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Has Bainimarama got the memory of a goldfish or the heart of a coward?

They say that Goldfish have very short memories. A few minutes after they’ve seen something, they forget it. It looks like our country is being run by a goldfish.

Last week JVB made a dramatic announcement about a “landmark decision to seal loopholes that lead to native land being converted to freehold property”. No sale of native land under his watch.

This week the propaganda machine has announced that 1700 acres of native land have been leased for 99 years to FSC to grow cane. Effectively, no landowner alive today will see his land back in ownership. If they want to use it they’ll have to buy it from FSC. Isn’t this conversion to freehold without the courage to admit it

Is there a link between the two announcements? Could it be that fearless Frank, the Cassava Patch warrior, had a heart tremour when he was asked to sign off on the 99 year lease? Was the ‘no land sales under his watch’ announcement made in a desperate hope of showing he’s determined to protect native land?

This is just ridiculous enough to be true.

17 thoughts on “Has Bainimarama got the memory of a goldfish or the heart of a coward?

  1. FBM is both a goldfish and a coward on top of his other ills. He is also a low life.

    The 99 leaseholders will sublease thier land as has been done before on Govt land for either residential or farming to his friends.

    He will dish these leases out to buy votes for support for his candidancy in next election…thats his ulterior motive.

    Wonder whether Fijian landowners agreed freely to lease their land for 99 years and whether landowners still can terminate leasehold if rents not paid??

    The bugger is destroying the Fijians

  2. OOJHA Mustak.

    Why dont you vakacucu mada for those Muslims to pond some sense into your pea-brain.


  3. Tuiomosomo.

    It’s idiots like that navosavakasona that brings out the idiocy that lies dormant within your pea-brain.

    Frickin jerk off.

  4. Adios Amigo.

    Listen not to idiots because one must have the nous to discern and draw logical conclusions, however if you associate yourself with idiots you become one.

  5. JVB still has the brain and emotions of a little child and he will always try to be seen as the tough guy when in fact Frank bainimagana is nothing more than a lying two face thug holding Fiji hostage. may the blood of his coups fall upon him and his children and his children’s children. Fuck the bainimarama, o’connor and kean clans.

  6. @OOJHA Mustak. the muslim party will not rule Fiji legally. but a storm is coming.

  7. @ Ratu Sai. Who are to lecture to me. I know what is illegal and what is illegal. Didn’t Bainimarama illegally took over a democratically elected government which you are now supporting. I cannot understand an idiot like you who is supporting Bainimarama given the crime he has committed. Bainimarama is a CRIMINAL. .

  8. Dear Big Brother

    That 17 year old Qorvis kid just sent me another bill for $40,000. He says every time he blogs in the name of “Ratu Sai” he is supposed to get $5000.

    I am starting to feel like we are getting ripped off. His posts are dumber than dog shit. Did this kid finish high school. I heard he is a backpacker trying to fund his south pacific holiday. At this rate this kid is going to send us broke.

    I sent him an email the other day questioning his bill. He responded with “Fuk Ewe”. At least we spell properly. Maybe you could send him a copy of your emails to Father Barr. At least then the little prick might at least spell properly. And keep him away from sheep. We know what happened when the AG’s fetish for farm animals almost went public.

  9. How long does Bainimarama think he can continue to hold the country to ransom? To look at this using common sense (well Goldfish and common sense need we say more?), it is more or less a given that something is going to have to give. There is a tipping point to all of the illegal & treasonous regimes nonsense.

  10. Ratu Sai as you call yourself Ratu is the highest of that title. I firmly believe you are a kaisi vakola and an insult in the chiefly title of Ratu. I shall use bit simplified language to make you understand better ie maqaichanamu,u kawaca,lamusona,boci koika sa cuka seqa ni cerewai jinamu.

  11. Keep

    Bainimarama will continue to rule because a handful of Lamusonas who oppose his rule, prefer to post on blogs, rather than organise any protests. There will be minimal support for protests anyway.

  12. We shall see Muttifala. Right now if pro-regime sorts resort to trawling the blogs to try feel the pulse, someone’s clearly worried.

    The protests will come. If the illegal and treasonous regime continues to steal unabated from the pockets of taxpayers to the extent that they can no longer enjoy the quality of life that they deserve, it’ll come. You cannot fight human nature.

  13. Dear Frankly,

    I just received a letter from the UK Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. Their lawyers are going to sue navosavakadua. They claim he has defamed the good reputation of goldfish. The goldfish were deeply offended at being compared to you. I think they have a strong case. We should settle.

    This consultancy arrangement I have for providing legal education is a winner. I am making 10 times as much as I did as a High Court judge. Thanks again. My international reputation has been utterly destroyed but so what. I am wealthy enough to buy another one.

    I may need to take some time off. My chiropractor says I am showing signs of arthritis. He puts it down to the backflips I perform. My Yoga teacher says I am bending too much as well.

    I was thinking as a PR exercise we could have an awards night for the “Best Lawyer in the World” competition. We will only have two contestants. Me and the AG. Put your money on me. Nail At A Cow is running the book. He says he has lost too much money as a punter. He says if he is going to punt he might as well be the bookie as well so he can’t lose. I think he is missing the point.

    Nail AT A Cow says we can use the presidential palace as an interim casino. He thinks he can claim overtime as he will never leave work if we approve his proposal.

    This lease idea was brilliant. Grand Wizard Croz always comes up with a good one from time to time. He got beaten up by a Maori when he was young and he has a vendetta against all indigenous people worldwide. He will be holidaying in Alaska soon. He says he wants to bash a few Eskimos. He is like a big game hunter. He says he wants to have bashed indigenous people on every continent before he dies. He is a true believer.

    Yours truly,
    Madame Narcissist Shameem

  14. the indigenous fijians should learn from this deal. 99 years is a very very long time and the landowners will not be able to use any of that land.

  15. Goldfish are beautiful little things that please everyone watching them. In contrast I am an ugly greedy bully who does not give a shit about what anyone thinks.

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