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Protection of land will be just another right

Our long awaited constitution has been promised for the end of this month. Once again Bainimarama has been saying that land will be totally protected, and then adding that he’s guaranteeing rights to livelihood, water and electricity and who knows what else.

This is hardly likely to satisfy iTaukei Fijians. Their right to ownership of their land should not be equated with the rights of “everybody” to electricity or safe drinking water.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has a strategy that’s not hard to see. Everyone has a large number of rights – rights to a job, rights to water, education, electricity etc. In the first draft the right to ownership of land was just another right to ownership. No different to ownership of any other piece of property.

It’s not hard to guess what the new ‘revised’ constitution will contain. It will mention iTaukei landownership as one of the full range of rights. It will mention that iTaukei landownership is inalienable. It cannot be transferred to another person.

Of course, rights to use of land can be handed to others through the medium of leases. That won’t change. And it’s the power to hand out 99 year leases under the Land Use Decree that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum sees as the key to his land plan.

The Land Use decree gives Bainimarama as PM the power to do whatever he wants to hand out 99 year leases. It says he should look at the best interests of the landowners but he has to balance this against the best interests of the economy and the nation.

With a Constitution that hands out rights to all, it will be the state and the ASK controlled court system that will be deciding on who is entitled to what. Make no mistake, the first draft we saw was a charter for state power and the next version will be no different. Itaukei landownership rights will be transformed into just one right alongside many others which will be handed out by a regime posing as a state.

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  1. I guess that is about right in regards to land use.

    As for the other rights…I see them as a whole heap of unenforceable sentimental crap. What difference does it make by having the rights to electricity, water or proper toilet guaranteed in the Constitution? Instead of bragging about these rights they should inform us how including those rights in the Constitution is going to change our lives.

  2. not much Ratu. they are whats called paper rights. only on paper. they are so watered down, including indigenous rights that they are next to useless. the dangerous part is that they will be controlled by one or two persons not a parliament elected by the people. so in theory and reality the people directly affected by the erosion of their rights, in case of land, the iTaukei ni qele, have no say in the decisions that are made..and in the case of the land bank, they have no remedy or recourse to justice if they are unhappy with the decisions, because the Courts have no power under the decree to hear their complaints.
    One thing will be missing for sure, and that is the entrenched provisions that were in the 1997 Constitution regarding the Native Lands Act and so on. Because to go back there would mean that the Land Use Decree and other decrees affecting native lands will be UNCONSTITUTIONAL and illegal…why? because the iTaukei people have not given their consent. How can you give your consent when u have not been consulted?? DAAAh.
    Kaiyum and lot think the iTaukei are really dumb people. How offensive that is to anyone with a little bit sense of fairness and justice, irrespective of whether indigenous or not.
    Its really sad how the intellectuals(???) can deliberately manipulate the law using race as the basis for discrimination on basis of race.
    only in Fiji.

  3. it seems the constitution is being revised by long time blogger real jack who is a recent convert to the cause of the IG

    some people come cheap!

  4. Just get rid of Khayium.

    Where are all i Taukei who marched the street of Suva when Chaudhry was the legal P.M.

  5. The taukei ni qele were Land less from the time that no Kawa no Qele sukuna gave all the taukei ni qele land to the NLTB, when you give something to the trust, it doesn’t belong. .you, it belongs to the Trust. CLOSE THE NLTB

  6. check with department of land, one Indian girl from kaiyum office now acting director. where’s the director of lands? ask kayum that, fijians no more power now on land grab.

  7. It is time native Fijians owned and leased their lands rather then every bloody Fijian from all over Fiji claims to be owner of the land – why should someone living in Kadavu claim that he is owner of the land in Nadi -all of Fiji’s problems will be solved that way

  8. Just go for Khayium and remove him for the betterment of this country.

    Only Muslims making money.

    Muslim brotherhood is very strong in Fiji.

    They are against Christian and Hindus.

  9. no guess work here. the lies have already been spewed by airyass and Bainimarama. kaivitis lands at risk. kaivits still own the lands despite some bush lawyers spills here. u don’t know what u talking about so don’t politik the issue. keep on going on Navosa brother.

  10. land politics is rearing its ugly head again.

    It is true that Fijian I taukei’s in Fiji are without land because the land is held in trust for them otherwise they would have sold all the land and lived in seas.

    So they should be happy with Ratu Sukuna’s vision for Fijian land.

  11. The analysis of Navosavakadua is spot on. Dilute land rights with a whole host of other rights that can never be enforced (imagine some villager out there suing the regime for not providing water or electricity) and slip in some “regulations” that allow Khaiyum to sign off on leases that last three generations. This will provide Khaiyum and his family with the option to double-dip: Firstly he sells state owned assets such as FEA and takes a modest 10% commission, secondly he leases out ITaukei land and takes another 10%. After that there is not much more to steal in Fiji.

  12. sorry Fijian landowner but no one in Kadavu can have any say about land in Nadi and vice versa. don’t know where u got your bs from. sounds like kaiyum and Bainimarama lies.

  13. all the promises made by the crown and its heirs which now includes this regime, illegal as it is, to the chiefs and the indigenous people on 10 October 1874 have been breached by the State. the promise to honour and respect the indigenous peoples land and governance rights have been broken over the last 8 years,
    the kaiindia cannot respect the indigenous peoples rights as did the British.
    so this country is cursed until the kaiindia honours that promise made in 1874. all these decrees and policies that deprive the indigenous people the right to voice their disapproval are illegal and in breach of that promise.

  14. the taukei only drink grog and wank the cock while missus is making kids with others?

    isnt this vilage life?

  15. Sorry, Curse

    It is the abuse of land rights and making it political that has brought the situation to a head – although I hate this regime, if the present government can once and for all smash this blackmail land politics fiji will be a better place

  16. Fiji’s problem since independence has been one of racial tension. And this has been a problem not caused by Fiji but inherited from their colonial past. Fiji’s indentured labourers were the results of European politics including Australia. For the very first time in Fiji’s history there’s a government that’s willing to address the roots of its problem.

    In order for Fiji to be truly democratic and participate in the international community it first needs to have a solid foundation back home and one person one vote is a great start. The racial problems between the two major race is indoctrinated to most citizens for generations and that takes time to address. Most importantly these are issues that can and needs to be addressed by Fiji alone for a Fijian solution.

    Aus/NZ attitude and policy towards Fiji has been built on ignorance, arrogance and short term political gain attitude. Aus/NZ are well aware of the fake democracy Fiji had but they were happy with it because it meant they were able to influence and control Fiji through her weak former politicians.

    Now Fiji have caught up to the high handed ness of these two so call regional big boys and have decided enough is enough. From now on I’m gonna do things my way, gold old pacific way. And for that Aus/NZ are unhappy because they no longer have the influence they’ve enjoyed for a very long time.

    And now it seems Fiji is starting to influence the other pacific countries because they too have been influenced by Aus/NZ for so long to the point of bully. And seeing how Fiji have stood up to Aus/NZ they have come to admire it.

    Fiji needs to address the land issue inorder to maximise its economical use. Majority of landowners in Fiji have left their land lay there without making any effort to make use of it. We need to realise that our modern Fiji includes everyone regardless of race.

    In our strife to better ourselves we need to address most of our sensitive issues and land is probably above them all. We need to question ourselves in regards to our Fijian of Indian origin, how many generation does it take for us to accept them and share our land with.

    They’re one of the most hard working race of the planet. Allowing them to use our land for as long as they need can only be good for our economy which in turn benefits everyone.

  17. Moto Bitu
    Iko dua na tamata sona levu mada chod!!!
    U yourself dont have land pretending to be a landowner,,,,if you are take it to your mataqali and share your own land becos mine is reserved for mu sons, grandsons and so on

  18. I’m from the province of Naitasiri, there are places there where the land have been forsaken for decades. And landowners are still struggling to pay school fees for kids. An example is in some part they lease their land to Chinese farmers and also get employed by them to work on their own land.

    This then enable them to earn regular income and made it possible for them to pay school fees. Who benefits, well everyone especially the kids who will have a chance to better themselves through education.

    I’m sorry but whoever is spreading these bullshit stories about land are the one out of their rocker including those who believe them. If you want evidence to my story have a drive up to Naitasiri, the moment you pass Sawani you’ll soon see all the evidence you need all the way to lomaivuna.

    As for your evidence, I ain’t even gonna ask.

  19. racism is not the problem. all countries have racism but they have democracy and rule of law which is the process and means by which this problem is addressed. The problem for fiji is the ARMY which removes democracy and rule of law and prevent the people from deciding for themselves who and how to run their country. That’s the same problem in Egypt. One race of people there but have problems because soldiers threw out democracy and the rule of law and took it upon themselves to decide for the Egyptians who should govern them. It leads to dictatorship. In Turkey the attempt by the army and others to remove the peoples government was nibbed in the bud and perpetrators send to jail for life. Until that happens in Fiji there will always be problems and uncertainty because the people will never know when the guns are going to be pulled out. Granting immunity to the perpetrators will only continue the cycle of coups. This regimes claim to end all coups is just non sense. It ignores the facts and reality and the law. No investor other than shady ones will invest in Fiji. Zimbabwe of the pacific coming on.
    Land will always be a problem until the non-indigenous understand that the indigenous people do not see land as a commodity to be used for profit. Land is part and parcel of the indigenous soul and life blood. Its part of their very existence.
    Native land use is an issue that needs to be talked through and some agreement reached after honest and fair negotiation.You cannot just pass laws and force the issue. Or worse, pass decrees that never involved the very people that own the land in the process and give them the opportunity to have a say. This is the unfortunate reality in Fiji now. The indigenous people have no say whatsoever in the laws and policies that directly affected them and their future generations. Anyone with any sense of justice will agree that this is not fair or right.
    Their identity has been stolen. Yes stolen because taking something (the name Fijian) from the owner with no intention of giving it back is stealing. Their lands are at risk under the Land Use Decree. Their right to governance by their Chiefs has been banned. And their right to freely practice their religion has been restricted and subject to State control. No one notices because no one is being beaten up but the abuse is there and its real.
    The law is very clear with respect to native lands. The likes of Kaiyum have made it a political issue when it is not. The Crown now the State made a promise in writing on 10 October 1874 to the native Fijians to honour and respect the native Fijians lands, customs and traditions. That’s the starting point. Until that is accepted and understood and appreciated there will always be unrest. It is Not a race problem. Its a human rights problem – a failure to respect that right.

  20. I will be very surprised if the revamped constitution mentions iTaukei land ownership rights because it will create a loop hole through which the iTaukei can attack any law that affects those rights. It will defeat the ultimate aim of freeing up native lands for the State (not the native owners) to determine the terms and conditions of their use.

  21. @moto

    Who cares where you are from? You don’t know what you are talking about? What law is clear?
    The article is based on current laws or land use decrees and the draft Constitution..its likely impact on land ownership in the future.

  22. The problem in Fiji isn’t the army, yes they’ve been responsible for the coups but lets be honest Fiji’s problems is one of racial tension and traditionalists views. After independence we jumped straight into democracy without really thinking about it.

    On the one hand we have a traditional form of governance that is the chiefly and tribal system therefore trying to enforce democracy where citizens are meant to think and vote independently is a monumental task. Both of these set of governance contradicts each other in most aspects.

    Now you add our Fijian citizens of Indian heritage to the mix plus religion then we start to get a picture of a country that really needs to address itself. When you look at our issues and think about solutions, one in particular pops into mind and that is there’s basically no possible solution to make everyone happy. There will always be a group or party that will feel hard done by.

    So out of all the possible solution you try and pick the least destructive and probably most popular. Basically we need to reconstruct a way of governance from the very ground foundation and up. Bearing in mind it won’t be a complete one but it will be a start and as years pass we can add or delete things as we go.

    We cannot and should not try and emulate the western or eastern form of governance but instead we can learn from both and try and build a Fijian style democracy customised to our resource, economy, needs, religions, traditions, strength and most importantly to our reality.

    No so called democratic government has ever tried to address our issues, they probably thought it was too complicated and time consuming especially in political terms, when you take into account the short term of political office you can sort of understand.

    So now when you think about it although its very un-western democratic, the coup was our best option, even probably our last hope of ever addressing our issues. All of the traits of western democracy about human rights are fine but as a whole our countries issues were more important.

    In order to participate as a international member who respects human rights our countries issues is vital which needs our immediate attention. Australia went through the aborigines shoot on site policy phase before getting to where they are today, US had similar process in regards to red Indians and slaves, UK with Indians and slaves too.

    Fiji needs to stop trying to jump steps. We need to go through our own process in order to achieve inclusion for all citizens. We just can’t merely take a short cut for our history have shown that if we do we’re bound to repeat it.

    For now regardless of how they came into power we need to support our government. All these bickering and whinging will only either delay or worse repeat our issues rather then being actually addressed.

    We can go on and on about our land, inheritance etc etc. one thing we can’t change is reality. Our Fijian of Indian heritage and other races are here now. How many more generation before we accept them. The question has always been how are we gonna deal with it and I for one am grateful that at least the foundation has been laid. It may not have been through the best of circumstances but hey it’s a start and its not set n stones, there’s always opportunity in the future to add or remove various policy and laws.

    Lets not forget the freedom of those western countries were attained through guns, perhaps our liberation can have the same song.

  23. Democracy is not a Fijian word. Given the concept is foreign Fiji will have to learn from other countries. Not to mention the fact that we are living in a vacuum: the world is a global community and anything Fiji does will impact on our international relations, trade et al.

    So what the hell are you talking about when you refer to “Fijian style democracy”? The current government is not a democracy and nothing they come up with will be a democracy. Invent a new term if you will but stop deluding yourself by the crap of Fijian style democracy: whatever that is?

    The army is the problem in Fiji: the force behind all coups and nothing you say will change that.

  24. So what the hell are you talking about when you refer to “Fijian style democracy”? The current government is not a democracy and nothing they come up with will be a democracy. Invent a new term if you will but stop deluding yourself by the crap of Fijian style democracy: whatever that is?

    Ratu Sai, Thanks for double speak. The democracy you want in Fiji, is racial based seats. The democracy you endorse are in countries like ANZUS, where the Government spies on its own citizens, more than the German Stassi.

  25. Democracy as a concept pertains to freedom of choice, the freedom to elect your representatives or literally ..rule by the people. So what the hell is Fijian style democracy?

  26. The ability to take the Prime Minister or the government to task on the spying saga is democracy in action.

    Do that in Fiji and you end up running around the RFMF ground with kicks up your backside…if that is Fijian style democracy than I am for ANZUS style any day.

  27. The ability to take the Prime Minister or the government to task on the spying saga is democracy in action.

    The point which you obfuscate, like the most politicians, is that, in a true democracy, the Govt does NOT spy on its own citizens like the STASSI.

    So ANZUS (which you are for) are not a real democracies. In the recent Occupy Wall Street protests, FBI were instructed to kill the protest leaders, like was done by the COINTELPRO to war protesters in 60-70s.


  28. land is a big issue for owners and leeses both must work together to maximise benefits, no use hanging on to unproductive land if you are not using it fore the betterment of fiji

    big difference between ownership and leasing this has to be explanined to the owners

  29. @Ratu Sai…Fiji style democracy basically means Fiji style governance. The fact you can’t even get that shows your pathetic arrogance. You keep banging on about the army being the problem. We all know the army are responsible for the coup. The roots of Fiji’s problems is racial tensions and trying to enforce Aus/NZ style democracy to a I taukei population who have been living in a traditional chiefly system for generation is a monumental task that needs lots of time and effort to slowly implement.
    You seems to want a quick fix. Fiji has never had democracy. If you think before the coup we did then you’re full of shit. Get your blinkers of Ratu…

  30. @ Moto mocomoco

    Who wants a quick fix you moron? What is Fijian style governance? What exactly are you referring to? veiliutaki vaka viti or veiliutaki vakavanua or veiliutaki vakaveitalia? I just want to exercise my rights without fear or favor and the security of the rule of law. You are the one full of shit.

  31. The military has to learn to operate within the law. The land or racial problem does not justify the coup. Therefore the problem is the military, particularly 5/8 officers like Voreqe….corrupted and power hungry.

  32. moto boto nazi,

    pliz unerstan that selling your bs to dimwitted goons isn’t as easy as tryin to convince rest of us Fijians who see thru ur criminal scheming. Shame!!!

  33. hang in there Ratu….u the man
    these regime lackeys are so confused about what governments can and cant do and what the rule of law means and what criminals can and cant do and what a soldier is supposed to do under a democracy that there is no point explaining to them blockheads.

  34. @Ratu Sai…sona levu..e cava ratu sa lala nomu taga baleta ni sa sogota na mataivalu na nomu dau vakayagataki ira na nomu lewe ni vanua. Taura ga nomu Ratu qori vakacuruma kina dua na moto bitu luveni boci.
    You talk about wanting freedom and the rule of law. Are you fucken kidding me. What world are you living in. What kind of democracy where the chief tells the villagers who to vote for. And the church tells its members that vakamisinari/membership fees should be paid even if you have to sacrifice your kids school fees money.
    Of cause having the military coup is non democratic but the democratic government wasn’t so democratic itself. People in Fiji aren’t independent at all. Every aspects of life is dictated to by either chiefs/village elders, religious ministers, or as before by democratic politicians who were voted in through a fake democratic system.
    The military maybe illegal but so far they’ve done more than all the previous so called democratic government. I fucken hate chiefs, politicians and religious ministers who manipulate people to line their own pocket.
    Regardless of how hard you write online the reality on the ground in Fiji is that this government is doing a great job. You can spin it however you like it but the reality is that we have a military government. So you can either accept it and move on or you can stay in your time loop of wishing the corrupt old days.
    Deal with reality and quit trying to create a reality in your head because delusion is a bitch.

  35. @Motomoto

    Good one throwing tantrum like that shows that you are just full of shit. The Ratu I have is merely a name and not a title. In the exchange above I have never mentioned anything about chiefs, the church or vakamisinari…it is you who keep bringing them up. Jumping up and down for nothing.

    The point I raised is against your argument about “Fijian style” democracy and the need not to follow ANZUS style democracy. But you could not define what you mean because as I said the word is not a Fijian concept.

    The military coup is not only undemocratic but plainly illegal…against the law. And regardless of what you think about the good job they are doing, the fact remains they have taken the country back 20 yrs economically, politically and socially.

    The old days may have been corrupted but nothing compared to the current one. The reality for me is that I am against this government and I deplore all they stand for. I am not arguing about the chiefs, church, culture or tradition but my rights to freedom of expression, choice, and the protection of rule of law.

  36. Ratu, this mototmoto needs to take his blinkers off and switch his brain on and talk to people other than regime lackies who talk themselves into a frenzy about how good they are and how the country is in the best shape that’s its ever been..
    BTY, I have been to many church meetings but there has never been one where the people are told to sacrifice their childrens school fees for the church. that’s just regime bullshit. People have choices and the right to criticize the government fairly. that right has been taken away. people now dont have a right to say anything crtical about the government even if its true without the risk of being fined and sent to jail. since when has it been fair and just to send people to jail for telling the truth and expressing opinions which they honestly hold….irrespective of anzus or other kind of democracy. moto wants to live in a utopia which is only to be found in heaven. that’s the regimes line which moto has taken hook line and sinker and is so brainwashed that he refuses to see the injustice right before his eyes and under his nose. its amazing how the cunning and dishonest use of the media…tv and papers…can con so many people in the likes of motomoto. sad really. so consumed in hate of chiefs and a system that has been accepted by the majority of the kaivitis that motomoto has lost all objectivity.

  37. @Democracy

    When was the last time you voiced an opinion to the government that criticised an action or policy they have taken or put in place in a constructive, polite and respectful way and were persecuted for doing that ?

    Some of us are doing it all the time with no problems.

  38. I can say the judiciary is not independent…do you think im mad???
    u must be saying what the regime wants to hear. cant u tell the difference boy?

  39. and anon you are still as ineffective as ever…why do u keep pissing into the wind?? sounds like that other pisser, dakuwanka with his equally ineffective army of wankas who has been planning over the last 8 years for whatever, only goodness knows, in their “constructive, polite and respectful way”. u for real??
    for your information I have voice directly in writing to the powers that be and published in this and the other blogs…but nothing has changed. so I know what im talking about boy.

  40. notice that when the topic of discussion is either land or the Methodist church the number of comments skyrocket.
    which goes to show the passion in that regard.
    both topics are dear to the heart of the indigenous peoples.
    if its a true reflection of the general feeling in the public, then these thugs kaiyum and baini have no hope if they go to elections.
    don’t think they stupid enough to do that unless theyre so sure they will win.
    which means that they must win which also means that they will either rig the elections or not have one at all.
    my bet is the latter…no elections, its too risky to do otherwise.
    but then Mugabe has got away with it for 33 years.

  41. @ Ratu of all the names why did you choose Ratu? I think you’re really a Ratu unless of cause you wanna be one. As for breaking the law, tell me this whose law was broken? Who actually created that particular law? You said that the military has taken Fiji back 20 years politically, economically and socially, Christ on cracker you must be one thick Ratu.

    Firstly Fiji now has more powerful friends then before, if you look around the pacific islands small countries most don’t have the balls to stand up to Australia and NZ because they rely on these two for aid and economic assistance which enable them to influence them through the PIF. Fiji apart from perhaps only PNG do have the balls and other powerful Friends to be able to tell Aus/NZ to shuv it.

    Even as we speak Australia from the government and opposition right down to your ordinary Tom are starting to question Australia’s foreign policy towards the pacific especially Fiji. That is a monumental political positive. Also Fiji have manage to successfully fast track the MSG to a point where it perhaps now rival the PIF and now have been responsible for the creation of the PIDF. In politics especially in our region Fiji is admired.

    Just last week in the Aus/Fiji business convention in Australia, Fiji straight talked Australia on their asylum deal with PNG which turned out to be illegal not only in the UN asylum law but also in Australian Law. No other pacific island country would have had the balls to do that to Australia especially in Australia. To make it worse even to now the Australian government have never denied the accusation.

    What made it worse was that the opposition foreign policy mp addressed the business group with hints at a change in policy if they win election, yet the main Australian media broadcaster(ABC) didn’t even report it which is a clear sign of the state control of media. So in conclusion you have the Australian government manipulating the press and breaking the law.

    And they have the balls to remind us consistently that our government broke the law and is controlling the media, nothing but hypocrites ey.

    As for our economy, Fiji has always been a struggling one because we just don’t have the resource nor the managerial and diplomatic skills to enable a big leap up the GDP. Unfortunately we will always be a small economy, and we can’t blame the government for that. As for social, I can’t remember a time in Fiji’s history where I-taukei, Indians and others lived and harmony and feel proud to be one nation of Fijians.

    Look no one is blind to the short comings of the military government that’s for sure, and we would love it when there comes a time where we can question our leaders and hold them to account. But for now we just have to balance the negatives with the positives and vision the long term effect and make a judgement here and now. I for one understand the military aren’t perfect but I’m greatful that they’re responsible for the construction of a better Fiji for tomorrow. They have laid the foundation and perhaps after real democratic election we can then start to add or remove lawfully policies and laws that will make Fiji a shining beacon not only in the Pacific but to the world as well.

    And just as our Fijian/British army soldiers, Rugby sevens players, golfer, para-Olympic athelete have shown although small we do have the potential and capability to be the best in various fields. I for one believe that our next generation of politicians will be nothing short of world class, some may even be employed to consult in parts of the world.

  42. all things said, the military stands for the biggest bull shit and hypocrite this country ever seen. They (and their followers) criticise chiefs for telling people who to vote for and all that – but that’s bullshit. it is the military that do not allow its members choice, cos everything is by order from the top down to ranks, you can not question orders from the top cos its a top down institution, and yet they dare to criticise the lack of choice the chiefs give their people. take off the wool from your eyes and learn to see the trees from the forest..they criticise others for racism, look at their composition- they are 99% indigenous fijian, they criticise chiefs for making people bend to their demands, how about them? they order, they break the law, they violate people’s rights…they became too powerful and arrogant although they are just another govt branch/dept responsible for external defence. They have no right to be in politics.

  43. and why does frank keep doing this Fijian chiefly welcome when he doesn’t respect the chiefs and Fijian culture?? I guess he likes being treated as a chief.

  44. Motomoco

    Ramble on because your senseless diatribe is simply unconvincing. Ratu is just my name and its not a title. You can write a whole book but you will only convince yourself. Na gauna ni vuli da lai veimapolo voli mama na poci nei Voreqe.

  45. We can all sit here and debate about the goods and bads of the government till kingdom come but it ain’t gonna change anything one iota. You accuse me of rambling senseless yet you’re doing exactly the same thing, or are you trying to take the moral high ground.

    Somehow you have these overbearing attitude of being better then us therefore your analysis is more sensible whereas for us you accuse us of being the governments apologists. It seems any positive comments about the government is looked upon as nothing but bullshit.

    What amazes me is the amount of people throwing accusations of human rights violation as if its on par with the Zimbabwe governments actions. While you’re hell bent on throwing insults without actually providing concrete evidence you fail to realise that you’re creating an image of people who thinks that everything western is pure gold therefore we must at all cost follow them.

    Some of us actually care about our country therefore even though we understand their short comings were deciding to actually stop looking at their weakness instead concentrate on the positives because we realise that regardless of our personal feelings they’re the current government therefore in order to move forward we actually need to realise the reality of our present.

    While our government maybe guilty of arrogance but so do the Aus/NZ governments for refusing to amend their sanctions given it has produce nothing that deters our military government. Even their own oppositions and business community have called for a change ye they refuse to and that means that they’re no more arrogant than ours.

    You talk about human rights, lets examine that for a minute ey, Aus/NZ supported the 2003 Iraq invasion based on very weak intelligence of so called WMD. Aus has decided to ship their asylum seekers to PNG, if you ask me that’s an abuse of human rights in a scale that is so huge our governments action don’t even come close.

    That’s not even taking into account how the western countries actions broke the economy worldwide, an action that has far more damage to people worldwide then our governments coup. If you want we can start to analyse the actions of western government and ours and see how they compare because one thing is certain the western governments action throughout history is so colourful our governments action don’t even start to compare.

  46. …..As for social, I can’t remember a time in Fiji’s history where I-taukei, Indians and others lived and harmony and feel proud to be one nation of Fijians.

    which part of the moon this motomoto guy come from…nothing like that happening in Fiji at the moment.

  47. Come on mate you cannot be that ignorant. Which part of Fiji exactly are you referring to as “nothing like that happening”?

  48. Motomoro

    You dribble too much. Most of us simply do not like dictatorship. Get something straight we are not advocating for everything Western or Eastern but what we want is our freedom of expression and association. We want a government that is transparent and accountable, one that abides by the rule of law.

    If you still can’t see the evidence of human rights abuse by this regime or the deteriorating economic condition of the country than nothing will make you see reality. So go your merry way Moto and continue arse wiping the Lord Vore for all you are worth.

  49. @Ratu Sona

    You’re simply trying to make Fiji gain the same standards as the western governments which is admirable but remember the road to that level of transparency and standards is simply a long process. We’ve had few governments both elected and military but still haven’t had any improvements, we’ve done the election, coup, election, coup, election, etc etc…

    Simply saying the military should go back to the barracks and election be held therefore attaining freedom of expression, transparency and western standards of governance is a given is wishful thinking. Yes it would be lovely to have that but lets be honest what our history have shown is that it tends to repeat itself.

    Now if we’re really gonna try and move ahead we have to basically start over. From the foundation upwards only this time we do it as a nation regardless of sex, ethnicity and age.

    Lets make one thing clear as a man from Naitasiri and Viti Levu I could simply say hey why is it that since independence all of Fiji’s prime minister have been I taukei from the islands(yanuyanu). Ratu Mara, Rabuka, Qarase. The only time a Viti Levu man briefly held it(Bavadra) he was couped by Rabuka another islander(yanuyanu). And when an Indian held it(Chaudry) he was also couped by an islander(yanuyanu).

    And the only people shouting out loud against Bainimarama(Viti Levu) are I taukei’s from the islands(yanuyanu). So you see there’s a trend going on there. And if I was really dribbling I would bring that up and say fuck all these islanders(yanuyanu) they can fuck off back to their islands. Now Bainimarama a Viti Levu man and Kayum an Indian are leading the government all the islanders(yanuyanu) are shouting freedom, transparency, accountability.

    Fuck that shit, in Mara’s, Rabuka’s and Qarase’s reign their island were well looked after so now they’ve been stripped of the leadership they’re moaning. So you see we can make all these wild claims and really demand our selfish wants. But as a modern day one nation Fiji I choose to support the current government because for the first time in our history they’re actually addressing our core problem of racial, tribal and religion and once we have a strong core foundation as a country only then can we hope to build our nation on it, taking it to the level where we have freedom of expressions, transparency, accountability and most importantly independence.

    I have chosen to actually try and understand what our current government is doing.

  50. Moto moromoro

    You rightly pointed out the cycle of coup, election, coup, election and another coup… in all probability it will continue indefinitely into the future, as long as we have a military and 5/8 greedy, corrupted officers like Vore. The long term solution is not returning to barracks for the military to be either reduced in size or abolished.

    The problem with you is your tendency to attack the West and past leaders of Fiji instead of addressing the issue we deal with… suppression by a dictatorship. Your view is being clouded by the fumes emanating from Voreqe’s rear end.

  51. Ratu moro

    I see we’ve at least got agreements on some issues which is a good start and it was possible through our constructive debate. I understand your assumption that my view may have somehow been clouded by the current government but get it in your head that not everyone who actually says somethingositive about our current government is a apologists, far from it.

    Infact we have come to the realisation that the longer we continue to nag the longer we can move forward. For now we basically have to deal with the reality of our situation. Actually that is the only way we can start the rebuilding process. Yes they’re a sort of dictatorship but guess what they’re here and they’re very real.

    And that is how some of us have chosen to address our particular delicate situation. And yes we realise that by choosing that path we’re open to criticism by Fijians like you, but guess what we don’t have the time to massage your selfish feelings. Using our time to navigate a positive solution in our sea of challenges is far better use of our time. Either you get on board with new Fiji or you get left behind to drown in your sea of ignorance and arrogance.

  52. mojo

    Its not nagging its a matter of principle. People who flip and flop from ideals to ideals are unstable.
    The dictatorship is here and they will stay for a wee while but they will not last forever and history is awash with the fall of dictators.

    I will never get on board a dictatorship.

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