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Fiji Sun Poll

SURVEY Leaders Improve Standing In Poll

Bainimarama still well ahead as preferred PM
Nemani Delaibatiki
Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe Bainimarama and Ro Teimumu Kepa have improved their standing in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes, reveals the latest Fiji Sun poll.
The Prime Minister has moved up from 79 per cent to 80 per cent while the leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party recorded the bigger jump from three per cent to nine per cent.
Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry dropped from five per cent to four per cent.
In the Preferred Political Party poll, the PM’s proposed party has increased its lead. It has jumped from 44 per cent to 51 per cent. Its gains have come from SODELPA, People’s Democratic Party and the National Federation Partry. SODELPA lost three per cent, PDP shed three and NFP lost one. The undecided or swing voters remain at 38 per cent.
These figures are expected to change following the announcement of the new Electoral Decree, the general election date, and the Supervisor of Elections yesterday. Political parties will now roll out their campaign machines as they go on the hustings.
In the poll over the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs, those agreeing dropped from 58 per cent to 56 per cent while those saying no went from 41 per cent to 43 per cent. This fifth poll was conducted in the week ending March 22.

Results: Fifth Weekly Fiji Sun Poll
Q1: Have you registered and will you be voting in the upcoming election.
Yes 82%
No 14%
Unsure 4%

Q2: Preferred Prime Minister in the upcoming election.
Voreqe Bainimarama 80%
Ro Teimumu Kepa 9%
None 6%
Mahendra Chaudhry 4%
Laisenia Qarase 1%
Mick Beddoes 0%
Tupeni Baba 0%
Sitiveni Rabuka 0%
Adi Sivia Qoro 0%

Q3: Preferred Political Party in the upcoming election.
PM’s Party 51%
Unfamiliar with Parties 38%
Sodelpa 5%
Fiji Labour Party 4%
People’s Democratic Party 2%
National Federation Party 0%

Q4: The PM abolished the Great Council of Chiefs and said it had become too political. Do you agree with this decision.
Yes 56%
No 43%
Unsure 1%
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16 thoughts on “Fiji Sun Poll

  1. Under God’s Leadership?
    “Prime Minister Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama is bold because he knows God is leading him says military commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga” (Fiji Times 29/3).
    We recall the former military commander and original coup maker Sitiveni Rabuka was also reportedly lead by God.
    That is until God decided to dump him!
    Or, was that the people of Fiji ?
    Now not being a person of a very religious bent I don’t know if Frank Bainimarama’s leadership is indeed under God’d leadership as is being claimed by the newly handpicked, promoted and installed military commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga.
    What I do know from Professor Harold J Laski’s The Rights of Men is that “… those of us who heedlessly accept the commands of authority cannot yet claim to be civilized men”.
    And what I know also from my nominal scripture lessons is that Thou shalt not take the Lords name in vain.

  2. It’s just confirming what everyone already knows for the simple reason there is absolutely no credible opposition and what could have been shot themselves in the foot trying to gain support with lies and racial stirring.

  3. if the Military commander says Bainimarama’s leadership has been approved by God he must be telling the truth. His own rise to leadership was approved by God recently.

  4. Well in that case Frank has nothing to fear….thats sad, because no more lawnmowers for the villagers….however just in case there is a small ammount of doubt, i think he will be sending Mahen for a little vacation to naboro in a weeks time.

  5. Fiji Sun should be independent newspaper and stop the crap and hoodwink the public of Fiji.
    Where is Bai’s party and manifesto.
    People are not stupid to say he will be P.M.
    Bai is for a GREAT SHOCK.

  6. Bainimarma is supported by Muslims only. Bai should retire as he is over 55 years and give chance to young and new people to lead the country.

  7. Fiji Sun is owned by Gujarti – CJ Patel – Sandeep Patel who sits in Sydney, Australia.In his absence Ajit – Sri Lankan is the main boy.Guji’s have always made money in Fiji and never had any commitment to the country.
    Gui’s laways go with the wind!

  8. Bainimarma did the coup to escape his removal by SDL from RFMF and not for corruption. He is supported by Muslims who have filled his pocket.
    i TAUKEI to decide if they want SODELPA or TALIBAN RULE.

  9. Why the concern over a poll result?

    Is it suggesting that Fijian’s will base their vote on the results of a poll because they do not have the intelligence to make a choice of their own. Sounds like those slagging the poll and the Sun know the truth.

  10. It is really nice to see that we now have fair and unbiased reporting n major parts of Fiji’s media. The Sun is doing a wonderful job reassuring our dear leaders that elections are nothing to fear. However, given the overwhelming support that the Sun has detected for Khaiyum and his RFMF friends, it is perhaps a waste of time and money to hold elections. If only one representative of the old, corrupt and racist parties gets elected into Parliament, he or she could do much damage to our beloved leaders that it is not worth risking. Why can’t our President not appoint the PM as life PM (like Kamuzu Banda) and the AG as life minister for everything monetary. We would have a stable and well managed democracy in which the smart can prosper and the intellectually challenged can lead.

  11. if the military commander is saying Bainimarama’s reign in power is through God’s blessing he must be right. I mean the military commander is always right. how can he be wrong when he has the guns to back what he says!!

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