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  1. Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi stated in the Australian National University straight after the coup of 2006, that was reported by the Fijivillage web and I quote ” The coup plotters were the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, majority of the minority party, elements of the judiciary system, and few Muslims…”
    The 1987, May 14 coup was between pope John Paul II and Ratu Kamisese Mara meeting in 1986. But Rabuka refused the “chart” formulation.
    The fall of USSR was between Pope John Paul II and Ronald Regan in the Vatican meeting in the library.
    The fall of dictatorships in Islamic countries are the infiltration of the Vatican Jesuits and the CIA connection.
    The assassination of Pope John Paul I was done by the Jesuits.
    The assassination of President Abraham (USA) was a Papal Bull from the Vatican.

    So who assassinate Viesamasama, Naqova, the doctor that postmortem Naqova and David Toganivalu? Were they local assassin/s?

  2. It is sad that some people try to blame others of something that doesnot exist.
    Please give avidence and not this stupid story ,tape of the conversation ,or footage on camera ,Catholic , Muslim ,what else all full or rubish propaganda

  3. Read “The Keys of this Blood”, “ The Secret history of the Jesuits”, “The Biography of Pope John Paul II”, “fifty years in the Church of Rome”, “America and the Catholic Power”, and ask Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi to verify his statement at the Australian National University quoted by the Fiji village wed site.
    I am sorry if it so sensitive to your Catholic faith but your priests hides the agenda of the Vatican from the perish members. They perceive that the kingdom of Christ to be literal political governments of the society of nations. Using John 17 as of literal political motive is of the anti—Christ.

  4. In the 2000 coup the Indian were balme for trying to sell fiji and make it a small India .How do they know this.
    Now its the catholic faith , who wii be next musilm because of Kaiyum .
    Dig deeper in the soil and try to cover yourself with all this lies ,my friend it will hunt down on who ever is playing with gods poople .watch out or it could be you

  5. Christians and Muslims are the same they both use prayer beads and are being lead by the same person, the only thing is, is the don’t know how sad!!

  6. only knuckle headed pips try to ruin the government…..or sud i say, attention seekers who dn’t rily kea abut the nation & it’s people……chill out!!!!

    This book explores the factors behind – and the implications of – the 2006 coup. It brings together contributions from leading scholars, local personalities, civil society activists, union leaders, journalists, lawyers, soldiers and politicians – including deposed Prime Ministers Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry. The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji: A Coup to End All Coups? is essential reading for those with an interest in the contemporary history of Fiji, politics in deeply divided societies, or in military intervention in civilian politics.

  8. Pliz lets forget what happened in the Past and look to the future .Fijian people cultivate the land and stop drinking Kava .Vinaka.

  9. one cannot forget history or the past as this is what paves our future….we look at history to improve on what the faults of our past government were to better the future. so if one forgets the past they are bound to repeat the same mistakes once made thats what this shity government can not see. Instead of giving the people of fiji the right to vote freely, speak freely and to be free from oppression and intimidation…they go about saving themselves by abrogating the 1997 constitution to keep them free from trial and life sentence for carrying out treason…come on they could have gone about it in a more democratic way and stand for election. there was nothing wrong with elections in fiji. it is quite obvious that franky and his banana was unhappy and wanted their own way…so even if this new constitution comes into place there is always way that we the people will find to bring this treason offenders to justice…

  10. frank luveni magaitinamu n caiti tamamu drau veicai veivutusons kei kaium drau yavu luvani kawaca

  11. You Cannot Rule Righteously Without The BIBLE. The BIBLE Is The Only Compass That Will Keep Fiji On Course…

  12. And furthermore, I believe that these money would be worthwhile.
    Are these sounds coming from earth-bound spirits, or are they sounds from another dimension breaking through to ours.
    A lot of computer game cheats are released by the game developers and publishers themselves.

  13. anonymous(boci baku no teve.no kato.sona levu ka kua ni vosataki tavalegu tiko o kaiyum tavalegu ya.you listen you uneducated sonalevu .muslim is the only true religion,you and your momo banana .you guys a fukn jews got not fukn race converted at the point of the barrel of a funkn church of England.there is a saying you cant bath a pig and keep him in the house he will run to the shit house.got where im coming from you fukn jew lovers.liu muri race.another saying never take land from you jews because oneday you fukers will come back and ask for it .got that one .you boci anonymous nomu sona you sona levu

  14. eroni bula tavale.oiko dava.oiko lotu karisto tava.there is no true bible the one you jews in Fiji got is been converted many times tell me is the holy quran ever converted no never.you jews in Fiji change your religion to islam pray to god directly.you will see a big change in your little island .see aiyaz he prays to allah and he protects him .his been given a job to do which none of you jews could do so don’t blame him for the down fall of your race.i mean to say no race.a jew choose him coz he cant trust you jews murdrers killed your own prophet there is no place for jwes in this world wherever you are .there always be a muslim with a big stick standing right behine your sonas

  15. ratu popeye…muslim are killing each other around the world……and that is a shame on the God you think you serve……..try to do that in Fiji……oh you will get it…..love fucking muslim girls….your Tavale Kaiyum……can be taken off anytime….when the time is right so go fuck your self and your tavale Kaiyum

  16. frank bainimarama assissnated, Veisamasama,David Toganivalu, Jona Qio ,Naqova and his doctor.Mara and Penaia Ganilaus orders,thats why bainimarama was given the right of passage to become commander of the navy and years later become the boss of the army,think about it a school dropout and a ulukau block head ,promoted to this high post,he become one of the incompetent leaders in fijis history.think about it people.

  17. Kamisese Maras photo is found in one of the old masonic lodges in Levuka with a candle lit under his photo and an aunty of mine was held captive of his underworld Jesuit ruiling they have in Fiji. She also said that on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month they would all meet up at Levuka and mainly at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva to drink Blood & Yagona. So you guys might want to think twice about the past leaders and leaders today. She has broken free from them ever since kamisese passed on.

  18. To change our flag? Read the book “Keys of this Blood” written by a Jesuit. I believe what is going on to our beloved country is a “New world Order”. The introduction is of the anti-Christ. Our leaders are innocent about it, they do not know the craftiness of the K2 lodge at the Vatican.

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