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Natuva’s flick pass won’t work

October 8, 2014

Commissioner Groenewald has reported to Defence and National Security minister, Timoci Natuva, who has promptly flicked the ball back to him. Natuva says whether or not the Police decide to open a case regarding Bilitaki will be entirely up to the Police Commissioner. That may be true but Natuva is still the Minister who answers to parliament.

Fijilive October 07, 2014 Bilitaki case back with Police: Natuva

5 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Natuva is right. Its not a national security issue but straight breach of criminal law. question is whether the AG will interfere in the prosecution and judicial process to save franky

  2. No, hell not because Bilitaki was at Fault and needs to face consequences of his Actions.That is the price to pay when you are on the wrong foot.Just accept it and move on Sodelpha Losser

  3. Natuva
    Sona levu what about the falsified invoices and LPOs from the army camp……….boidada na F First yavu butako kana loto (see evidence in Fiji leaks)

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