PDP says that it will not form any coalition

Friday, 08/08/2014

PDP President Linda Tabuya

The People’s Democratic Party has confirmed that they will not form a coalition with other parties because they do not want to change the 2013 constitution immediately if they form the next government.

PDP President Linda Tabuya said that other parties like SODELPA, the Fiji Labour Party and NFP have stated that they will try to change the 2013 constitution immediately after being elected as the next government and this is in conflict with the PDP’s policies.

She said that they will not dwell on the past as their main focus is giving the people of Fiji what is right.

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  1. Tabuya you and your party lacks principle. You need to standup to and correct the injustices made by this illegal regime. You cannot walk away from the past. Remember history is not a dead material; it is a living material by which man builds his future.

  2. This party has clearly shown that they will tow the Khaiyum line.

    The parts of the current (illegal) Constitution that her party thinks are proper, could be added to the previous constitution by amendment. To accept the 2013, Gates drafted constitution, is pure acceptance of 8 years of military dictatorship.

    PDP need to seek some legal advice before making public statements that will turn people towards other parties.

    If people want the 2013 Const. to remain then vote FF. If you want to return to lawful democracy, then follow the Court of Appeal’s 2009 decision and vote for anyone other than FF (Frank First) or PDP (Pathetic Dictator’s Puppets).

  3. PDP will not get 5% of the votes so they don’t need form a coalition as they won’t be in parliament (period).

  4. Clear sign of a party that does not understand what is right, what is just, and what is essential for the country’s future! It doesn’t come as a surprise though because party members would belong to the same school of Bainikaiyum who think they have all the answers to Fiji’s problems from their limited knowledge of the country’s history and their delusioned sense of changing it! PDP appears to be a group that is there for their own interest (same as the current mob in power) and not for the country’s interest and this public statement has already put a nail to their election coffin rather than save it.

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