FijiFirst preferred in peri-urban and urban areas

Shalveen Chand
Saturday, August 09, 2014

MOST people polled in the latest Tebbutt-Times survey would vote for the FijiFirst party and choose Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama as Prime Minister should there be an election tomorrow.

The latest poll, which was conducted earlier this week, showed that a majority of respondents — 56 per cent — would vote for the FijiFirst party in an election at this moment in time, while 17 per cent indicated they would vote for SODELPA.

SODELPA’s rating has doubled compared with May and June polling figures, when only 8 per cent of those in the sample said they intended to vote for SODELPA.

Voting intention for the Fiji Labour Party and National Federation Party stood at 2 per cent each, while the People’s Democratic Party garnered 1 per cent.

For FLP, this is a slide downwards by 1 per cent and NFP has climbed by the same margin. Registrations of the two newest parties — OneFiji and the Fiji United Freedom Party — were announced just before the start of polling. Both registered less than half a per cent.

More than one in 10 registered voters say they don’t know who to vote for.

The poll shows a decline in undecided voters, with 11 per cent now saying they don’t know which party or independent candidate they would vote for, compared with 19 per cent and 20 per cent in previous months.

Seven per cent elected not to state their choice.

This was a little higher in the Western Division and among those aged 45 years and over.

FijiFirst leads voting intention across all demographic segments and holds the majority across both genders and all age groups.

FijiFirst remains the first choice across all ethnicities, though support from those identifying as iTaukei has declined a little when compared with the last Tebbutt-Times poll.

SODELPA’s rating improved in this survey and showed a voting intention profile with iTaukei at 31 per cent, other ethnicities at 15 per cent and just 1 per cent from the Fijians of Indian descent.

Voting intention for SODELPA is at similar levels for both males and females and shows a slight skew to younger voters aged 18-24 at 19 per cent, 25-34 years at 20 per cent, 35-44 years at 14 per cent and over 45 years at 15 per cent.


5 thoughts on “

  1. There are only two things to say here. One is that it is a fact that the longer a person remains in the dark, the greater the pupils of his eyes will adapt to see the darkness around him or her. This is also true of a frog or toad left in a container of water while the water is being heated until it boils. The poor creature will be so used to the water that it will be boiled and killed while remaining in that hot container of water. Many people in Fiji have spent the last seven years of dictatorship under this evil regime. They have learnt to adapt and survive for more than 7 years. Just like the frog in the pot of water, they will be ‘bolied to death’ not because they want to. But simply because they have created a comfort zone and time has made it normal and tolerable for them. They do not realise that their current comfort zone is indeed a danger zone which is becoming a death zone. Courtesy of Voreqe the stupid liar, thief, murdere, dictator and his brain and mouthpiece Aiyaz.

    If we love the animal, we will help them to jump out of the water before its too late. If we really love and care about our people and our beloved nation, we must tell the people who still choose to remain in this pot of boiling water to get out of it before it is too late. Let us learn to be more honest and call a spade a spade. Enough of this evil masquerades and dishonest diplomacy. Let us tell Voreqe and Aiyaz and Gates and Shameem and their evil pied pipers ENOUGH. YOU LIARS, TRAITORS. INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS AND SATAN’S AGENTS OF DESTRUCTION.

  2. I agree with Tomasi.

    However, I consider the situation to be beyond repair. All around the world, people are not voting in a utilitarian way as in days gone by. In most democracies, the voter now says “what is in it for me”. The collective betterment of society (utilitarianism) appears to be a by-gone approach.

    Frank and Aiyaz have been strategically campaigning for a number of years. A road here and a road there. Some school books here and some bus fares there. That is what speaks to the low income family. They cannot be held responsible for thinking individually rather then holistically.

    What are SODELPA and the other parties going to do for the poor? What are they going to do for those who have been displaced from their ancestral lands? How are they going to improve the economy and thereby improve everyone’s standards of living?

    We know they hate Frank and Aiyaz and Gates. Any right minded person should despise what these tyrants have done to Fiji. But it is time to accept that not everyone understands democratic principles and the rule of law. The opposition parties MUST try and be as many things to as many people as possible.

    Time is running out. Negative politics will only take you so far. The parties must also balance their despising of FF with some solid policy for the future.

    At the end of September Fiji will have the government it deserves. For better or worse.

  3. If the poll is anything to go by then there is a need for deep soul searching by all the multitude of parties contesting the elections. There is a need to make a united front to tackle the evil regime that has kept us in bondage for the last 8 years. Instead of being punished for their misdeeds the regime will ride into power under some cunning and dubious strategies they have employed so far. And admittedly there are a lot of naive people in the country who see the hand outs and place value on it. If the opposition parties cannot build a strong ground to overcome this false prophet then we are doomed to live under this dictator for the next 4 years and perhaps more if he is still fit to continue as he seem to have learned the art of devious political maneuvers.

  4. The tebbutt polls is the will or view of the people.

    The key reason FF is so far ahead is because the opposition is made of 6 parties who in my view are selfish and all power hungry. Why couldn’t they work with one vision and one team.

    Also where were they in the past 8 years. They could have campaigned with their deeds and charity but no. They are seen now because they are their to fill their pockets only.

  5. Thanks a lot for calling an election for the so called paradise. Now all the big talkers and do nothings are out to impress the ill educated public to let them in so that they can be paid big remunerations which is untouched by inflation. Do not trust anyone. Ask what they can offer to the tax payers and the country. The main problem are: very high unemployment, sky kissing inflation, shitty hospital system dispensing 20year old medicines, poverty, young deaths and dirty environment. Fiji has abundance of factors of production: fertile land, good climate, cheap labour. Which party delivers a policy of agricultural development, encourages foreign investment to create jobs and provide better living for all. Do not go near a party which talks about land for land belongs to the natives and that’s the law. Do not leave land baren to allow Shirsa trees to populate like you see in Nomoli , BULABULA and Salovi backroad. No one gets anything. Watch NLDC and their money sucking activities. In 1980’s the shore line stretching from Suva market, pass Government house and all the way towards USP was crystal clear and one could see kanade fishes all over. Today the water looks like diesel. WHY? No one cares about Emperor gold mine dumping poisonous waste on top of the hill in Toko Tavua. Check the creek which has no ecosystem. WHY?
    This mining companies cannot do such things in Australia but why in Fiji. Simply because the ministries are slack and now not what to do.

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