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Fiji Sun Poll…… Massive support for Qarase if you accept the undecided vote is most likely silent support.


He picks up 82 per
cent in latest poll

Nemani Delaibatiki

Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama has increased his lead in the latest weekly Razor Research/ Fiji Sun poll.
The FijiFirst leader has jumped from 79 per cent the previous week in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes to 82.
SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has recaptured the No 2 slot, displacing National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad. She improves her rating from five per cent the previous week to seven. Dr Prasad drops from eight to five per cent.
The sagging rating of People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry continues. Mr Anthony is down to one per cent from two while Mr Chaudhry recorded a significant drop from three per cent to zero.
In the Preferred Party polling, FijiFirst is still well in the lead although it has dropped from 74 to 71 per cent. SODELPA is back at No 2 at seven per cent followed by NFP at five. PDP gets one and FLP zero.
Thirty seven per cent don’t want Laisenia Qarase to be involved in politics, 31 per cent support him.

RAZOR RESEARCH/Fiji SUN 16th weekly poll
Q1: Have you registered and will you be voting in the upcoming election.
Yes 78%
No 16%
Unsure 6%

Q2: Preferred Prime Minister in the upcoming election.
Voreqe Bainimarama 82%
Ro Teimumu Kepa 7%
Dr Biman Prasad 5%
Someone else 5%
Felix Anthony 1%
Mahendra Chaudhry 0%

Q3: Preferred Political Party in the upcoming election.
FijiFirst Party 71%
Don’t Know 16%
National Federation Party 5%
People’s Democratic Party 1%
Fiji Labour Party 0%

Q4: Should Laisenia Qarase still be involving himself in politics?
No 37%
Unsure 32%
Yes 31%

The Sun Poll is conducted weekly for the Fiji Sun by Razor Research, of Suva. Six hundred eligible voters are polled each week, 300 from the Central Division, 200 from the Western Division and 100 from the Northern Division.


20 thoughts on “Fiji Sun Poll…… Massive support for Qarase if you accept the undecided vote is most likely silent support.

  1. Excellent news, what we all want to see is happening. Stability and progress with a firm hand on the parasites and low lifes of Fiji

  2. Bainimarama, called on Fijians, as the country prepares to go to the polls, under fraudulent and corrupt conditions, to judge for themselves the work his government has done in the last eight years.
    Yes, what has Bainimarama improved under his dictatorship? Judge for yourself, the dictator says, how much life has improved, judge for yourself the true and genuinely inclusive intentions, he has for the betterment of all Fijians. But here is his track record:
    Fiji is experiencing its worst and highest ever records of:
    cost of living
    national debt – now every man, woman and child owes over 7,500 each in foreign debt.
    no freedom of speech
    total tailban type of rule
    In addition:
    There is no rule of law and investment is at its lowest levels ever since independence. Why is this, its because no one trusts Bainimarama and Khaiyum to follow the rule of law and protect their investments.

  3. Fiji Sun was paid $260,000 by illegal government of taxpayers money.Fiji gets all government advertisement. Fiji Sun is paid by regime to create the atmosphere that this illegal regime is doing all good. Anyway cannot blame as Fiji Sun is owned by Guji’s and Sri Lanka – Ajit is the CEO.
    All this report by Fiji Sun is false.
    People are not fools.

  4. A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
    Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
    Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
    Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
    Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.

  5. The more this illegal regime pays Fiji Sun, the more the newspaper will increase Bainimarama’s numbers in their fake polls.

  6. Congratulation Rear Admiral. This is very close to Assads election result in Syria, just a few percentage points missing!

  7. For our Australian diaspora and others who can access Australian TV stations FWRM Virisila Buadromo will be on the ABC1 Q&A program tonight, Monday 16 June at 9.35pm. Let others know.


    Fiji has been vandalised and terrorised by gold seekers and fly by nighters in the FF and the very ones who have helped themselves to the government treasury and shut out the entire public from all its many many cunning “under the table” dealings and have become very rich;..all through the illegal take over of a democratic government!

    I dont care who leads Fiji next! As long as it is not these current bunch of thieves who have locked away the Auditor General for the last 8 years!

    Fellow Fijians, PLEASE, think long and hard! Together we can save Fiji by ridding bad evil leadership that we have been under for 8 long years!



  9. Nemani Delaibatiki is in the same league as Matai Akauola, Leone Cabenatabua and Maika Bolatiki for most prolific asslicking ballsucking performance with regime. They probably polishing Ajith balls too just like that faggot who looks like a lizard Ashwin Raj. These guys are all thick in the bum games they play together.

    1- The Dictator is using Government money to bribe voters with gym equipment, brush cutters and sewing machine
    2- Ministry of Information putting all their resources behind promoting Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Kahiyum; leader and General secretary respectively of the Fiji First Party.
    3- Government employees have been collecting signatures for Fiji First party.
    4- Prime Minister’s salary remains a secret
    5- No Auditor General Reports published
    6- Fiji scored ZERO in an international survey on budget transparency. There is no way the people can know how their money was spent by the Dictator.

  11. Fiji first landslide.
    Fiji labor party will not get any seat in parliament
    NFP will get 3 seats
    Sodelpa will get 7 seats
    PDP will get the last position with no seats as well.

    You can call FF whatever but the truth is that it appeals to most people.

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