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Fiji says it’s addressing brutality concerns

Updated at 8:37 am today

Senior judicial figures from Fiji have told a United Nations gathering the country is addressing concerns about police brutality.

Fiji is undergoing a review of its human rights record under the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review.

The Fiji delegation told a meeting of the Council in Geneva plans are underway for training police interrogators, videotaping their interviews with suspects and stricter procedures under a review of the Police Act next year.

The Chief Justice Anthony Gates says the problem is due to a cultural misconception.

“Torture during interrogation has been a long-standing problem in Fiji. Members of the police or prison service or others in authority have thought they had a right to impose an extra-judicial punishment on an arrested suspect or an escaped prisoner.”

Justice Gates says the judiciary is helping fund videotaping and interrogation training as courts waste much time having to resolve whether confessions have been given voluntarily.

Members of Fiji police and military forces.Members of Fiji police and military forces.

12 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. why is the cj involved in this??? this is administrative. his explanation has compromised his impartiality. what facts are there to prove his observation? And to say that it is OUR CULTURE??? That’s coming from the highest authority on the law in our country? Just goes to show exactly what he thinks of us….culturally depraved natives who need to be taught the they have no power to beat people up other than the judge himself.
    This is a very racist and patronising attempt to explain why police officers and others beat people up in Fiji. I am greatly offended,
    He should be publicly ridiculed.

  2. the other sad story about this confession by the CJ is that he used judiciary funds to train police officers…and now you wonder why there is such a humungus backlog of cases…thousands…including the man himself who has a roomful of undelivered judgments…god help us.

  3. @Patronising CJ. Thank you for your pertinent observations. In addition to the CJ’s comments, his very presence there raises three issues of critical concern. First, the independence of the Judiciary from the Executive Branch of Government. Second, his involvement in the seven year illegal regime of Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Third, if the judiciary is severely compromised under the watch of Gates, then as long as he and Khaiyum are in their current posts, we have no hope of having an independent judiciary.

    The separation of The Exec Branch and the Judiciary protects and contributes to the independence and integrity of the courts in Fiji to make impartial decisions strictly based on the rule of law and their appropriate applications. Anthony Gates (CJ) being involved with Khaiyum ( Attorney General) and other Government delegates leave us with no doubt that the judiciary and our courts are in fact not only compromised. Gates has been one of those invisible advisers and pillars of the illegal regime for the last seven years. In other words, we have a sham of a democracy, a counterfeit and a fake. Fiji, under the current regime is still very much a dictatorship with a Parliament. This is sad but another Fiji first for Bainimarama and his criminal and evil band.

    If the above is true, then the question for us as a nation is What must we do about it?,

  4. It is interesting how this gutless junta CJ does not mention the cowardly poorly led military? Under the current and former leadership of bhaini the ghoose what about those beaten, intimidated and killed by the Fiji military? It is appalling how the UN falls for this crap.

  5. There is no police brutality in Fiji when you compare with the rest of the world.

    The thugs in Fiji need a bit of rough handling because they can be very dangerous and cause hurt to the good police officers and endanger their lives.

    For the info of the rest of the world, police in Fiji do not carry guns, otherwise police can tame down a bit in handling criminals if they have guns.

    They don’t have to run after dangerous thugs but just shoot them in their legs.

    Police in Fiji are doing a great job. Vinaka

  6. @Timoci Qio, from your words, one can see that you are foolish, stupid and confused. You are talking about a subject you know very little about and the best advice for you is to do not talk about things you do not understand. You will only expose your foolishness, ignorance and stupidity. Let me verify my observations.

    In your first sentence, you began by claiming there is no police brutality in Fiji. Then you continue and say there is police brutality, but it is nothing compared to the rest of the world. This shows a mind that does not think clearly (confusion and foolishness).By implication, you are saying that police brutality is ok until it increases to the degree that occurs in other parts of the world. (stupidity). You also imply that our moral judgements and action decisions of right and wrong should be based on those of other countries. If other countries say something is ok, it should be OK for us. ( stupid, foolish, dangerous)

    Your other sentences take you lower and deeper into your own stupid and fallacious thinking and reasoning to try and justify your own stupid notion of right and wrong. For instance, your 2nd sentence refers to thugs who need rough handling by the police. What you are recommending and approving is that our police must act like thugs to stop thugs. You also say that the lives of police officers are in danger by these thugs. So we should allow the police to act like thugs, regardless of the danger this means to the public. You forget that the police are employed and sworn to uphold the law and enforce it. This again proves your stupidity, foolishness and ignorance.

    The other three sentences equally show your complete stupidity and foolishness. I wonder about you as a student in school, and how far you were educated. It is sad to hear your views and makes us wonder how people like you can talk about things you do not understand. Very simply, if the police were to follow your advice, there would be more violence in Fiji, more serious injuries and fatalities, and a more serious deterioration in our social lives. Experiences in other countries have shown that is the case. Laws are crafted and conceived most prudently to guide and protect our lives. Through decent laws and the enforcement of the same, we are able to live freely, happily and productively with all people. The police are responsible for protecting the public (lives, rights, freedoms and property) from those who may seek to endanger our lives from time to time. It is human to err. The laws serve as our guide to teach us how to live. The police are our extra and legal line of defence. Condoning police violence and thuggery is a sure recipe for social disaster of the worst kind. That is why the police face severe judgements for any breach of their duties. Please think carefully before you open your mouth. Vinaka.

  7. Vinaka Tomasi, you have eloquently touched upon all the things that are unjust in Fiji and you have many in agreement. Learned and decent individuals such as yourself see things the way it is and not how those would have us believe. Unlike the thugs who believe that brawn will triumph over brain. The point about this leading to a future of the worse kind is lost on them because they are so consumed by their ill-gotten power. But time will tell, history shall unfold, written honestly and the truth shall finally set us free.

  8. 8 years under Bainimarama – the talentless but all seeing, all knowing circus act and he was powerless to address this ? Load of shit.

  9. Thank you Tomasi. You have so eloquently explained the real meaning of many of the issues involved here.I only wish many suckers to this sham democracy will think seriously before making wild allegations in these columns. Just look at the cases of abuse, fraud and lies in the Auditor General’s reports……Many Regime supporters who used to trawl on these blogsites have deserted and run off……totally ashamed at having so blindly been led by a bafooon Bainimarama and Khaiyum who are only there to enrich themselves and their families. SHAME ON THEM !!!!!

  10. Fancy coming from the Injustice Gates – “the problem is due to a cultural misconception.” I wont be surprised that this will also be his argument when interogated for his support for the Bainimarama coup – “it was due to my cultural misconception,”…..yeah right! This is what you have with self-serving legal professionals who flaunt with the ethos of their profession. They can be civil activists and human rights abusers at the same time and in a small jurisdiction like Fiji, they also become a law unto themselves! Its very far from the behaviour that is expected of a judge, let alone a Chief Justice! Gates has really paved a milestone in terms of corrupting a nation’s judiciary. Facilitating the overthrow of an elected government whilst dressed in the constitutional robe of a CJ is deception of the highest order! Giving legal advise to the coup mob from behind the curtains of a judiciary that is supposed to protect citizens is the worst kind of bigotry. He has not only supported an illegal coup but has also staffed the country’s judiciary with judges that will only tow his line. Yes he did take trips to Sri Lankar to personally recruit them. Now tell me what is not corrupt and not unethical about this? Can we say that it was also a cultural misconception? Gates is being laughed at and mocked at by observers all over the world for his behaviour. To make such a statement at the UN just puts everything in its perspective. He has definitely spent too long at the Fiji circus and should seriously consider a sabatical elsewhere for his own good! linethis

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