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Bainimarama punishes North for promising to vote for him then voting SODELPA

Bainimarama punishes North for promising to vote for him then voting SODELPA

Posted: 27 Oct 2014 01:53 AM PDT

Now starts the era of revenge.

Frank Bainimarama claims “Nobody will be left out” and yet two years ago he withdrew aid from two cyclone-damaged villages because they refused to swear allegiance to him.

Media coverage and stories such as “PM: Supporter first on my list” during the weekend tell us exactly where taxpayer and international aid money is going to be spent by Fiji First.

If Bainimarama has his way, the North will go begging because according to him he was betrayed by villages that said they would vote for Fiji First but voted instead for SODELPA.(Fiji Sun October 26)

Bainimara cited in memo: evidence villages were punished.

The Opposition has been quick to remind Bainimarama the country’s coffers are not his personal funds.

“Everyone pays tax – either it is through VAT, income tax or licence,” says Opposition leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa. “The people are entitled to any developments required.”

The party’s Shadow Minister of Itaukei Affairs, Naiqama Lalabalavu, says Bainimarama’s threats to cut off SODELPA supporters show

Vitogo village bore brunt of Cyclone Evan

what type of government is in office.

“It is consistent with what he did in early 2013 with the Tui Vitogo and his people,” he says.

“It is similar to the threat he made to Niko Nawaikula’s supporters.”

Lalabalavu also asks:

“How does he know who did not vote for him? What does he

Cawaki: Now Fiji First MP

have from the Elections office that will allow him to identify who did or did not vote for him?”

Foreign aid donors are being urged to note Bainimarama’s bias and to secure guarantees to any funds given to Fiji.

“Taxpayers include many who did not vote for Frank Bainimarama and his Fiji First Party,” says Lalabalavu.

“They have equal rights for their tax dollars to be used for their well-being.”

The threats to the North follow the one last week to withhold development support from people who voted for Niko Nawaikula, after he said the good in the Constitution should be extracted and the rest discarded.

Bainimarama went on to accuse Nawaikula of threatening a coup.

Nawaikula said at the time: “This type of behaviour is blackmail….and for the Fiji First Government to use this same tactic ust 11 days after the first sitting of our new Parliamet in8 nyears, is a sign of what the people can expect as the ‘real intent’ of this government.”

Cynicism runs wide because of the well-documented revenge taken against Lautoka villages Vitogo and Naviyago, soon after Cyclone Evan devastated the West in December 2012.

After Tui Vitogo refused to support Bainimarama,  the dictator ordered material to rebuild damaged homes removed.

The suspension of funds was confirmed in writing to all government departments on January 23rd 2013 in a circular signed by then Commissioner Western, Joeli Cawaki.

The Opposition has also called on Bainimarama to drop his conditions for Fiji returning to the Pacific Islands Forum.

Bainimarama insists Fiji will only return when New Zealand and Australia opt out and become development partners.

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6 thoughts on “Bainimarama punishes North for promising to vote for him then voting SODELPA

  1. There is no doubt that Hon JV Bainimarama, our newly elected PM is both a stupid and crazy person. He continues to say things and does things which only stupid and crazy people do. He contradicts himself each time he speaks. He even defies and breaks the laws when in public view. To think that we have chosen him from amongst the hundreds of smart and respectable people in Fiji to lead our country into a new Fiji is also crazy and stupid. But sadly, it is true. Bainimarama continues to be the main criminal actor over the last seven years, and even today, after the “democratic elections” and the convening of a democratic parliament, the man continues to amaze us with his stupidity, ignorance and disregard for the rule of law and proper civil and ethical conduct. And many people of Fiji continue to applaud and worship the man as Fiji’s saviour and great leader. It makes us wonder what is happening and who is really in control in Fiji. is the Stockholm syndrome still having its effect or is it something else? Is the nation under an evil spell or are we just crazy and reaping what we have sown for the last many years? Is it possible that stupid and crazy people are choosing stupid and crazy people to lead us into a stupid and crazy future? Something worth thinking about I think.

  2. Would I be correct in hazarding a guess that Tomasi loves to hate Bainimarama? Would I be equqlly correct in guessing that he is one of Sodelpa losers? I am sorry to see that he is losing his touch–he has actually written something without threatening us of wrath of his silly gods! Its not good enough old friend— you have to threaten the bastards with fire , brimstone and ebola as punishment for their sins. Only then will they quake in their boots and shit in their pants; perhaps take these faecal postings of yours seriously.

  3. Is Bainimarama an idiot or a honest man but a straight shooter

    The development of all provinces/townships/ villages are a matter of politics for the government of the day.

    Bainimarama is a straight shooter to tell the people of what and where he thinks his government will focus on development.

  4. @ Milamila. Please speak to the issues that I raised. I am justified in calling Voreqe a stupid and crazy person based on his behaviour (words and actions) and his habits. He has a habit of making stupid comments and acting in a stupid manner. I do not hate Voreqe, I am merely calling spade a spade. I love and care about the man bu I completely detest his behaviour and his words and actions against our citizens and our country. I detest his lies and deceit. If you can speak to that, please do so objectively and fault my observations. As a public servant and Citizen Number 1, he has decided to subject himself to public scrutiny and evaluation by the taxpayers and the general public who are affected by his decisions. You are free to speak your mind but you will be condemned for your baseless judgements and stupid posts.. Grow up and act like a responsible citizen. Otherwise, please reserve your stupidity to yourself.

  5. @ Daniyele Yaya,

    You nailed it on the head, Bainimarama is a straight shooting idiot, but you failed to add “thug” and that would just paint the clear picture of your Leader. A straight shooting thuggish leader voted in by fools like yourself.

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