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Fijian answer to Ebola……… Dont discuss it

Office of the leader of opposition

Republic of the Fiji Islands


[No 2/10/2014]


The Opposition today filed an urgent question in Parliament regarding Fiji’s preparations for the Ebola epidemic currently affecting African states, with new cases reported in the USA, Spain and Germany.

Opposition Member Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu who filed the question which was later denied by the Speaker said that the question was a matter of national importance, especially when we have a contingent of Police officers in Liberia, the heart of the Ebola epidemic.

Ratu Naiqama said that Fiji needed to be on alert and prepared and the Opposition felt obligated to raise the matter in the House. The urgent question stated:-

Given the potential of the epidemic to worsen before it is expected to be bought under control, can the Minister for Health please inform the House the following:-

    • Does the Ministry have in place any plans to create public awareness about the Ebola virus and what can be done to prevent it?
    • What plans do we have to effectively isolate any suspect cases
    • Has the Ministry started any training of Health personnel to handle cases while maintaining their own safety
    • Do these plans include the establishment of an Ebola testing laboratory to enable quick results?
    • Have our Border officials and airline personnel been briefed on this Virus and are they ready to conduct proper screening of visitors and returning residents?
    • What plans have we got in place for screening our Police contingent when they return from Liberia which is the centre of the Ebola epidemic.


Authorized By: Opposition Chambers

Parliament House

27 thoughts on “Fijian answer to Ebola……… Dont discuss it

  1. Yes Editor. Khaiyum and his puppet Voreqe are very cunning. They become the ostrich and bury their heads in the sand when they have no answer to legitimate threats. They become like vultures when they see potential dead meats for the slaughter and feasting. Or they are happy remaining in their usual habitat as pigs and monkeys and goats. But to have the same bunch of animals as leaders of Fiji? That is really sad. But then again, as some observers such as Ratu Sai and others have been reminding us, Fiji is a nation of animals in a farm. Animal farm indeed. The question is for how long shall we allow ourselves to remain in their kingdom?

    Thank you Ro Teimumu, Ratu Naiqama, Niko, Bill Gavoka, Biman Prasad, Prem Singh, Salote Radrodro, and other MPs from both sides. Please for the sake of the whole nation and all our different communities and cultures, always speak the truth with boldness and with love. It is the truth that will set us free. Lies, deceit, greed and selfishness have imprisoned us for so long. Seize this opportunity to proclaim the truth clearly, constantly, consistently, boldly and absolutely. By doing so, the truth will set us free. Let truth be known and let secrecy and lies recede. Let freedom ring and may all our people of this beautiful nation be blessed because of it.

  2. Time will always tell that lies remain only temporarily because truth is permanent and perpetual. Those who believe in lies, especially those who know they are lies but still believe in them, will become confused in time as the lies are diffused and as truth remains. Because they will realize that they have been hoodwinked by lies they will become disappointed with the liars and become their strong enemies.

    This, exactly, was what happened to a good friend and close relative of mine who was a strong coup 2006 advocate but has become a staunch adversary to it.

  3. Ebola is beyond our control at moment and under the mandate of BIBLE in the end-time.

    With the OAG reports and its findings , politicals masters must enforce good governance , check and balance and make sure those not doing their jobs are to be removed.

    Pro. Biman and PAC will have a lot on plate to highlight serious issues so that ministers can explain and account .

  4. Encouraging story Tualeita. Vinaka. As the curtains fall the truth will be revealed more fully and we can see behind the veils, masks and lies. As for the Ebola, yes, Nagatalevu, perilous times shall come, the Bible says, and we are right here in the middle of that. Yet, more unimaginable things shall happen. Greater deception and more serious acts of criminal and immoral character will have to pass. This world is going to the dumps according to God’s judgement.

    However, we must continue our fight for the truth, freedom, righteousness, holiness and love for God and all our fellowmen. May God help us to trust in Him and to do our best wherever we can. To ignore justice and immorality is to accept defeat and play into the devil’s hands. As Christians, we are called to stand up for what is good and just and right and Godly. To do otherwise is not an option. In god we trust. To God we entrust our nation. In Him alone is our hope, our refuge and our strength. This is a spiritual battle. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, nut against principalities and powers in the high places. But through Christ, we can make a difference. He is our victory. Vinaka.

  5. Vinaka Tomasi , appreciated your input and i thank GOD for some saved followers of Christ in our new Cabinet . We need to pray for Cabinet as they implement the manifesto for well being of our citizens.

    I am glad that GOD know everything thus we cant hide any evil or corrupt activity down here on earth . HE will fix and deal with evil doers in HIS own timing.

    I pray that GOD will deal as soon as practical and remove anyone in Fiji that is harming our economy , and spiritual climate/environment.

    All believers and followers of Christ our LORD must pray all the time and obey HIS WORD so HIS favour and blessings will be upon our Fiji and throughout the earth.


  6. ‘ I pray that GOD will deal as soon as practical and remove anyone in Fiji that is harming our economy , and spiritual climate/environment. ‘

    Does that mean we will see many of the churches closed soon then?

  7. I want to know where from does Tomasi get all this crap that he writes. God has already spoken and Bainimarama has won ; and the sinners and the unrighteous have lost–if one were to believe this religious bullshit that Tomasi insists on throwing around on different blogs.

  8. let us not fingerpoint churches as we are all born sinners whether churches , mosques or temples . GOD is no respector of persons thus the importance to pray to HIM to intervene where required for the good well being of Fiji .

    the thief or devil or kingdom of darkness come to steal, kill and destroy , JESUS has already come 2,000 years to give life in all its fullness. Ref is Bible John 10 verse 10

  9. Reports show that the Ebola virus has spread in West Africa because of poor living conditions. Thankfully under the new Government, this is not the case.

  10. @Milamila. Good morning. You are an interesting character indeed. From your name and your words, one can discern your thoughts, your mind, your heart and your very narrow and distorted world view. Based on your comment above and your other postings, you are so curious and irritated that my comments are always referenced to God and His purpose, principles and goodness. Yes that is correct. I speak about God’s authority, principles and purpose for mankind. On whose authority do you, Bai and Khaiyum speak? I am only one of God’s sentinel to shed light during this period of darkness, confusion and despair, to restore courage, hope, direction, comfort, righteousness and justice to this nation. I am not here to please you or Bai or Khai. I am here to please the Living God of heaven and earth and Fiji. A few questions to ponder please for your own sake and for those of your ilk.

    Are you so foolish to deny God’s sovereignty and lordship over all realms including this tiny earth, its kingdoms, powers, governments and its galaxies and universe? On what do you base your judgements about what is right and good and acceptable and honourable and true and desirable? What is the purpose of human governments and their systems of laws and justice and order? Do you really believe that Bainimarama is God’s choice for leader in Fiji, simply because he won a fraudulent election?

    Please kindly understand this. All my postings and comments are based on my utmost reverence and fear of God and my love for all people and communities. I believe that God created the universe and all that you see and touch and smell and… even those beyond your limited senses and knowledge. I also believe that He created us for Himself, and to reflect Him and His love and character and glory. Human governments only serve to reflect God’s purpose, and His system of law, order and justice. Ultimately, we answer to Him. There are physical laws that govern the physical realm and they help us to live in a state of peace, order, beauty, order and wonder. Remove those laws and the earth goes into an irreversible tailspin into chaos, destruction and meaningless vibrations and sound.

    Similarly, there are spiritual and invisible laws that govern our relationships and interactions. Disregard those, and we invite chaos, turmoil, misery and hell on earth. In fact, that expalins why the world is in the mess it is in today, and it will continue to deteriorate until Jesus Christ returns to reclaim His sovereignty. Bai and Khai have explicitly removed God from the mainstream of Fiji’s public life and Government. They have removed God and have decreed that there shall be many gods for Fiji. They deliberately did that in order to install their own system of law, order and justice. Rather than posting on blogs, I suggest you spend the next 12 months researching and understanding what has transpired in Fiji over the last 50 years. While you are at it my dear friend, please seek God and His wisdom and enlightenment. Maybe, you will then see what ordinary eyes cannot see and hear the wisdom of eternity speaking to you. Then and only then it would help you speak about very serious and solemn matters such as national leadership, human rights, freedom, justice, law and order. Instead of itching (Milamila) to speak as your name suggests, please consider a better alternative. Let your mind and heart itch for the truth and for God, and learn by listening, researching, absorbing, .the wonderful truths and wisdom of life through experience, history and humble reflection.

    Finally, it is quite an ordinary experience for a person to sing a song. But it is quite extraordinary for a song to sing the person. Similarly, I hope you will pause and consider what I have shared with you. But I pray that you will move beyond the ordinary and allow those truths to consider you. Vinaka.

  11. I see Tomasi is practising his sermon ready for his next performance at the Suva bus stand this coming weekend.

    He can also be seen at the seawall early morning if anyone is interested.

  12. Dear Tomasi
    Dont fool yourself. There is no fricking god. He is a creation of the mind of fairly intelligent conmen types of yore to control and defraud the simpleminded people like you. They have brainwashed you into believing that this great white creature with white beard will come to save your arse when the going get tough. It ain’t so. Your justification of his existance is all semantics; same as people quoting from their holy books (all fables) to justify their position.

  13. Dear Milamila. I do not know whether you are joking or serious. If you are joking, then please stop it. Faith in God is not a joking matter. But if you are serious about your atheism or agnosticism, then you are to be pitied of all people. But do not worry my friend. I may be just your lifeline before you meet God after you die.

    Just a few things to help your unbelief. I will try and make it very simple for you. If you honestly believe that there is no God, then you are claiming that you know everything, seen everything and been everywhere. But I doubt that it is the case with you my friend. You cannot even see everything with your eyes. Because your eyes are very limited in their ability to see things too small or too large, too dark or too bright.. Your mind is so limited that you cannot comprehend all things. You do not even know what will happen tomorrow, or the day you will become a vegetable. So tell me my friend, have you seen everything, searched everywhere? It is safer and wiser to say you have not found God and you are still searching. But to claim there is no God is very stupid and absolutely foolish. It is no wonder you worship Bainimarama and Khaiyum. They are also still lost like you.

    The other question for you is this. If there is no God, then please tell me, how did you come to be? Was your grand grand grand grand grand father a monkey? Did your ggggggggggrand mother come from a rock? Where did the rock come from? Where does air, water, blood, the universe and the beautiful harmony and wonderful complexity of life come from? When you understand the mix of wonder and beauty and harmony and complexity and diversity and unity in the universe, you will be forced to conclude that a higher intellect and powerful wonderful Being must have designed and created the universe. You see Milamila, it takes a greater leap of faith to believe that your grandfather was an ape, than to acknowledge that God created the heavens and the earth. If you cannot say that nobody made the computer, it just came out of your stomach one day as you woke up after eating your ice cream, how in the world would you make the claim that the whole universe and life just happened to come out from nothing. Now that would be absolutely stupid my friend, don’t you think? But you are not stupid, are you?

    Come, come my friend. Get out of your lazy brain and smart aleck attitude. Do not let your ego and pride and little knowledge get the better of you. Think more carefully and longer before you make such claims about esoteric subjects like God. But you are welcome to ask me more questions. But please do think twice about criticising my faith. Because I know whom I have believed, and I talk with Him everyday. Why don’t you join us. You are welcome to my friend. If you really want to know whether or not God exists, all you need to do is honestly ask Him to reveal Himself to you. When you do meet Him,You will never be the same again. Vinaka.

  14. Strange how the bible bashing religious cult have to put so much effort into selling their outdated, non effective product.

    The followers of fairy tales and story books so engrossed in the content they start believing them.

  15. Tomasi,
    I dont believe in god/gods. Period. I am not delusional.
    Your verbosity is underwhelming. Same religious crap –as is heard in every church, mandir and mosque , day in and day out, to brainwash people like you.
    SUPPOSE I was a believer–who would I beleve in–father, son holy ghost, allah, mithra, dakuwaqa, or the millions of hindu gods?
    Ask a moslem, he’ll tell you that islam is rdligion of peace; all the while being busy with killing and bombing not only the kafirs but also his owm brotheren. The hindu uses god and religion to subjugate 80%of his countrymen.
    As for the christians the less said the better. You seem to know a lot about popes, read their history. It was christian germany that was killing the jews. We talk a lot about our itau kei culture and we seem to have accepted whiteman’s god with such facility. Christians will tell you that theirs is a religion of love. If you are an example of love and christianity–spouting hate against and calling names to JVB and his govt–why would one want to be a christian!
    Come out of your superstitions and save yourxelf. You donot needs silly gods to be a good and moral person. And above all donot be a hypocrite–either be a good moral xtian or a sore bitter sodelpa loser. God is watching and he’s gonna get you!

  16. @Milamila. I really feel sorry for you. You really think you are smart, in fact too smart to accept that there is a God in heaven. But you are truly a fool. Read your first and last sentences again. It displays confusion and a mind that does not know how to think clearly. Just because you can string many English words and phrases together does not mean you are smart. Listen to the substance of your own words and see the quality of your mind Milamila.

    “The fool says in his heart there is no god.” So, let me help you. You do not realise that it has taken thousands of years for science to catch up with the Bible. Maybe you are a very ignorant person who is really out of touch with realities on the ground. Have you taken the time to explore the truths of what you flippantly call crap, myth and brainwashing. Religion is merely man searching for God my friend. I am not talking about religion, although religions express something fundamental to human beings across all civilizations. I am talking about GOD and our need to acknowledge Him in all our ways. A word of advice Milamila before you get lost in your confusion and ignorance..

    Study the orchid and discover its miraculous beauty, symmetry and the ingenuity behind it. Or the water cycle that happens automatically without pumps, hydraulics and any mechanical tool or computer, but it functions smoothly and faithfully everyday, week, moth and year, helping to keep the world in a condition to sustain life as we know it. Or the human body to discover how a multitude of intricate functions, structures and systems all work together so wonderfully with precision to enable you to see, touch, feel, think, calculate, talk, walk, eat, rest and play, in a manner that is so astounding in simplicity and complexity, precision, efficiency and effectiveness. Or get into the body and into your bloodstream and examine the life sustaining liquid – the blood. Get into the blood cells and right into the chromosomes and DNA. That is almost the end of the road there. But I will tell you what you will see when you reach that point- GOD. Yes, your DNA Milamila is a code that speaks His Name. Even if you join the hubble telescope crew of astronomers and study the galaxies and its indescribable beauty, you will also see God at the farthest end of space.

    That is only the beginning Milamila. I have lots to share with you boy. You are just a young baby learning to see the wonders around your kindergarten of human existence. Tell me if you need more tutorials, OK. You really need it. The problem with so many of our people is that they know nothing, yet they prance and strut their ignorance about like fools. Follow the wise advice of King Solomon and learn wisdom from the echoes of eternity. You will discover more about the realities that really matter. GOD, you and your neighbour. I hope I have downloaded some sense into you my boy. Vinaka.

  17. Tomasi you are bit of a dunderhead aren’t you? The last line in my last post was made with my tongue firmly jammed in my cheek!
    When will you stop preaching–just because I dont believe in your schizophrenic hallucination about your god you go in a tizzy. The answer to all your silly arguements about orchids and hydraulics etc begs the question then who made god? If you take your blinkers off and put aside your irrational superstions about religion and god; and engage the rational part of your brain (though I begin to doubt if you have any) you will see that god is a creation of the human mind rather than vice versa.
    You remind me of that character from “Don Quixote”– you know the one with the donkey, the wooden lance and windmill. Except that he was not an idiotic patronising hypocrite like you. I urge you make up your mind whether you want to be a good christian who shows love and charity even to his enemies or be a jumplng jack defender of sodelpas racism. Both togather are not compatible. Got that boy.

  18. @Milamila. Rather than spout your two paras of confusion and ignorance, you could have simply asked, “Then who made God?” If you had done that, I would have simply responded. “He is the eternal Being from whom everything everywhere originated and evolved.”

    You see, no matter how you wish to justify your stubborn lack of belief, you will have to admit that there must have been a beginning. That is why the Bible began with that profound and timeless declaration, “In the beginning, GOD….”

    I hope you will stop your smart aleck attitude someday and start thinking seriously about what I have shared with you. Because in the final analysis, to believe is absolutely smarter than not to believe. Suppose you die next week, and you discover that you were wrong, what would you lose? Everything my friend. As for us who believe, whether we die or live, it makes no difference what happens after death. We are ready to go on as dust or meet our God and live with Him for eternity. Isn’t that wiser?

    By the way, I do not belong to any political party, and I am not a racist. But I do stand for truth, justice and love for all people and I believe that the Bible is God’s clearest revelation to mankind to help us live a life of purpose, peace and fulfilment.. That is why I have to look at everything from God’s perspective. As long as you live in Fiji, you will have to put up with people like me. Neither you, nor Khaiyum, Bhai or Gay Anthony will stop me from acknowledging God in public and in private life. You better go tell that to Voreqe and his brains. Vinaka.

  19. Tomasi
    Sorry for this rather delayed reply to your religious babbling but unlike you one has to work to earn a living.
    What is this “eternal being” that you talk about. Is he the same as the uncreated creator or the prime mover that religionists throw up when asked logical question? They seem to go in a little epilptic semantic convulsion in trying to justify themselves—using meaningless words like eternal being, faith etc. You can have absolute faith in your wife and she can still cheat on you without you being wiser; and so you continue to hold your faith!
    There was a day when Jupiter was the king of gods, and any man who doubted his puissance was ipso facto a barbarian and ignormus. But where in the world is there a man who worships Jupitar today? What of Huitzilopochti to whom 50000 youths and maidens were sacrificed. Or his botherTezecatilpoca or Tialoc, or Wotan orBaal or Anubis or Molech or Ceres or Istar, ubilulu, Saturn, Dianaof Ephesus, Nin-lil-la, U-tin-dir-ki, Elum, Nin………in fact I can go on and on.
    You may think I spoof. That I invent the names. I do not. Borrow a book on comparative religion and you’ll find them and many more there. They were gods of highest standing and dignity–gods of civilised peoples–worshipped and believed in by millions. All were theoretically omnipotent, omniscient and immortal. And all are dead.
    Bullshit can carry you only so far.

  20. @Milamila. This will be my final response to you on this matter. I now realise that you are a really lost soul and I am truly sad for you. I am very surprised to read about your lack of faith in God and wonder where you have been all this time when modern science, philosophy and all other areas of human research have come to the general conclusion that the Bible was right after all. I had thought you had an intellectual basis for your atheism, but when you cannot engage on a simple discourse regading the logical basis of faith in a supreme being, I can only conclude that you are simply too lazy or dumb to think logically or too lost and proud to accept that you have been ignorant, proud or foolish to believe. I threw you a lifeline hoping that you might be humble and wise enough to come ashore. But after talking with you at length, I conclude that you have made up your mind not to believe. So there is no point to engage with you anymore, except to pray for you to see the light someday before you meet your Maker. So good bye sir and may your capricious god of chance help you find and enjoy life to the fullest. However, should you come to a dead end street someday, please remember that all it takes is a simple sincere prayer for God to show Himself to you and rescue you from eternal damnation. Vinaka.

  21. Tomasi
    its been nice talking to you.I now see why its said that one should never argue with a believer–they have closed minds. Go in peace my friend. And may your god go with you.

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