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New Police Commisioner failing our people

Josefa Bilitak i(60) has now confirmed that he sent an angry text message to the Prime Minister’s phone last Friday about the unauthorised use of his songs during the recent election campaign.

Later that night a police officer and four soldiers turned up at his house and  took him to another location where one of the soldiers punched and slapped him in the face and mouth, bashed his head against a windscreen, and threatened to kill him.

The local media has produced a sanitised version of this emphasizing he committed the “alleged offence of annoyance”. and trying to ignore the assault by soldiers who have no authority under the constitution to enforce the law in individual cases. This was not a threat to the nation of Fiji.

Our new police commissioner Ben Groenewald  visited Josefa while he was in hospital being treated for high blood pressure as a result of the assault and is reported as saying “The allegation of assault against Mr Bilitaki is void of all truth,”

He is skating around the truth and is using Josefas refusal to lay a complaint as evidence he was not assaulted. His bruises and split lip are conveniently ignored.  He is asking the public to report any evidence of the assault but as Josefa was first removed to another location before the assault he knows there will be no new evidence.

Our new police commissioner Ben Groenewald  is showing all the signs of being a lackey to the military and not having the fortitude and gumption to publicly state that the signs and statements by Josefa Bilitaki and his daughter need investigating.

The following questions need answering:

1. How were the police and military informed of Josefa Bilitakis texts to the Prime Minister. Was a formal complaint laid or was a phone call made and by whom?

2. Why did the texts require instant action within an hour of being sent when getting a police officer to visit after a burglary or domestic assault normally takes days?

3. Why did it take a police officer and four soldiers to arrest a 60 year old man with serious medical issues?

4. Why was the army involved in breach of the constitution? Did the Prime Minister or his office directly request action from the army?

5. When did the split lip and bruises occur if not during his time in police custody? His daughter stated he had no injuries before he was taken away.

6. Why was Josefa Bilitakis refusal to lay a complaint taken at face value when their were obvious signs of an assault?

7.Why is our new Police Commissioner failing to achieve the standards we require of our police force?



I have just received a legal opinion that muddies the waters.

If  Josefa Bilitaki was texting Frank over royalties for songs used by FijiFirst then this was communicating with Frank as the President of FijiFirst and was in relation to a civil case. If Frank responded with the authority he has as Prime Minister then he may have committed a criminal offence. The most likely charge would be “abuse of power”.

Unfortunately Frank has immunity until next Monday when Parliament sits.





13 thoughts on “New Police Commisioner failing our people

  1. It is not surprising to many thousands of citizens that Voreqe the murderer, torturer and the mentally unstable retard is still practising his brand of leadership by I,position, thuggery and violence. It is also not surprising that Ben Groenweld, the new ComPol continues to watch this thuggery and violence without any intervention that would bring hope and comfort to the citizens of Fiji. Another logical questions that must be asked are the following:

    1. Bainimarama, who do you think you are to use the police, the army and other national institutions to advance your selfish agendas?
    2. Ben Groenweld, what will it take for you to do your job and stop this thuggery from Voreqe and Khai and their criminal task force?
    3. To you both Voreqe and Ben, this state of blatant thuggery and victimization of the citizens by Government has gone on for too long and is testing our patience and respect for the rule of law. Are you waiting for us the ordinary citizens to take the law into our hands?
    4. To you the New Military Commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, are you aware that your personnel are involved in the violent arrests and assaults on the citizens? What are you doing to stop this dangerous practice? Please take command of your dogs before they eventually attack you.

  2. To the new members of Parliament, whose agenda will you serve? The private selfish agenda of Voreqe, Khaiyum and their minions, or the best interests, welfare and the protection of all Fiji citizens? Please honour your pledges to serve this nation and bring some accountability in government decisions and actions. Make Voreqe, and the Commissioner of Police accountable for Bilitaki and other victims of assault, torture and murder. There is ample material evidence there to implicate the offenders and the criminal masterminds. The nation is waiting and watching. Please, for the sake of our country and all its citizens, do something and do it well. Let us put an end to this great injustice.

  3. Dont fuk with power you idiot Fijians

    The message is very clear that you dont fuk with power or you will get burnt.

    These idiots need to understand that sending a filthy/threatening text to the PM is not on.

  4. @Tinai Miller, is that the message for the new Fiji that Voreqe is taking you to? Will that be the new catch cry for moving Fiji forward? If that is what you think is the message for Fiji’s new democracy, then please take Voreqe to your Savusavu plantation and make him your king of the jungle. We don’t want any part of that kind of mentality. Please also bear in mind that your hero Voreqe is subject to a higher power and sooner or later, he is going to be answerable for exercising his little power over the people. He is only a public servant, but unfortunately, the moron thinks the people are subservient to him. That is the problem of half schooled idiots who reckon they can lead this country.

  5. @ Tinai Miller.

    Do not become too proudly obsessed with the power you have been given because your abuse and misuse of it will send your spiralling down from the mountain tops to the darkness below the cliffs.

  6. these are the soldiers from the same army that dropped their guns and surrendered to enemies when confronted. a bunch of cicilevu magaitinanas. ni yavu sonalevu. na sotia magaitinana taudua. era a laulau vutu veiratou na nusraf gauna ratou a hostage tu kina. Fiji deserves this government it has elected but not an army that is the most coward of all armies….

  7. Unfortunately it is yet another example of the mentality of some employed in both the police and army.

    It does not make sense to always blame those at the top but to also look at those below and how they interpret what they are asked to do.

    What these two institutions urgently need to do is weed out the trash from within, there’s plenty of good men waiting that can take the jobs of the dross that the taxpayer is keeping employed.

    This is where the power of the media can be used to name and shame those in positions that they abuse.

  8. Josefa Bilitaki got what he deserves. Critiquing our great leader is not what the Fijian democracy is all about. The people have spoken and elected a firm handed leader who will continue to use the military to ensure law and order is maintained in the country. Bilitaki is one of the misfits who believe that he can challenge the government.

  9. Our new democratic leaders should have enough courage to face “critiquing” from people such as Josefa Bilitaki. If they cannot face the criticisms then they are not fit to be leaders and in parliament. They should be open, transparent, fair, honest, kind and be ready to admit their mistakes under the circumstances.

    They become hypocrites and cowards when they abuse their powers and use brutality to try and silence those who hold opposite views from theirs and try to cover up their crimes by propagating lies.

  10. @Anonymous 11:32 PM

    From your comment it can only be assumed you are simply an idiot or a troll. Which one is it?

    If it an attempt at humour you need to do a lot better.

  11. @Anon 5.19pm, thank you for raising that point. While the leaders are accountable to the people, we should also pay attention to the nameless faceless deviants who actually commit the crimes against the public. It is time they should be held accountable for their actions.

    If the info shared by the PMO is true, then the task team that Pol Com Ben referred to must be Ben Naliva and Rokoura’s men. The reference to Naitasiri even may point a finger at Major Rokoura, who is from Naitasiri. It would be great if the editors or other citizens could share the photos of these two squad leaders, Naliva and Rokoura. May I suggest that our brave journalists visit and interview these people to ascertain the truth about the whole matter. Not that we expect them to tell the truth, but only that their response or lack of response may add more information.

    It is another legacy that Frankie will leave behind as a curse to our institutions and disciplinary forces. It is also a curse to our nation. Frankie the cranky had made lawlessness an integral element of his dictatorship. But he must be solely responsible. Without his band of evil men and misguided sycophants, Frankie would never have been the dictator he has been. Sadly, it will take even greater effort to reign in his invisible dogs of war who masquerade as FMF soldiers. They are some of the most arrogant, evil and despicable people alive. They must be named, exposed and brought to account for every single wrongful action they have taken.

    Isn’t it alarming that even though Frankie has been sworn in as the PM of Fiji, he has not made the transition in character that accords with the PM role. Folks, I believe that this so called government will be nothing more than an extension of the dictatorial regime of the last seven years. Parliament just gave them more licence to rule over us. Service to the people is not in their hearts. They regard us, the people as subservient to them. That is dictatorship and autocratic leadership. We the people should seriously consider the unravelling of events as a warning about worse things to come. Either we sound the alarm, demand and organise for action, or we will harvest the impending storms of our indifference and naivety. Frankie must be held accountable and must be his hound dogs who do his dirty evil work.

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