NFP promises to give police a better deal

Salaseini Moceiwai
Sunday, June 01, 2014

THE National Federation Party (NFP), when elected to parliament, will implement major positive changes within the Fiji Police Force.

Speaking to supporters during a rally in Labasa yesterday, party leader Professor Biman Prasad said police had been starved of training, resources and basic infrastructure and yet were required to uphold the rule of law in the country.

“Today, I want to announce that the NFP will ensure that police in this country become the guardians of the rule of law and protectors of the people of Fiji,” he said.

“We will strengthen the police, review their salaries and improve their terms and conditions and we will ensure they are the rightful protectors of law and order in the country.

“Police stations and sub-stations in the country today are not well-equipped with resources and manpower.

“You will find that the conditions and the resources are appalling and that’s why people fear there is no rule of law.

“Let’s get this fear out. Security will be provided by a democratically-elected government through the police force.”

Prof Prasad said improving the force was among other key priorities of the NFP.

“We will also improve the unemployment rate in the country.

“The rate of unemployment has sky-rocketed and graduates have not been able to secure employment. When elected to parliament, we have included in our manifestos the creation of jobs for our young people.

“We have also looked at ways to improve our economy as well as reducing the cost of living.”

About 300 supporters converged on the Labasa Civic Centre to be part of the rally.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Another vote buying promise by aeroplane Biman. He is flying in the sky.

    Dream my friend. 3 seats max for u. Maybe not.

  2. Biman, can you for once tell us how you will fund NFP’s grand $billion schemes? Mahen Reddy is right. Too much misinformation, not enough facts. You sound like a car salesman turned politician!

  3. Dr Nilesh goundar, will cook figures for aeroplane biman to fund the expenses with tax cuts lol

  4. Obviously Professor Biman Prasad has not dealt with the police. No amount of money, training or additional resources will improve things.

    The majority are there simply for the money, are uneducated and their culture does not promote working for a living and having pride in yourself.

  5. Seems the FLP and supporters of Rajesh at USP are feeling very uneasy. Carry on criticizing, it just goes to show how little you have to offer rather than swearing, throwing mud and crying. Every time you write such criticism it just goes to show your nervousness and uneasiness and fear.

  6. “” Every time you write such criticism it just goes to show your nervousness and uneasiness and fear.””

    Are you serious ! …………………………………..

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