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The safety of our boys on the Golan Heights

The speed of the decision to send in over 500 RFMF personnel to fill the gap left by the pull-out of Austrian and Philippines troops has left many people stunned.

Bainimarama didn’t really have the troops needed to fill the job, but he’ll do anything to show that he has international acceptance. He jumped without any proper assessment of risks. He knew that the other troops pulled out because of risk, but that didn’t put him off.

The troops will need to be very well equipped in this dangerous environment but Bainimarama is still trying to scrape up equipment from the Russians after the first contingent departed.

RFMF people are putting out the story that our boys are well known in the area and much respected. And it’s not just the goons of the media cell saying this. It’s a wide spread feeling.

They say Michael Field is showing his ignorance when he says using Russian equipment will expose the troops to risk because the Russians are seen as aligned with the Assad regime. When the RFMF were deployed since 1978 they started with US equipment but that didn’t make any impression on the Amal or the Hizballah at all.

Let’s hope that the rebels who are fighting a life and death war with the Assad regime have the same view of the RFMF.

The fact is that we don’t know what risks the RFMF face. Bainimarama didn’t make the decision based on risk to his troops. Risk to his own backside had more to do with it.

Back in 1978 Cabin Boy Bainimarama would have been making cups of tea for Commander Brown or swabbing the decks of the boto idincavu that was our navy at the time. He knows nothing and cares even less for military operations and the risks they pose to real soldiers.

Let’s hope the RFMF optimists are right because a lot of lives are at stake.

6 thoughts on “The safety of our boys on the Golan Heights

  1. Army boy Ratu Pio tiko in syria… Please call home your daulomani sa kania tale tiko e dua na tavioka mai na keba!!!!

  2. Waste time article and very unbalanced and irresponsible journalism.

    What qualifications or experience the writer has to be making ridiculous comments?

    My man VB and the RFMF know what they getting into and these kinds of missions ain’t new. Our army boys can take care of themselves and are serving for our country and more importantly for peace.

    To all those loyal soldiers – God be with you and have a safe return. We are proud of you.

  3. Syrian Rebels please kill all this Fijian peace keepers they need to be taught a lesson, they kill and cut off limps back here at home.

  4. You really hate this government, Field, why dont you concentrate on NZ? Why so much interest in Fiji? You still miss that journalist: B.H???????

  5. i wonder if any of these soldiers had a choice to go or not to go. bainimarama will be the most hated man in fiji when some of these soldiers start returning in coffins.

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