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Judge slams Barr’s anti-govt speech….. The details.


May 02, 2014 04:55:37 PM

Justice Madigan has criticised the “political anti-government speech” made by Catholic priest Father Kevin Barr on behalf of Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry as being in contempt of court.

Father Barr, a character witness on behalf of Chaudhry, was speaking on behalf of the Fiji Labour Party leader, who was today convicted of exchange control violations charges and told to pay a $2 million fine for holding $A1.5m in his Australian bank accounts.

Father Barr had claimed “strong voices in the business lobby” wanted Chaudhry out of the way via the coup of May 2000 because he refused to indulge in “under the table” business dealings.

He recalled comments made by a prominent businessman in Suva (while Chaudhry was PM and Finance Minister) that Chaudhry “does not know how business is done in Fiji” and that unlike other Finance Ministers, “you could make your request, pass something under the table and get what you wanted, but this Chaudhry won’t take something under the table and wants everything on top of the table.”

Father Barr went on to question why those involved in the 2000 coup were not investigated despite calls to do so adding that it “appears to me to be an absolute lack of justice that this was never done.”

He also criticised the “number of anti-union decrees” and treatment of unionists, and the continued lobbying by employers to keep “workers wages low.”

“So, as I said above, it is in the interest of some powerful business people to have Mr Chaudhry out of the way,” Father Barr said.

Justice Madigan said Father Barr’s statement only served to “cancel the work of the rest of the character evidence.”

“More outrageously he cast disparaging remarks on the nature of these proceedings against Chaudhry by saying that it was a ‘sad attempt to discredit a great and honourable and a man of integrity for petty, vindicative reasons’.”

Justice Madigan said Chaudhry’s lawyer, Matthew Hutchings must also be seen as a party to this contempt of court “because he had a typed a copy of Father Barr’s antipathy.”



16 thoughts on “Judge slams Barr’s anti-govt speech….. The details.

  1. So Mr Madigan if you equate Father Barrs comments as political and anti-government when he is describing Chaudhrys attitude to corrupt business people then its as we know and expected government is more interested in advancing the interests of already privileged business people who would exploit the common people then the protection, advancement and livelihood of the struggling common people

    That’s the kind of character reference that we the electors are interested in and want to know. So as we have known, evidenced by the fact we voted your government into power 2 times already, compared to all other pretenders Chaudhry you the greatest champion of the common people and that is why they wanted to put you out of the race.

  2. Chaudhry is history and so is Qarase. Now the problem are Ro Temumu, Prasad, Anthony and Beddoes. We have enough dirt on most of them but we need speedy trials and effective judiciary action to take them out of the race. Beddoes we can probably get with his bank loans, Temumu with racist remarks, but Anthony and Prasad may be a bit more difficult to take out. But our resources are deep and Khaiyum’s creativity knows no bounds. Imagine his foresight when he registered the domain name for his party even years ago.

  3. Father Barr and the defense lawyer should both be charged for contempt of court. Judge Paul madigan has been too lienent.

  4. Some people just don’t know when to keep their opinions to themselves. Sounds like this Barr is not the sort of friend you need when in this situation as it looks like he was more interested in grandstanding himself.

  5. madigan should be sacked for not sending mahen to jail. it reels of favouritism. qarase went in but not mahen who used poor to line his pockets?

  6. Barr is just an old fool. Initially he supported the AG but lost his marbles and now seems to have gone over to the dark side. He must be heavily fined by the independent judiciary and evicted from Fiji. We do not need these idiots who cannot make up their mind on which side they are.

  7. Santa Maharaj terimaichood you are left with nothing. Let me tell you maichood you and your likes go and hang yourself SOBs.

  8. Some people were praying so hard to see Mr Chaudhry behind bar. Unfortunately their dreams ki mai chodae gae Santa maharaj is one of them

  9. if Barr’s comment is judged at anti gov, then why not have him charged for sedition. Lets see if someone has apples to do that.

  10. Navin

    Mahen is a convict now. That’s a fact.

    If u have to swear like that, it shows where u coing from.

  11. Well Santa teri aurat chodo you are left with nothing and this is my advise to you “You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”

  12. Father Barr please go home to Australia. You may get hurt when you keep saying these things the AG does not like.

  13. Navin

    Your phuck santa’s aurat and he bangs your wife. Both u happy.

    Keep you childish behaviour in your own home. We all know who you are.

    You have the right to support convict criminal mahend chor.

  14. This bastard giving advise hasn’t got a cup of his own. you stay away from this bastard.

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