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Fiji Sun is re-writing history again

October 28, 2014

In a story on the return of Fiji to the Pacific Forum, the Fiji Sun claimed “Fiji has been suspended from the forum since 2009 following the change of government in December 2006.” If the coup in 2006 was the reason for the suspension why did the suspension take place in 2009? What Fiji Sun is not telling us is that Bainimarama promised to hold an election in 2009 but reneged on that promise. He also promised to uphold the constitution and the rule of law but when the Appeal Court ruled that his overthrow of the elected government was illegal he threw out the constitution he’d sworn to uphold and sacked al the judges. Has Maika Bolatiki forgotten this or is he a shamless liar?
Fiji Sun 22 October 2014 ‘Fiji Still Out of PIF’

10 thoughts on “EX FDN

  1. Someone has commented that there are newspapers in Fiji. Fiji Times is a newspaper, but Fiji Sun is not. He clarified that F/Sun is a toilet paper. It has only one point of view (regime perspective) and is a major propaganda tool for Bai and Khai, It actively acts to promote the lies and distortions of truth and reality in Fiji and promotes an unsustainable agenda. I think it is quite a valid opinion and one worth considering. May I suggest that as the real and the whole truth becomes known to more people in Fiji and abroad, through Parliament and other media sources and channels, the following may happen:

    1. Less people will believe the lies and deceit being produced from Government and its mouthpieces ( F/Sun, Radio Fiji and FBC TV.
    2. The people who work as propagandists In these organisations will realise that their evil work will be futile and no longer be needed. They will have to stop misleading the public or face the consequences of their actions.
    3. Many will leave and look for better job opportunities, just like Madam Shazzer who has resigned from the Misinformation Ministry.
    4. Fiji Sun may find that their sun is setting faster than they had hoped when committing themselves to working with the devils over the last seven years.
    5. QORVIS will be strengthened or eliminated completely. It may enjoy receive more support to spearhead the damage control campaigns by Khai and Bhai’s administration. It masy also be perceived as a liability for the Government and the people of Fiji as their role and ectivities shall come under closer scrutiny in Parliament and outside Government buildings.
    6. The younger Khaiyum may find himself in the hot seat just like Shazzer.

    It is interesting but not surprising that Shazzer has decided to resign from her position as PS for Information. A new Government has just been elected, Parliament has just been convened, and a ‘new era for Fiji” has been declared by the FF cult leaders and their followers. What is going on madam?

    “What was that? Oh I see. Yes, yes”. Friends, her seat is getting hot so she is moving out. In fact it is not only the seat that is increasing in temperature, but the whole house is beginning to get hotter. Shazzer is moving right out of the building. She thinks the house (of evil cards) is burning. She is fleeing for her life, into the private sector. Interesting and very smart pre-emptive move.

    Shazzer and Parliament are very close together. Since Parliament opened and our new MPs began to deliver their maiden speeches, Shazzer began to feel a breeze blow across the corridors and hallways. As the Opposition MPs began to speak the truth, Shazzer felt the temperature increasing. Then Prof Biman was appointed as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. Vinaka Ro Teimumu, Excellent and wise move. That was it. Shazzer felt a sudden rise in temperature and for the first time in seven long years, she could see a small flame flickering from across Parliament and slowly spreading across the building. Frantic calls, midnight calls, early morning and late night calls have been happening. People are losing sleep. Someone said the Hon PM has slapped someone in the President’s mansion. No, it was not Epeli or Adi Koila. It was a foolish man with a camera. The Hon PM thought the click of a camera sounded too close and too much like the click of a revolver being cocked to fire.

    Folks, an action always causes a reaction. What is sown always decides what is reaped. God is real. The people are God’s precious creations, even more precious and cherished than the sparrows. Dictators sow their own disasters, dig their graves and create thir own thunder and tragic endings. Sand castles, no matter how colourful, beautiful and tall, will always crumple, simple because they are constructed of sand. Bye bye Shazzer. Jump while you can before the house burns down completely. Let Pryde and Gay and Sham and Khai and Bhai worry about Fiji and their next battle strategies. You go madam, run for your life. But please learn the lesson of the sand castle. Be a better woman, even a lady for once. You have prostituted yourself for the sake of a few dollars. Go with our best wishes. Let the sand castle crumple. Go and build your own future on a solid patch of rock. Mark my words, that new structure will stand. Vinaka.

  2. ‘The people are God’s precious creations, even more precious and cherished than the sparrows’

    More shit from the heathen

  3. Fiji Sun is a master performer in the Fiji circus. It will continue to be a prime performer in the animal farm because of the payments from the farm owner!

  4. That is very true Kainoqu. But when will they realise the futility of their struggle? When will they acknowledge that the truth will always prevail?

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