Fiji is basically now a Chinese client state

From Trevor Loudon:

Right now at the bottom of the South Pacific, a lot of  people email me and they say, look, if Obama gets back in again, can we  come and live in New Zealand? And I say, look, it’s a wonderful country,  you’ll enjoy it, but really there is no where to run now. Just 1500  miles to the north of my country lie the beautiful Fijian Islands –  great tourist destination, but they now have a Marxist government. The  Chinese are training the Fijian military, building big hydro-electric  dams on the islands. Fiji is basically now a Chinese client state.  Just a few months ago the Australian Minister Defense was up in China  and a

China contacts, loans and China’s military ambitions in Fiji. Chinese satellite tracking station for Fiji?

The same cable also had a few interesting details. In a discussion with the Taiwanese Trade Mission in Suva, Senior Advisor Victor Chin speculated about China’s military ambitions in Fiji.

Chin expects that the PRC will ask Fiji for more than a reaffirmation of the One-China policy in return for aid. Chin noted the great increase in the number of Chinese satellite tracking ships that have visited Suva in the last year. He wondered if a satellite tracking station, like the one the PRC operated in Kiribati until that country switched recognition to Taiwan, might be next. Chin said he has mentioned his concern about such a possible development to Fiji officials, but has never received a clear, unequivocal response.

The cable finishes with this conclusion:

Aid flows are likely to increase sharply beginning next year, however, assuming Fiji commits to an RMB loan package relatively soon. PRC officials will also try to keep security and defense contacts with Fiji well below the radar, as opposed to a more open approach elsewhere in the Pacific…