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New Razor Poll from the Fiji Sun

POLITICS NFP Leader Big Gain in Poll Biman Prasad jumps from 1 PER CENT to 8 PER CENT in new Fiji Sun Poll

Nemani Delaibatiki
National Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad, has leapfrogged other leaders to take second place in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes in the latest Fiji Sun poll.
Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama is still leading the race convincingly. But he has dropped from 85 to 78 per cent in the 10thweekly poll.
Mr Prasad’s rise from one per cent to eight is significant because it is the first time he has found some traction in the popularity rating. Ro Teimumu Kepa, the leader of the SODELPA, is struggling. She has dropped from three per cent to one. Mahendra Chaudhry, now unable to stand in the election as Labour leader after his sentencing yesterday has gone up from one per cent to two.
In the Preferred Party polling, the NFP improved its standing to six per cent. Mr Prasad and party president, Tupou Draunidalo are being regarded as credible leaders.
The People’s Democratic Party, however, is continuing this strange phenomenon that while it is sitting second at nine per cent in the latest rating, its president, Adi Sivia Qoro, is wallowing at one per cent.
Today the PDP will choose its new leader and it’s unlikely to be Adi Sivia because she is doing so poorly in the polls.
Felix Anthony’s name is near certain. He has the right credentials and he has relinquished his lucrative trade union job as required by law to lead PDP to the September 17 general elections.
Linda Tabuya’s name has also been thrown in the mix. She may end up as party president. Currently, she is involved with the Suva Branch.
Labour will go into a tail spin without Mr Chaudhry. PDP will pick up the spoils and consolidate its branding as the workers’ and ordinary people’s party.
SODELPA is stuck at two per cent after its fortunes nosedived from the double digits it earlier enjoyed.
A telling point in the statistics is the increase in undecided voters from 27 to 32 per cent. Even the PM’s proposed party has lost ground. That was earlier predicted in the poll. Ratings will not stay the same. The undecided or swing voters will determine who wins the election. People were also asked whether politics of race was still a factor. Fifty eight per cent said no and 42 said yes


Fiji SUN’s 10th weekly poll
Q1: Have you registered and will you be voting in the upcoming elections.
Yes 80 per cent
No 17 per cent
Unsure 3 per cent

Q2: Preferred Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.
Voreqe Bainimarama 78 per cent
Biman Prasad 8 per cent
None 8 per cent
Mahendra Chaudhry 2 per cent
Ro Teimumu Kepa 1 per cent
Sitiveni Rabuka 1 per cent
Laisenia Qarase 1 per cent
Adi Sivia Qoro 1 per cent
Mick Beddoes 0 per cent

Q3: Preferred political party in the upcoming elections.
PM’s Proposed FijiFirst Party 49 per cent
Don’t Know 32 per cent
People’s Democratic Party 9 per cent
National Federation Party 6 per cent
SODELPA 2 per cent
Fiji Labour Party 2 per cent

Q4. Do you think the politics of race is still a factor in these elections?
No 58 per cent
Yes 42 per cent

The Sun Poll is conducted weekly for the Fiji Sun by Razor Research, of Suva. Six hundred eligible voters are polled each week, 300 from the Central Division, 200 from the Western Division and 100 from the Northern Division.


7 thoughts on “New Razor Poll from the Fiji Sun

  1. Fiji First under 50%? This razor guys need a bit of eduction. How dare they to state that less than half of Fiji’s electorate will vote for Khaiyum’s party? I strongly suggest that a) the media decree comes down on these morons and b) that they are taken to the barracks for serious re-education.

  2. It is certainly time that our AG bans this polling nonsense. The results seem to suggest that support for our AG and his Fiji First party is falling. This is not possible as our AG is the most popular leader Fiji ever had. His long term strategy is to liberate Fiji from corruption and racism.

  3. The poll shows the frank is the most popular leader. I think he will get majority votes.

    There is no good alternative leader.

    It can’t be felix, ro temumu or biman.

  4. How about postponing elections for another year or so. It would give the AG and the PM more time to fill their retirement accounts and make them perhaps more inclined to accept an election outcome that is not in their favour.

  5. How dare the Fiji Sunk suggest a drop in popularity for our GODS ASK and VB is something we will accept? How dare? To the Barracks I say, for those one-sided reporters from the Fiji Sunk…To the Barracks I say!!!!!!!!

  6. VB my man and his Fiji First Party will win the elections.

    Don’t waste your vote with other parties!!!

    Come join Fiji First.

    The visionary party that will unite all Fijians.

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