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AIYAZ SAIYED KHAIYUM LACKS CREDIBILITY – The Law Society of England and Wales has credibility – CFDFiji.org

The alleged Attorney General of Fiji, Saiyed Khaiyum, has in his time made many grotesque and bizarre allegations. Yet none in any way parallels his assertion that the recently expressed view of the Law Society of England and Wales as to the lack of independence of the Fiji judiciary shows that that Society has no credibility.

It is not the Society, but Khaiyum, who has no credibility. His adamant insistence that the Fiji judiciary is independent, in the teeth of all evidence to the contrary, is tiresome and repetitive – repeating a lie ad infinitum does not make it true.

Khaiyum attacks the English Law Society for its comments made ‘from thousands of miles away.’ It is indeed true that England is thousands of miles away from Fiji; however the views of the Society are based upon an on the spot inspection carried out in Fiji itself. That on the spot investigation had perforce to be carried out incognito because to openly approach Khaiyum would simply elicit the same discredited blandishments he has been uttering over the years as to the alleged independence of the Fiji judiciary, and would enable him to bar all doors of enquiry to stop any information being elicited from his terrified staff.

Further, the views of the English Law Society match those of the Australian and New Zealand Law Societies – does Khaiyum also say that those institutions are discredited? If that is so he would be well advised promptly to surrender whatever certificates or qualifications he procured from any of such jurisdictions.

The fact that the Fiji judiciary is not independent has in any event been confirmed from a multitude of sources including outgoing staff and most recently in the Marshall petition. Judges content to remain in Fiji cannot of course open their mouths and in any event they have taken oaths acceptable to the current regime and are on its payroll.

Khaiyum should now apologise to the Law Society of England and Wales for uttering offensive nonsense in his attack on it.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

26 thoughts on “AIYAZ SAIYED KHAIYUM LACKS CREDIBILITY – The Law Society of England and Wales has credibility – CFDFiji.org

  1. Khaiyum should apologize? Are you kidding RUM? Show me a single dictator in the history of mankind who has ever apologized for anything. Remember the day before the Saddam regime fell? There was this minister in front of a rolling camera claiming victory when the Americans had already taken 80% of Bagdad. As long as we tolerate people like Khaiyum to trample on us they will always claim whatever they want to claim.

  2. Being a fugitive who absconded from justice with the Tongan Navy makes RUM’s comments about the Law in Fiji, rather analogous to the ‘pot calling the kettle black’.

  3. This illegal AG is bizarre, he is so much like Tariq Aziz, former Foreign Minister of Iraq saying that during the gulf war, there were no american tanks in Iraq , just as in the interview you could see them driving throught the streets in the background?

  4. more ‘nobody understands us’, ‘all lies’ from the illegal regime (except Iran, Zimbabwe, North Korea, China and Azerbaijan) interesting friends you keep.

  5. iarse lacked credibility right from the day he took office as ag. All those who support the coup lack credibility. He still lacks credibility to this very day and until he is removed from office and taken for his TOD to an institution near the central division rubbish dump.

  6. Twisting words will never make wrong right A.G, so why fight a losing battle? We all know that you are wrong but you are hiding behind the guns.
    Pious lie for Allah does not work in this nation. Your patriotism is firstly to Islam not to your country.

  7. Te mara magaitinamu, sonalevu, buica, lase tuba, koralevu

    Why dont you tell the fijians how your father made millions of dollars in real state/property in Fiji?

    Why did your father asked the military to get rid of David Tonganivalu, a true son of Fiji?

    When are you coming to fiji to face charges of killing 2 fijians from naitaisiri at Kalabu?

    If you have guts come back to fiji other keep warming the masipolo of all the tongan royal family mem.

    Bocilefu magalevu

  8. What creditability did the former Attorney general, Qoroniasi Bale, in the racists Qarase government had- a lawyer jailed and debarred from practicising law in fiji because he used clients trust money?

    What the fuk you guys are talking about – Khaiyum had a much more clear record than Bale magaitinamu.

  9. @ koralevu

    What the Tui Lau bought for running the country for over three decades , this illegal PM and AG has managed to do the same in 6 years !

    If it wasn’t for the Tui Lau u and your father would still be chewing beatle nut !

    You thank the lord for the life of the Tui Lau because in his lifes work he brought progress to a small country like Fiji !

    You compare the resources that PNG has to Fiji ? It’s been great leadership that has been the difference !

    Luveni kawa ca no school !

  10. RUM fight is in suva with guns and smoke not lamusona blogging.

    what kind solder this one, with tongan mistress and free ride from tonga royal.

  11. @anon

    “Fight is with guns and smoke ”

    All the enemy’s of sadam Hussein are crying now ! If people knew before hand the devastation caused by the war in iraq , the troubles people have to live with now ! Every day with saddam is better then any day with out him in Iraq today !

    As for Rum living in tonga with his relatives wouldn’t you if your life was in danger !
    Every dog has its day ? The only hero’s are the dead CRW that Banivowaka betrayed and killed, ask captain Stevens who is still in jail !

    Lamusona Bani will never release Captain Stevens because he knows what’s coming !

  12. @kawa ca no school

    David Tonganivalu was a drunk ! Just like the current illegal president !

    maybe if he wasn’t drunk he wouldn’t have lost control of his vehicle and broken his neck

    Rest in peace Sir , you can be proud of your son David George !

  13. @magalevu

    Under the degree false Information you would be paying a massive fine or thrown in jail “Qoroniasi Bale is not from Lomaloma ”

    Where is the transparency in the wages illegal AG is payed by our taxes !

    Why can’t the media ask those questions for the public to know ? Maybe because there is a degree that makes it none of our business ?

  14. fiji was made modern with great state man like Ratu Mara.
    Now fiji is becoming like Uganda under Bai and Kahiyum.
    Fiji is in huge debt.
    road and housing contract given to china /malaysia company on 3 times the normal contract price.
    corruption has grown and poverty at the highest level.
    no drugs in hospitals and people dont have jobs.
    fiji is f up with this butako regime.

  15. Lolllll true fomer pm and president Ratu Mara was the best and very educated person he built fiji in so many ways.Qarase also made a lot to fiji in development and built better democarcy and also those past politican.The diffrence wid Bale and kyium one work for dictator and one not.In this time what Fiji faces is from the bad and greedy dictator bainimara and FMF coup councial had done to takeover a brilliants government qarase had .All dicatorship never rule for ever they start it bad ways will end bad ways . Fiji need a true leader humble and also knows the people and it value and belive in people in fiji.Not belive in money from other countries and loans just to make things easy.

  16. @mosivei eda

    Quri vakai tukamu !

    Mata vaka the cici ni pusi !

    Toothbrush mada Sa boi Mai Na da e drakamu ! Drami cici wavoki ni sotia phew gori luveni koli

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