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Mr Chaudhry says the integrity of the 2014 elections is at stake

Fiji Labour Party questions visa trips

Updated about 1 hour ago

The Fiji Labour Party has called into question a move by the immigration department to send an official team to Australia to handle requests for Fiji passports.

The party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says the task should be handled by the overseas mission, and the move is questionable so close to the September election.

The Immigration Director, Nemani Vuniwaqa, told media on Saturday that it’s the first time the department is sending teams abroad for the purpose.

Mr Chaudhry says the Fiji First leader, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, should also clarify reports that Fiji passports are on offer for 750 US dollars, as a donation to Fiji First, with the recipients being qualified to vote in the September polls.

The allegation was made last week by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, following the Fiji leader’s visit to the United States.

Mr Chaudhry says the integrity of the 2014 elections is at stake and the moves are pre-determined and orchestrated to rig the September polls.


8 thoughts on “Mr Chaudhry says the integrity of the 2014 elections is at stake

  1. Vinaka Chaudhry. In the history of Department of Immigration the immigration officers had never visited another country to renew the visa. This is total abuse of taxpayers money. This is a holiday trip for the staff. The Embassy staff in Canberra are having a nice time which is their responsibility to ensure that passport are extended.
    How much money will be spend on this trip?
    How many immigration officers are travelling?

  2. Fiji Immigration is the most corrupt government department. The influx of chinese and getting reside and work permit has become a joke. This never happens in another country. The immigration staff are taking money and getting the visa for chinese. No wonder chinese are all around Suva city doing small businesses.

  3. How many staff are working at the Immigration? How many are the director’s relative who have no qualification over qualified and experienced staff who have been neglected?
    It will be interesting to know the racial component of staff at Immigration?

  4. Perhaps it is up to that idiot Chaudhry to produce the evidence that this government is selling passports for US$750.

    I think Chaudhry’s integrity is at stake by making the unsupported accusations like this.

  5. Chaudhry is seeking clarification of what was said in US by the illegal P.M.
    What is there to hide or is the illegal P.M. hungry for power as his salary and peaks are too good to leave. 8 years of bad governance is enough for the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G.

  6. Well let Chaudhry do the work, contact the people that know, get sworn affidavits and present them as evidence.

    The next muck the idiot will be spreading is that Bai has sold Fiji to the Martians but he’ll want someone else to prove him right. The guys a whining loser clawing at anything to get himself in print.

  7. Scam @ Fiji Immigration

    Rajeshwar of FPSA and Manoj Kumar an Indian national colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees and US $2000 for shared accommodation alone to teach simple course Certificate in Computing. The duration of the course was one year. This course normally cost F$400.
    Isn’t it surprising that 90 students were brought from rural India most were form 3 and form 4.
    Why Indians would travel to Fiji to study I.T. when India provides the best I.T education.
    This was a major scam at Immigration where Immigration officers were paid to issue students visa.
    Imagine 90 students were tricked by Manoj Kumar that they will be able to go to N.Z.None made it to N.Z.
    All files must be with Immigration as it’s warrants full investigation. The poor students made complains to Immigration, Fiji Higher Education and Indian Embassy but no one helped them as the people working in this places were bribed.
    A full investigation must be done to know the truth.
    FRCA record does not show the income derived by U Tech Institute.
    U Tech Institute had only two rooms to cater for the students. The students were shown the USP campus on the website.
    This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji. Rajeshwar had also made trip to India paid by FPSA.
    The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.
    Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh has visited this year.
    How can IMMIGRATION approve student permit for 90 students for a two room office at Honson Building.

  8. mahen chaudhry chutia, your integrity has been destroyed for using using FLP and name of poor to line your pockets with $2million donation, you tax dodger and finance minister in illegal regime. you integrity has been destroyed for wife beating and adulterous affair with Asha Lakhan. You are a maha kutta (dog), shameless bastard.

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