If Ro Teimumu can maintain momentum, she will break away from pack
SODELPA and its leader Ro Teimumu Kepa have displaced the National Federation Party at No 2 in the political rankings, the latest Fiji Sun poll reveals
The 14th weekly poll shows the Prime Minister, Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama, and his FijiFirst party consolidating their unassailable lead in the build-up to the September 17 General Election.
In the Preferred Prime Minister poll, Mr Bainimarama gains two points to sit at 79 per cent. Ro Teimumu jumps by two points to six per cent. NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad lost two points to score four per cent. Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry remains at one per cent. Felix Anthony, leader of the People’s Democratic Party, crashed from one per cent to zero.
The results show the harsh realities of the current political climate for the four registered parties opposing the Prime Minister’s FijiFirst. It would be to their own peril if they write these off. It’s quite obvious that Mr Anthony has a lot of work to do.
Leading the trade union movement is quite different to leading a political party. Dr Prasad needs to get used to his fluctuating fortunes and that there is no room for complacency.
Mr Chaudhry has hardly moved in the past few weeks. But Ro Teimumu appears to be on the roll. If she can maintain this momentum she could gradually break away from the pack and be in a position to provide credible challenge to Mr Bainimarama.
In the Preferred Party stakes, the FijiFirst has shot from 62 to 68 per cent. At No 2 is SODELPA increasing from four to six per cent. NFP has dropped from six to four per cent. PDP loses one point to three and FLP stays at one per cent.
The announcement of candidates and the release of complete manifestos will be the catalyst that sets off the campaign.
Quick off the blocks was the NFP which yesterday announced 11 candidates. Other parties will follow soon. The NFP has an advantage with the head start.
The weekly poll results are expected to change significantly soon as voters become better informed by political parties. The calibre of candidates will also have an influence on the voting trend.
If voters are not familiar with the candidates, they will vote on party lines. Expect some voting on racial and religious lines.
This group still clings on to the old values and do not accept changes in the new Fiji.
On paper, SODELPA has limited its scope because of its pro-iTaukei position.
Its only hope is to capture the majority of the iTaukei votes and hope that the other parties will split up the Indo-Fijian votes.
It’s traditional approach to chiefs to clear the way for its campaign, is a strategic move aimed at targeting the i-Taukei support.
But it could also be its Achilles heel if it fails to win enough votes. The weekly poll also asked people whether SODELPA was focusing too much on the chiefs than the people. Seventy two per cent said “yes” and 26 per cent said “no”. Two per cent were unsure.

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  1. Baininamrama has committed treason with Khayium.
    Declare your salary!
    What assets both of you had before 2006 and after.
    Do you have bank account in Hong Kong and Swiss?
    Why the salary is processed by Nur Bano?
    Is it to hide the salary?
    Did Khayium sell his house at Berry Road which he bought in 2006 for $210,00 to Tappos for $850,000 in 2009?
    Kahyium did this before he introduced the capital gains tax!
    Do you own property at Naisoso?
    Why did FNPF allow Khayium to buy the house at 59 Vuncakecea Road ? Was this house on tender by FNPF.
    This was conflict of interest!
    Why was Rewa diary sold to CJ Patel subsidiary company?
    Rewa Diary was suppose to help the diary farmers.
    Diary is important industry and the government should always assist the diary farmers.
    Nur Bano was the consultant for Rewa Diary!
    Was she paid $500,000! Why tender was not called for this project?
    National debt now 7 billion.
    Why FBC CEO is Khayium’s brother? nepotism!
    Why 19 million was borrowed from FDB to finance FBC.
    Where was all the equipment for FBC bought from?
    Auditor’s report on FBC must be released to public on how and where was 19 million spend?
    Did the sub contractor of FBC do work as Raiz Khayium’s house in Namadi Heights.
    Why all government advertisement given to Fiji Sun – owned by C J Patel.
    Unemployement rate is at the highest. 12,000 school leavers are without job.
    Check this figures with the National Employment centre.
    The total people unemployed is around 24,000.
    Why minimum wages for workers is only $2 per hour while the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G earn over $1 million in salary?
    Influx of chinese!
    Chinese buying houses within the 10 k.m of the city and locals cannot even afford to buy houses.
    Chinese taking over small businesses managed by locals.
    Chinese are not bringing much money but doing cash business!
    Why prime land next to Garden city sold to chinese? How much did the chinese pay?
    Why tender was not called for this prime land?
    Nepotism is highest with Muslims everywhere holding top position in government and statutory bodies to act as spy for Khayium.
    Cost of living has gone up by 60% since 2006.
    Why P.S getting salary of over $200,000 while civil servants are low paid?
    Why prime land in Lautoka sold to Tappos?
    Chinese doing all poor quality road and kickback given to Bainimamra and Khayium.
    Why movie licence given to two individuals only who have no background in the film industry.Is it because Khayium gets commission from these two individuals when movies are made. These two have no experience or background to make movies. Just middle man!
    Why Qarase and Chaudhry were systematically removed to contest election as these two are elected P.M. and biggest threat to Bai/ Khayium.
    Diplomatic position to given to people whom they know rather then on merit!
    8 years of robbery , nepotism and illegal rule is not enough by Bai/ khayium.These two are power hungry. Power is money for these two. They must be removed.
    The people need a change as their is no accountability, transparency and good governance for the last 8 years!!!!

  2. Khaiyum is thug ruler in chief . The criminal mind behind the decrees designed to emasculate the democratic opposition in the country. He is the one calling the shots. He is the one who plants his men in strategic positions – like this puppet Elections Supervisor – to make sure everything is set for them to hold onto power.
    That is the name of the game Khaiyum and his cronies are playing. A “free and fair ” elections to return the country to democracy is just a show – mostly for the benefit of the international community so that they can continue to give them funding for all sorts of things, including the upcoming elections.
    All political parties the election will never be free and fair.

  3. Whatever the outcome nothing will change. The people of Fiji will be the same and there will still be the majority that want something for nothing.


  5. It goes to show that a fractious front taking on the regime is doomed to fail with votes split amongst various parties. A united front would do a lot in consolidating the votes to a smaller number of candidates. Each party should realise this based on the results of the polls and strategise on how to combine their resourses if they want to have a chance in getting some seats and probably have a chance in winning. There is no preferential choice so once a vote is cast that vote is lost if the candidate loses.

  6. What a strange comment from Tomasi. One minute extolling the virtues of his imaginary god and then talking about exterminating people, seems like he is still rather confused.

  7. @Dred

    If you are considering the present government has such overwhelming support from the people your idea may make sense.

    But that would suggest that you are not basing your ideas on what you read here?

  8. Bai/ Kahayium are paid over $1 million in salary.
    The permanent secretary in government are being paid over $200,000 and the remaining civil servants are not paid accordingly!!!!
    Everyone should be treated equally!
    But wait in the Animal Farm some are more than others!!!

  9. Obviously you are a civil servant, have you not read the media and realised yet what the people think of your performance?

    Perhaps you are being paid accordingly, that is according to your performance.

  10. @ Anonymous

    All the information you are seeking is also anonymous !!


  11. And who is maika bolatiki, an indo-fijian someone told me.

    And they are more like him around.

  12. Lets cancel the elections! It is a waste of time and money. Lets appoint Khaiyum as Life PM and his Rear Admirer as Life President. Give them the right to take 50% of everything and we have still 50% left for the rest of us!

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