars show support at SODELPA event


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