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The real problem of crime

Pro-democracy bloggers who blame the Bainimarama Government for the murder of an Australian tourist don’t do the cause of democracy any favours.

As far as I’m aware the murder rate in Fiji hasn’t risen in the 8 years since Bainimarama seized power. It remains fairly low by world standards. If anyone has figures to disprove this please feel free to post them. I’m no expert but I do know murder is different to other crimes. Except in the worst crime hot spots, murders usually result from disputes between family and close friends. People don’t murder strangers for no reason and Fiji is not one of those places full of guns that commit half the murders. Thanks to the RFMF’s monopoly on guns, we don’t have guns making our crime problem worse.

But Bainimarama is not blameless in relation to crime. Playing around with the police force – hounding a top professional Commissioner out of the country, replacing him with a local who has soon despatched and then installing an incompetent military mate who knew nothing about policing, and then replacing him with another military mate – all this did nothing to help make the FPF an effective professional force.

Crime is still a problem, but home invasions are the high end of what we’ve got. (Let’s not get into the question of sedition, political thuggery and treason. The fact that Bainimarama’s constitution gave him immunity against these crimes is a signed confession, but let’s put all that behind us.)

The crime problem that worries us is the problem of burglary and home invasion and that calls for a properly funded, professional police force, which responds to calls for help. The random murder of a tourist should not be laid at the feet of Bainimarama. It’s the damage to the FPF we should be holding him to account on.

21 thoughts on “The real problem of crime

  1. Sometimes rape is worse than murder. The woman who is a victim of rape lives for the rest of her life with the agonizing memory of her innocence and virtue being cruelly violated. And if pregnancy becomes the result of this abominable act, the rape victim and her resultant posterity will live in a dark and confusing and yes… a sad reminder that one of their ancestors was a rapist. Think about it.

    My feeling is that there have been more rapes in our beloved land in the last decade than in previous ones.

  2. Differentiation between the seriousness of crimes is an area that could be debated forever.

    The facts are that a crime is a crime, there are laws that determine what is a crime is and there are those that choose to knowingly ignore the law.

    The problem is how to deal with those that ignore the law, do you try and control it by using greater deterrents or grow a society where more people have greater respect for and observance of the law?

    The question arises as to why people break the law, whether throwing litter out the bus window or raping a neighbours child.

  3. Its not democracy that is hounded here but the government that presides over all the bad behaviours of a democracy. Lets be clear – this government came to power on a very questionable platform. The regime’s power is the outcome of a military coup, a self-serving constitution and a self-styled legislature. How can a democracy be really left to flourish if self-centred individuals choose to reinvent their own way for their own aims. That is what we have with Fiji. The agenda of re-making democracy that suits the interests of a few is not the best way to sustain democracy. It only offers reason for like-minded idiots to break the mole of the former idiot and again plant their own mole on society. When tourists are murdered in such an apalling way, of course justice should be left to play and those convicted should accordingly face their due. But where does that live the Fijian society as a whole and democracy for that matter? It is quite hypocritical to hound one criminal and protect another. What kind of justice is Fiji showing when it protects those that cause suffering and death of some and criminalises those that cause suffering and death of others? This is the big black hole that beggs serious reality check! We cannot pretend to sound and be seen to be advocates of democracy and rule of law when we only see it in parts and pick, choose and practice our own self imposed preferences of it. This makes democracy disfunctional, least sustainable and may even in itself become self-inflicted curse on society! In every sense of the word democracy has to be open, free, fair, equal and just for all to make it work. It has to be of the people and for the people. It cannot just be for the selected or self-imposed few. Every citizen and institution has a part to play in countervaling, overseeing, checking and voicing things that are happening to make it work. Now reflect this on what Fiji is toiling with right now and you would conclude that what we have is flawed and crooked. Plainly, its shambolic when you have one set of democratic rules for one group and a another set of rules for another! You only have to have an incident like this of such an apalling standard that everything is thrown back on the country to ponder! Its clear to us that hypocrisy of individuals is a serious matter, but hypocrisy of national proportions should not be entertained because that is an unforgivable matter. The lawlessness of a citizen today is a simple mirror of the grand lawlessness of those that govern. It is a reminder that Fiji’s path is not set on stone but on sand, a path that will persistently have glimpses of crime to remind the nation of its wayward way. It is also a reminder that justice and righteousness if continually denied will continue to hover over the nation until it is brought to bear. So rather that sparing the leader of the nation who came to power illegally and has gone on to secure power through questionable schemes, it is very appropriate that criticism be aimed at him and those that rule for their presiding over what is happening under their watch and moreso because the whole environment of criminality they brought themselves and what it has caused on the nation.

  4. You can look at it any way you want Kainoqu but the majority of people got what they wanted.

    If some individuals are not happy with that, they have a choice, wait for 4 years and try to get a better choice or do the undemocratic thing?

  5. Yes Reality – that is the whole point……….the majority of people got what they wanted – a government that was illegal from its conception……..and so any surprises over persisting criminality is delusionary and hypocritical because the majority have chosen to side with unjust and unrighteous schemes. Simply, when the majority choose not to walk the just and righteous way, the nation should be prepared for its consequence because that choice affects the whole of society including the minorities. That is why we said very earlier on that the Baikhai election project has amongst other things shown us that Fiji has chosen the hard way to walk to freedom! So lets see such horrendous crimes in the wider picture of where Fiji is now and where it is heading to. It may help the country learn what it should do about it for the sake of its today and its tomorrow. Yes those that do not side with the majority will certainly have to prepare themselves for the consequence but that does not necessarily mean accepting the majority stance and letting the nation slip forever into the chaotic route the majority has chosen. The just and righteous way is certainly not easy and comfortable because it absents sewing machines, garbage bins, self promotions, exorbitant salaries, and freedom to abuse citizens and state coffers without challenge etc, but it is still the safest path to tread for all the superior reasons. So lets stand fast, lets be steady about the resolve for righteousness and justice for the nation of Fiji, lets look at the events unfolding in the context of the wider picture and lets discern better understanding of what is happening. Walking the coming four years with this in mind may over time help many to work out the tune that the pied piper is playing and realise the harm it has and is doing to their dignity.

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  7. Ro Teimumu seeks explanation on Qarase pension
    Wednesday, December 03, 2014
    Update: 3:28PM LEADER of Opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa asked the government to explain why former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s pension and entitlements due to him were not being paid from 2006.

    She made the remarks as she was delivering her response to the budget.

    Mr Qarase was removed by military in December 2006.

    Ro Teimumu said if all Fijians were equal then why wasn’t Mr Qarase being treated equally as other citizens.

  8. Seemed that she was unable to make any worthwhile contribution within her budget response speech.

    This and the cost of clothing and books to send a child to school.

  9. Qarase is the only one who held the position of Prime and never got any pension. Mahen got his for his one year term and even Momoedonu who was PM for one day got his pension also. But why has Qarase been denied his pension. Qarase’s controversial bills on the “qoliqoli” and “indigeneous claims tribunal” had not been passed by Parliament so why is he denied his rights to a pension.Just last week Khaiyum had 15 of his much hated decrees passed by parliament, probably a record in any parliamentary democracy.
    God help Fiji…………!!!!!!

  10. What has happened to this blog???? Looks like it has closed shop as it has not posted any more comment for a very long time…before election, it was daily posting!!!

    Can the Editor please enlighten us

  11. Its because they have totally lost the plot.Frank will be there for some time and I think this Blog wont survive while he is there as leader for all fijians cheers

  12. ‘What has happened to this blog?’

    Tomasi killed off it’s audience with his incessant Bible bashing and pathetic conspiracy theories.

  13. Fijitoday is no longer operating?????????????

    Where’s all the navosavakaduas, the Tomasis, and all other bullshit artists????????

  14. Getting ready for Christmas, and Tomasi is too busy practising his sermon for the bus stand car park on Sunday.

  15. Fiji is farked,.. Frank and Mary buying up all the land and Kaiyumi making laws to stop others from doing the same. You all getting shafted people and don’t give a shit, you like it eh? You rings are worn, tattered and torn so have some more. Life will never be the same, get it?! As for you FMF mother farkers who like it up the ass by Syrians, and paid out by UN, suffer baby, ENJOY THE SHAFT. 4 more years and nothing will change.

  16. Thank you Kainoqu,Tualeita and friends. Returning home after a few months and reading your postings was a privilege indeed. Thank you for being true to your principles, values and beliefs. A few candles burning brightly can illuminate the whole dark room. Irrespective of what our detractors may think or say, time will surely vindicate us as the bearers of truth and hope for a society in serious trouble. What we stand for are eternal in nature and divinely conceived as the non negotiable foundational paradigms for building human societies anywhere.Those that choose otherwise, through ignorance, malice indifference or outright rejection of divine authority over life on earth will always find themselves in the historical dustbin. Just as life itself is sustained by God’s grace, it is Him that sustains everything else through our subservient obedience to His instructions. Mighty empires have surfaced and gone, and so have greedy rulers and dictators. History teaches us many lessons, but our refusal to learn from it will condemn us over and over again.

    As you gentlemen have said many times, people can build sand castles. These can be beautiful and even grand and amazing to look at. But they will remain simply that; castles made of sand in the sand. They will stand only as long as the next wave sweeps it away.

    How sad indeed when people lose our discernment, our wisdom and our moral compass. We are no longer able to distinguish between sand castles and true reality. The truth is that the fundamental pathways we choose as a nation or society determines the realities we will face along the way. While economics, politics, business and commerce and all the other human activities are important to sustaining our physical lives, all these are but a dimension of our total life and reality. Right and wrong cannot be left for people to decide, and it does not matter what type of democracy we wish to experiment with. Right and wrong, good and bad, must remain in the realm of the divine and to which we are all absolutely subject to, whether we like it or not. The Bible does not mince its words on the foolishness, hopelessness and absolute vanity of depending on man’s sense of judgement. It says, ‘The heart of man is deceitful above all things, who could know it.” There goes our hope for any man made democracy.

    In other words, there is nothing more deceitful than the human heart. Period. For those who wish to quarrle with me on that, I humbly suggest that you reread your history, newspapers, etc and watch the news and events everyday. The word of God is non negotiable, and absolute truth is not subject to human controversy. Just look back at Voreqe and Khai’s record over the last seven years. But it does not stop there. If we allow them to continue, then let us be prepared for worse things. But thank God we have a Parliament, even though its only a sham in the true sense. Thank God we still have people who believe and stand up for what is right, honorable, true and good.

    Oh by the way, for those of us who have chosen to stand for God’s principles, the final outcome is already known and until we get there, we will never be silenced or distracted. Someday soon, Bhai and Khai will look back and wonder what went wrong. But it will be too late then. One of us will have to visit them in prison if they are still alive and kicking then, and remind them about the foolishness of building sand castles. Vinaka and may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel guide, strengthen and bless us and our nation.

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