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Fiji Sun weekly Poll

Sun poll Slow start for Felix

Nemani Delaibatiki
People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony has had a slow start in the latest Fiji Sun poll.
In his debut, after his election as leader, Mr Anthony, comes in on the 12th weekly poll at two per cent with Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry, in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes.
National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad is on three per cent and SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa is now running second at four per cent.
Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama is still way in front although he has dropped from 83 per cent to 77 per cent.
In the Preferred Political Party poll, SODELPA has clawed its way back to second place with seven per cent.
The proposed FijiFirst is still enjoying a comfortable lead at 67 per cent, an increase of three per cent. NFP is at five per cent, PDP at four and FLP at two per cent.
The crowded standings mean there is very little separating the four registered parties.
This is expected to significantly change once the candidates are confirmed and their manifestos released. The parties have not really started campaigning.
In a major vote for Mr Chaudhry, 87 per cent of the people polled say FLP cannot survive without him.



11 thoughts on “Fiji Sun weekly Poll

  1. The parties have not really started campaigning except Fiji Foist which has been doing so vigorously compliment of public fund and the government machinery.

  2. There are only two explanations for these poll results: either they are rigged in order to prepare the public for a rigged election (the results must be constant) or the electorate indeed believes that the faith of country and their future should be determined by Khaiyum. If it is the latter, Fijians must be completely insane to vote for a party whose program includes the destruction of Fijian culture and tradition and the stealing of the land.

  3. But they realise they need to exchange that for schools, roads, jobs and hospitals finally.

    The other option is to continue to go hungry.

  4. Nemani Delaibatiki should seriously reconsider the ethics and moral implications of his work with Fiji Sun. He should be reminded that we are not as stupid as he thinks regarding the scam of a poll they are trying to impose on the people of Fiji. If he has any conscience, he should admit that his newspaper is a powerful propaganda tool for the dictator, Voreqe. He has determined that his bread and butter is more important the truth. His welfare is far more important than the general welfare of our nation. He has made a critical choice to stand by the dictator and be abundantly rewarded. He is in a very powerful position to influence the minds and decisions of the public, especially the majority who cannot make sense of the brainwashing and blatant psychological warfare being perpetrated against the masses by this regime.


    Please desist from the scam you are actively engaged in. Stop supporting Voreqe. He is a murderer, torturer, liar, and a desperate criminal trying to evade the arm of the law. By virtue of his active involvement through his work in the Fiji Sun, Delaibatiki and his newspaper are making the following declarations:

    1. They Support Voreqe as Prime Minister, regardless of what people think of him.
    2 Anybody can become Prime Minister of Fiji, it does not matter whether you are a criminal, murderer, liar, thief, and a high school dropout:
    3. It is absolutely ok to take any government by force and subject the people to a dictatorship by a few and to eliminate the rights and freedoms of the many.
    4. The more you repeat a lie, the greater the chance of people believing that lie.

    Enough Nemani. You already have a lot to account for. But please stop the scam. We know Voreqe already has the victory. You will have to account for everything you do, in this life and in the life to come.

  5. Why the fuss about a poll if so many are so sure it does not reflect the situation?

    And why would anyone, unless stupid, assume as Tomasi has that a poll can be imposed?

  6. True reflection of the people’s view . Vinaka Nem . To those that do not agree than do something about it . Come on Tomasi , join the race and let Nemani conduct the poll . Frankly speaking , Majority of Fijians are behind FIJI FIRST . Vinakata se sega , na I tukutuku Dina Qo .

  7. @Anonymous 3.51pm. A poll is a serious matter because it is about trying to genuinely ascertain public opinion on a matter of great importance. This is why it is conducted according to certain procedures and statistical principles. If done properly, it becomes valuable information to the public and to specific stakeholders.

    The Fiji Sun Poll is telling us the public in Fiji and the world that the majority of people they had interviewed support Bainimarama. How they obtained that information is not explained. So as far as the public is concerned, we do not know how many people were interviewed, who interviewed them, where they were interviewed, what questions were being asked, etc etc. All these factors affect the outcome of the poll. It is also important to note that the regime is still in control and there is a general fear amongst the general public. We do not have a free press and people do not want to be seen to say or do anything against the regime. The Fiji Sun is also a major propaganda tool of the regime. They only publish articles and stories that glorify the dictator and his regime.

    This is why I am trying to warn the people to see through the mind games and propaganda of this regime. Every week, the paper and its poll are telling us and the whole world that the majority of the Fijian public support Voreqe. By implication, Fiji loves Voreqe. Fiji loves this regime and we want him to continue leading Fiji. Voreqe and his party will win the election.

    The other facts to also remember are the following:
    1. CJ Patel owns Fiji Sun.
    2. CJ Patel owns Rewa Dairy at Nabua.
    3. The boss of CJ Patel is Ajith Kodagoda. He is also the Chairman of FNPF, FIRCA,
    Telecom and several other vital organs of Fiji.
    4. CJ Patel is one of Voreqe’s strongest allies and supporter.

    But many of us in Fiji and people around the world do not know the above facts. They do not know that CJ Patel is Voreqe’s friend and Voreqe has been very kind to CJ Patel. So when the newspaper tells us that Voreqe is the best PM and will win the coming election, people do not know why the newspaper supports Voreqe. In other words, the newspaper poll is a very cunning tool by a cunning group of people to con the general public into believing the lie that Fiji supports Voreqe and his regime. Those who do not like Voreqe are a very small minority. This is the lie the poll presents to Fiji and the world. IT IS A LIE THAT PEOPLE IN FIJI LOVE VOREQE. WHY DOES VOREQE TRAVEL WITH MANY BODYGUARDS? BECAUSE PEOPLE HATE HIM. SOME WANT TO KILL VOREQE. THE POLL IS A BLATANT LIE. BUT IT IS A LIE POWERFULLY IMPOSED THROUGH A HARMLESS POLL.

  8. @ Tomasi.

    Mere Samisoni supported an earlier coup so why aren’t you criticizing her?A coup occurred in the Methodist Church so why aren’t you saying anything against it?Chiefs supported earlier coups so why didn’t you speak out against it?In the coups the Indian population suffered alot so why didn’t you speak out against it? Businessmen too suffered so why didn’t you speak out?

    You Tomasi have no principles. You just a conman.

    Now you criticizing the poll. You claiming to be an expert in polls now? Nabua Prince is right.you are blind.

  9. @Rumour, your name is quite appropriate and speaks volumes about you. I stood up against Rabuka and his coup in 1987. Maybe you were still so young then. Please never make assumptions for they might be false. Neither should you dwell on rumours. Speak to the facts, support and defend the truth always, for over time, all rumours will vanish, every falsehood will be exposed, but only the truth shall stand.

    The truth is that Voreqe is a coward, a liar, a mental case, a thief, torturer and murderer. The election is not free and fair and based on the facts we have established as announced by Khaiyum and the Sun, it is a very cunning way of “voting in” this evil regime into power. By the way, the Poll as conducted by the F Sun is a scam and a propaganda at best and a blatant lie at worst. God os watching our every actions. make no mistake, we will account for our every thought, word and action. Those who practice evil, falsehoods and deception are fighting against God Himself. Now the outcome of that is already known. Think about that and repent before it is too late.

  10. Tomasi ulukau. Kua ni vakayagataka cala tiko na yaca ni Kalou.Iko tamata viavia. Iko madaga o sega ni vosa taka na coup ena lotu Wesele ena gauna nei Lasaro. Sa rauta mada na con tiko. Boi dada.

  11. @Taukei. You are making statements on issues you do not know about. @Rumour, you do not really know me, yet you make conclusions about me and my stand on certain issues. Please note the following:

    1. I fear God and intend to honour Him above all people and things.
    2. I have served our country for more than 30 years. So I have demonstrated some commitment and allegiance to Fiji.
    3. With due respect to you. I am more qualified than Voreqe and Khaiyum put together. So that gives you an idea of where I am coming from and where I am going . Please reassess your position and be careful with your statements.
    4. By virtue of my birthright and my education and service to Fiji, I believe I have the right to speak about Fiji and its future. Vinaka.

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