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Fiji’s Constitutional Commission says they ignore the essential principles of democracy as the interim Prime Minister is in full full control .

Fiji Constitution Commission strongly critical of new government decrees

Posted at 05:56 on 19 July, 2012 UTC

Fiji’s Constitutional Commission says two new decrees issued by the interim Fiji regime threaten to undermine the development of the new constitution.

It says this process requires the full participation of the people.

Don Wiseman reports:

“In a statement it says the Constitutional Commission and Constituent Assembly Decrees are an important step in adding certainty to the process, but it also says they ignore the essential principles of democracy. The Commission says the Constituent Assembly Decree gives the interim Prime Minister full control over the composition of the Assembly which will put together the new constitution. It says this is undemocratic and undermines the Assembly’s independence. The Decrees require immunity for those involved in the 2006 and earlier coups to be entrenched in the new constitution – a move the Commission says is most unusual and undesirable. It says the people of Fiji need to first be consulted on this matter with submissions to the Commission and debate on it in the Assembly. And the Commission says it remains concerned that there is not an atmosphere in Fiji that is conducive to open debate. It says controls on the media and the wide reaching powers of the security forces are particularly worrying, as is the lack of access to the courts.”

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Constitution Comission raises concern on two decrees

17:00 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Maca Lutunauga

The Constitution Commission believes that the promulgation of the two decrees relating to the drafting of the new constitution will mean that the essential principles of democracy are ignored and the independence of the Assembly negated.

Maca Lutunauga reports.

“Commission chair Yash Ghai made the comment at a press conference today.”

“Yash Ghai says in light of the fact that members of the present government may wish to compete in the coming elections, it is important that they should not control the process that will set out the rules for elections.

“He says this will undermine the credibility of elections.”

“On the immunity decree announced yesterday, Yash Ghai says it is most unusual and they believe it is undesirable.”

“The Commission is concerned that the people of Fiji have not been consulted in any way.”

“They believe that if immunity is part of the process, it could be discussed through submissions to the Commission and debated in the Constituent Assembly.”

“Yash Ghai adds a solution could be reached that citizens believe would promote the transition to democracy and contribute to a sustained democracy as envisaged in the two Decrees.”

“Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is expected to respond to this statement soon.”

7 thoughts on “Fiji’s Constitutional Commission says they ignore the essential principles of democracy as the interim Prime Minister is in full full control .

  1. Hey all those racists elements who were making fun of Professor Yash Ghai

    Now you will see the REAL Professor YASH GHAI.

    He is so highly respected and well known internationally (except by kaicolo fijians) and he will not just sit by and watch the AG play with the freedom of fijians.

  2. we have known from quite sometime back that the political environment in fiji was not condusive for an open debate for constitution making. the whole process is not under democratic but dictatorial control . the professor is realising this somewhat belatedly. And he must realise too that this is the way it will be all the way through. it’s up to him to decide whether he wishes to go on being a party to this fraudulent constitution making exercise which purports to be of the people, by the people and for the people. It’s for the gang in power.

  3. Stupid blind bat , even a 2yr old can see that coming !

    Just like this rigged elections we might have

  4. The whole situation created by this terrorist junta is turning to shyte!. If the UN keep using this thug fiji military – even as static lowly paid guards in Iraq – the UN has failed again, as in Syria. What a worthless and impotent organisation the UN is becoming?

  5. The new consitition is a farce and staged process.

    there is no freedom so no free and farir constituion.

  6. Get out of this constitution farse in Fiji Ghai the illegal regime is using you !

    Why don’t you listen to what the people are telling you that we are happy with the old constitution and this regime is not proper to bring in any changes to it ! Only an elected government can do that !

    Guess what else is coming ? No elections because you didn’t do you job ! You are going to be blamed for it not the regime ! Sorry it’s going to be delayed until Fiji is ready is going to be the excuse

  7. Interesting little spat there, but don’t you worry, this is all part of the comedy that we are watching. Even Ghai has to admit now that a dictator is a dictator wanting three things: a lot of money, total control and a rock solid immunity. The problem for the regime is, that the more the entire process of constitution writing and elections are under tight controls of the regime using a plethora of decrees to ensure a desirable outcome, the less legitimate the constitution (and its immunity provisions) will be. What Khaiyum is trying to do is to built a house without a foundation. But like houses do not hang in mid air, acceptable constitutions are not decreed but developed on the basis of inclusive and open processes. So were from here?

    The way forward is to include not only retrospective immunity, but forward immunity. The first provision of the new constitution should stipulate that coups are considered a normal occurrence in Fiji and therefor not colonel or commodore staging a coup and committing treason can ever be prosecuted. Such provisions would create certainty for international investors who will flock to Fiji in ever larger numbers.

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