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Where is the good governance coup?

In December 2006 the Army Commander seized power in the name of transparency and good governance. It was all about cleaning up government. The issue wasn’t how genuine our democracy was, it was all about cleaning up government. All of the claims about genuine democracy came later as an excuse for not allowing us to elect a clean government. However flawed past elections may have been, they’ve all had more democratic credibility than a Government imposed by force.
In 2007, when Bainimarama was talking all the time about ‘transparency and good governance’, it was obvious that he was repeating words from a coup script written by others. Good governance means more than sacking the government boards and advisory bodies appointed by Qarase. It means making sure all decisions made by government, whether directly through cabinet or indirectly through government-appointed board members, can be seen, understood and questioned by the public.
Over the seven years of Bainimarama rule there has been a steady decline in all the principles of good governance, in paticular transparency. We don’t know what the government is doing and we are not allowed to ask.
Annual Reports from the FNPF have shrunk and no longer provide the information we need to be confident our contributions are safe. The Fiji Sugar Corporation no longer has to produce an Annual Report because it has been de-listed from the South Pacific Stock Exchange, but we know it is insolvent. FSC should be placed the hands of a receiver to protect all the people that trade with it – banks lending it money (if there still are banks foolish enough to do this) suppliers providing it with goods and services and hoping to be paid, not to forget small farmers investing in their farms in the hope that they will sell cane to FSC and be paid.
Then there’s Fiji Airways. Who knows what they owe or what interest they’re paying on their debts. We know the planes are owned by some artifical Irish corporation.
The pine and mahogany industries are covered in fog. We know Aiyaz buddy, Faiz Khan, is head of Fiji Pine, giving him control of Tropik Wood and Fiji Forest Industries. But that’s all we know. Try checking with Bloomberg Businessweek to see who’s running FHCL and you’ll find this: “Fiji Hardwood Corp. Ltd. does not have any Key Executives recorded.” There are no reports to show what is earned from mahogany sales, no doubt because Bainimarama doesn’t want the landowners to be able to work out what share he’s leaving for them.
Fijian Holdings is the one small ray of sunshine even though is shine through a dark and threatening cloud. FHL still publishes the Annual Reports required by the Stock Exchange and from that we find that total liabilities for the FHL group grew by a staggering 244% during the year ending 30 June 2013. Assets grew by only 46%. And yet it is claimed FHL made a small profit. Is this profit real or just a result of accounting tricks?
The FHL Annual Report claims “All Directors are independent Directors with no substantial interest in the shares or Group business.” In other words they lose nothing if the company is bled dry by the regime. Dividends are being paid out to the iTAB and then grabbed back by Bainimarama to repay the ‘loan’ he invented to cover his grab-back of the Qarase Government grant to the iTAB and Provincial Councils of B class shares.
FHL is being looted but at least we can get a glimpse of it in the Annual Report, which is more than we can say for Fiji Pine and the Fiji Hardwood Corporation.
If we had an independent media they could demand answers to these questions, but sadly, we do not

10 thoughts on “Where is the good governance coup?

  1. Wots rong with you peasants. I have been good in guvanunce and I am fully akowntable and chtransparent. I am the gratest eva leeda of FeeG.

    Soon we will be asking (by law) the good peepol of feeg to put in 20% on there inkum to the FNPF. We forgot to by fuel for the jets.

    I also wish to announce that Hollywood have approached me as they wont to make a moovy about the 2006 coo. Brad Pitt will play me as he is the only actor who looks just like me.

    I WILL BE VOTED IN. These public servants just love kissing my arse. The will vote for me. They think im grate. Sorry they no I am grate. akountabillytea for all.

  2. Funny how FHL flushed money down the drain by taking out silly lawsuits to prevent publication of information that they unsuccessfully tried to block from being accessed by the public in the registry of companies.

    These guys in the regime have taken things much further.

  3. A ridiculous question by the author intending to unprofessionally bring doubt to my man VB’s reputation. Here’s the ridiculous question:

    ‘Is this profit (by FHL) real or just a result of accounting tricks?’ For goodness sake – what qualifications does this author have to question the professional and reputable auditors who gave the opinion that things are OK and profitable at FHL?

    If the author of the article above thinks that the auditor’s opinion are ridiculous then bring your bloody evidence and justify the same – you biased waste time unprofessional reporter!!!

    Vinaka VB!!!

  4. @ Anonymous

    Obviously the article is written by someone that does not know where to get the answers.

    So where would an incredibly smart person like you get a copy of the financial reports for Fiji from 2007 to date? What about the FNPF? Why does Aunty Nur run the nation’s finances?

    What amazing tool do you use to get your information and statistics? The Fiji Sun crossword?

  5. Radiolucas you fail to understand the extremely efficient private-public partnership arrangement my company has entered with the government: The model has been approved by ADB, IMF and World Bank as it combines the efficiency of the private sector (my company) with the power and leverage of the government (my nephew Khaiyum). Fiji has never had such visionary and modern arrangements and I have never had such a great revenue source.

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