This October 10th Fiji Day celebration is significant in that we have just 4 days earlier witnessed our first Parliamentary sitting in almost 8 years.

This occasion will no doubt give all of our people hope that the future of our Nation and the well-being of our people looks positive.

As Leader of the Opposition I can say we that we stand ready to play our part in building a positive way forward for our people and as long as there is the will among the 50 newly elected Members of Parliament to turn the often misused words of Accountability, Transparency and Inclusiveness, into real measurable deeds that the people can see happening, then there is good reason to be optimistic in our future.

As I reflect back on the significance of this day I cannot help but be saddened by the fact that the actions of my ancestors who ceded these islands to Queen Victoria in 1874 and the return of the Islands to the Chiefs and people of Fiji by HRH Prince Charles on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II on our Independence day in1970 is not recorded for its historical significance in the constitution of Fiji. Yet we celebrate it with all the pomp and ceremony befitting its significance.

On this October 10th Fiji Day celebrations I urge all citizens in Fiji to take a moment to prayer and give thanks for the small blessings that this first step back to democracy has given us and let us hope that the promise given to our people that there will be no more coups becomes a reality.

May God Bless Fiji and all her good people on this our Independence Day

Authorized Ro Teimumu Kepa

Leader of the Opposition


  1. Its just a piece of paper that has been torn up in the past and will be torn up again in the future. Frank should enjoy the lime light while it lasts because he is destined for the same fate as Rabuka if not worse.

  2. Such is life.How much more shit, will she enjoy talking about.life goes on, if only Kepe and her cronies accept defeat too the unstoppable Bainimarama.He’s Da Man.

  3. You only have to read the full page advertisement in the FT today to realise that this woman has no intention of doing other than wasting your money to feed her vendetta and lost pride.

  4. Such hollow comments confirms a brainless mind.

    Kepa will make a fool of all her people if she is allowed to carry on with her verbal diarrohea.

    Its high time she considers retirement>>>>.but for the sake of money, greed, she will continue.

  5. Not bad if you consider that she is getting paid for making a fool of herself…that is if you can call the statement that. It was mere sentiments on her part, emotion if you will.

    Everyone in that Parliament is there for money bar none, more so your heroes Farank and Aiyarse.

  6. Ro Temumu has stated a valid point, an important chapter in the history of Fiji and its native owners which must be recognised in its Constitution. There is nothing wrong with that unless you do not recognise its native owners under the so called equal citizenry

  7. Can you idiots just hear the women out? if you think that Bainimarama is da man, knock yourself out and say something we don’t already know. She’s the leader of the opposition and she can speak her mind. True democracy is spoken here.

  8. By virtue of her traditional birthright, her national citizenship and her official role as leader of Opposition in Fiji’s parliament, Ro Teimumu has the right to express her opinions about Fiji and about an important event in our history. People may criticise the contents of her statements, but no one has the right to demand her silence.

    Ro Teimumu represents the majority of indigenous Fijians today, the people who have come from a long line of historical characters, traditions and events that have shaped and moulded Fiji to become the nation that it is today. As the current paramount chief of Rewa, her traditional jurisdiction and areas of influence spans across a huge area of land, beaches, foreshore, sea and people that includes Fiji’s capital, Suva. That right has now been declared null and void by the stroke of Khaiyum’s mighty pen and Bainimarama’s support and the backing of his military dogs who do not even understand the catastrophic consequences of what they have done.

    Ro Teimumu is a citizen of Fiji and a responsible human being who has been educated enough in both the traditional and Western senses to speak intelligently about matters that she deems necessary and important to her, to her people and the nation. Only a fool or a malicious person will question her right to speak. Of course there are many fools and malicious people in our nation today who have been bought by the freebies and duped by the lies and false promises of Bai and Khai’s new dawn. May I remind Voreqe’s sycophants that in spite of her human deficiencies, Ro Teimumu is many times over a better person and a better educated and experienced person than Voreqe.

    As Opposition Leader, she is mandated to speak on national issues and matters she believes are important. The Deed of Cession is one of Fiji’s many important historical events. The deliberate omission of this event from Fiji’s constitution is a significant error and must be highlighted and corrected. It is only one of the many actions that Voreqe and Khaiyum have done without the permission and endorsement of the people of Fiji. Viewd in isolation, this action may appear to be a random and sincere mistake. But when one takes all the actions and deliberate actions of these two rogues, Voreqe and Khaiyum, one will see the grand design. That is to render the native Fijian population as third class citizens in their own homeland.

    Let us be very fair, honest and clear. Khaiyum has dared to cross the no man’s land, a very clear zone reserved only for indigenous people and acknowledged and ratified by international conventions. Khaiyum has attacked and is gradually destroying the most sensitive traditions and institutions of native Fijians, including their identity, lands, customs, beliefs and values, chiefs and birthrights. Through Ro Teimumu, Tui Cakau, Ro Matanitobua and many chiefs, Khaiyum is hearing the voice of reason, diplomacy and genuine love and care. But if they continue to pursue their evil plans to transform our land into a private empire for reasons they themselves have conceived to satisfy their own selfish ends, then they must not be prepared to face the consequences. For more than seven long years, we have watched silently but anxiously, witnessing the increasing arrogance, blatant and ruthless attack on our rights, our faith and our culture. These attacks have included attacks on our lives, our careers, our well being and even our properties and those of our ancestors for thousands of years.

    There are physical laws and there are also metaphysical laws. While Khaiyum may write laws and decrees, there are laws much more powerful and universal that apply for all people and nations under the sun. These are God’s way of maintaining harmony and order from decline and chaos. For every action there is a reaction, proportional to the nature, quantum and direction of the action. There are limits to everything and a time for everything under the sun. Voreqe and Khaiyum have created a situation that warrants a just and effective response. I urge Voreqe, Khaiyum and their secret band to stop what they are doing and seek the forgiveness of our people and the whole nation. Ro Teimumu is pleading, and through her and others, thorugh the media and these blog sites, we are asking Khaiyum to please stop, listen and stop. You have crossed many red lines. Do not cross any more or you and the whole nation will regret it. Vinaka

  9. @Tomasi

    Going by the election results, the majority of Fijians don’t support your verbal diarrhea.

  10. the Indians and other races were the ones who supported Bai most because they also want to claim the sole rights of the indigenous Fijians just like the parable of the camel.

  11. @ Kai Nakelo

    Going by the election results, the majority of indigenous Fijians don’t support Bainimarama’s and Khaiyum’s verbal diarrhea.

  12. But what actually happened was that frank won it in are landslide victory hands up and shut up. Go Frank we will defend you well and we will make sure you remain the next leader come next election .40% of Fijians voted for you. it would have been 90% fijians if it was not for all those lies spread out by people like Bulitavu and Tagivetaua in Vanua levu. It is a shame this people are in parliament because of lies, even in my village they have big regrets that they had voted Bulitavu in because of lies we meet you again come next election

  13. Lies, lies, and accusations of more lies. But who is the biggest lier of them all? None other than your hero Frank Danimarama

  14. @Kai Nakelo and our Man from the North. I welcome your opinions, but they simply opinions. My statements are based on facts, truths and irrefutable facts. That is the fundamental difference of our views. But if you are really sincere and honest in seeking the truth, then let’s analyse the facts and make observations on that. We have to wake up to the new realities and stop pretending that everything is well in paradise.

    Your statements are based on the scandalous elections tells me a few things and on the assumption that we have had an ordinary election based on a fair and just system and process that the whole nation has endorsed. The sad truth (fact) is that the whole process and sytems of the 2014 election was conceived and imposed by Khaiyum’s upon the people of Fiji without any consultation whatsoever. It was the product of a dictatorship that was born out of a desperation to avoid the law and its due justice. Without the election win, Khaiyum and Voreqe and all their band would have ended up facing a proper court of justice. Most of us know the election was a fraudulent and bogus exercise. It is sad to hear you people chanting Khaiyum’s victory song and lies.

    It takes a certain degree of honesty and intellectual capacity to analyse and understand the agendas and goals of our so called leaders. Politics is not a simple matter anymore. Even Voreqe and Khaiyum know that. That is why they QORVIS, a group of immoral characters from somewhere doing their dirty work of propaganda, mind control and image projection. It is quite obvious to us that you are some of their victims. I hope you will snap out of your zombie state and wake up before it is too late.

  15. “” That is why they QORVIS, a group of immoral characters from somewhere doing their dirty work of propaganda, mind control and image projection. “”

    Seems like Tomasi is simply acting in the same way as QORVIS but on the other side.

    I wonder if he realises this?

  16. @Anon 12.45am, correction please, ‘That is why they have QORVIS, a group of immoral characters from somewhere (USA), doing their dirty work of ……” sorry for the missing word. But I hope you got my message. QORVIS is real and they have done a lot of message to our people. Please expand your horizons and know the devil is very much alive and well here in Fiji.

    Just a little step back into the history books to help us make our own observations and conclusions. During the colonial days, from the early settlement of Europeans at Levuka our old capital, to the current capital of Suva, there were men of power and influence whose decisions shaped the events and developments in Fiji. Unknown to the majority of Fiji’s population, many of these were Freemasons. You may recall the names such as Hedstrom, Cromptons, and several others. Even our governors and members of parliament were fraternity members. Many of our Fijian leaders (Fijians, Indians and part Europeans) were also members. Interesting that Inoke Bainimarama (Voreqe’s father) was also a Freemason). That was how Voreqe was chosen to become the Navy Commodore and then Commander RFMF.

    Notice where they have brought the ‘new” parliament chamber? Yes, back to the old one. Just as you will see at Levuka, the seat of power is very close to the Freemason Masonic Hall in Suva. Khaiyum is not acting alone. He does not represent the majority of Muslims in Fiji, neither the majority of our Fijian people. Yet, Khaiyum and Voreqe’s boldness and blatant disregard for our rights, freedoms, lives and property far exceeds the normal bounds of reason for ordinary people. This guy and Voreqe are just the external face of a group of people who will not surrender power to the people. They believe that they and only they have the right to rule over us. They will use Rabuka, Voreqe, Mara, Khaiyum or Bhatun to have their way. They do not care about people dying, for those are part of the human sacrifice of their struggle. They do not care, as long as their agenda is protected and advanced. They worship Satan and have pledged their lives to their evil master. Fiji is just a stage for them to perform their act of worship and sacrilegious actions. Vinaka.

  17. @ Kai Nakelo and Man from the Noth…. The vast majority of those I Taukei who voted Fiji First into Power were just uneducated as you too. I taukei Votes were bought with Bai and Kais Bullshit. There is more to life then getting a bridge built or a school or road or other promises for that matter . There is the future which we all look forward to, a future fool of free thinkers which your children will never see, a future full of Educational and Cultural enterprises again your children will not get there because the military is the limit for them. That is what your Idiotic Prime Minister is promising you all, or in other words will force your children to do.. It is his way and no other way.

  18. Oh boy, Tomasi digs deeper into his pot of conspiracy theories prompting us to wonder which one he will be pulling out tomorrow?

    It makes you wonder who the king of fairy tales really is, QORVIS or our very own Tomasi presently taking time off from his stage at the Suva bus stand to spread his wisdom.

  19. Anon 10.53pm, it seems that you are not aware of our history and our current realities. Fiji is no longer the small island nation that people think it is. Yes I happen to know more about many extraordinary truths about our country as do some of our citizens. Public events are generally conceived and decided in secret and private domains and along corridors and chambers of people we do not normally hear about or even see. The Freemasons in Fiji are just one example. The ordinary people will not believe that the freemasons were and are still very much a part of Fiji’s ruling elites. I could have published many of these articles in the papers but that will have to wait until true democracy and freedom of information is restored.

    Just a few more tips for you in case you think I am a nut like Voreqe. The 1987 coup was not planned by Rabuka. Do not believe his book, that is part of the lie and the damage control and marketing propaganda. How can a third rank Lieutenant Colonel conduct such a mission with precision and effectiveness? How convenient was it for Epeli to be away for the 1987 coup to take place? Siti was only the public face and a mercenary willing and paid by those that actually planned it. Have you heard of the names Col Vernon Walters, CIA, etc ? Read and research more and you will understand. I had to travel to his plantation to prove what I had learnt.

    The black Pope is another character. Most people in Fiji and around the world do not even know such a person and title exists. Here is a news flash for you my friend. He is probably one of the most powerful person on earth. Even more powerful than the Pope at the Vatican. Did you know that? No you don’t. Do you know that more than 75% of the US presidents were freemasons, and members of secret fraternities? Why did Voreqe go and meet the former Pope when he had just committed treason in Fiji? How was that trip arranged, who arranged it and for what purpose? Notice how Voreqe morphed gradually into the evil cunning monster he is today? He has backers and friends in high places? Why was the PNG government not part of the observer group for the Fiji elections? PNG gave VB about $20 million or more.

    You have a lot to read about my friend. Using conspiracy theories is a cop out by many people who are either very ignorant or just too dumb and lazy to seek the truth. But they engage themselves in dicsussions on topics they hardly understand. Just like their hero Voreqe, a mental retard and baffoon who is trying to save himself and has been lying his way into hell. By the way, if you are really interested to help us protect our people and our nation, stop engaging yourself in idle talk. Shut up for a moment and listen, observe and analyse what is happening today. Reflect on their roots ( history) and you will understand and see what we already know. Please be honest and think for yourself. I love our country. I am trying to do my best to save it from the clutches of powerful and evil men. I urge you and others , They gave us millions of dollars for your group to stop, think seriously and get back on the right path. Vinaka

  20. Anon 10.53pm, correction on the last sentence. I urge you and others to please think seriously and get back on the right path. It is the path of righteousness where truth, love, justice freedom and integrity are embraced for the sake of better lives for all our people and communities, including Voreqe, Khaiyum and their families. May God help us. Vinaka

  21. you for real tomasi???? if you have this kind of evidence (facts?) wy dont you let us have it…cant wait to hear it

  22. Of course Tomasi is real, how dare you question his authenticity.

    I suggest ‘Mr conspiracy’ that you just hold on and wait for the next instalment when it will be revealed by Fiji’s greatest storyteller who exactly it is that controls the Freemasons !!

    Just be patient for a little longer please.

  23. @ Mr Conspiracy and Anon 11.17am. Just a few simple words with some profound truth embedded in it for you two good friends and citizens. Please listen with your mind and heart. Here it is. Are you listening??

    “Things are not what they may appear to be” “All that glitters are not gold” Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

    In other words, do not take things at their face value because you may be deceived. Always probe, question and investigate to discover what really lies behind the masks and respectable cloaks.There are real evil people and unimaginable activities and events happening all around us. But they have carefully clothed themselves in beautiful and attractive garments. We must learn to discern and distinguish the false and counterfeit from the truth and the genuine. It is an evil world we live in today, much more evil and perilous than many of us can believe.

    Deception is fundamentally about making people believe that the impossible is possible, that the truth is a lie and that evil is good. Remember why the regime brought QORVIS? I really wonder who they are, and why they are really here, and what have they been doing to bless our country? Oh. I’m sorry. Like many others, I do know the answer to those critical questions. But the question is, Do you two good citizens know ? I really wonder whether you genuinely want to discover the truth or you are deeply deceived and walking around in zombie land. Vinaka.

  24. “” Remember why the regime brought QORVIS? I really wonder who they are, and why they are really here, and what have they been doing to bless our country?

    Tomasi, for the sane amongst us the answer is quite simple, a PR company because it was really needed.

    For the dreamers and conspiracy artists like yourself it would be for any reason that your avid imagination can conjure up to feed your lust and craving for recognition on a blog site.

    You tell us that you know the answers to critical questions but all you can produce is your view not facts. The questions you talk about are simply yours.

  25. @Anon 12.21, let us stick to the issues and the facts shall we. You know nothing about my motives my friend, but you claim that I crave for recognition. How sad and absolutely wrong you are. This is the problem with you people. You try and respond to truth seekers and freedom fighters by attacking our character and creating distractions. Sorry my friend. It will not work with me. Let me make the following observations.

    1. You obviously support the regime, yet you are so afraid and feel so insecure about revealing your true identity. What are you afraid of my friend ? Is that part of the modus operandi of your regime and its QORVIS outfit?

    2. I know about QORVIS, their past history and the nature of work and the considerable damage they have done. I am also aware of what they are doing in Fiji. So please know that we are not so ignorant as you may think. We can also pretend to be dummies to make you reveal the truths we seek.

    3. Your description about QORVIS is good enough to the gullible public who may not be as aware and knowledgeable as some. The fact is that there are thousands of PR companies available in Fiji, and around the world. But why QORVIS in particular? That was the heart of my question? Given their history and inclinations to assist rogue rulers and regimes like Voreqe, the choice of PR company speaks volumes about the motives and goals of Voreqe the dictator or puppet, whichever you call him.

    4. Therefore, if the intentions were purely for excellent public relations, why did Khaiyum choose a company that has an international reputation that reveals their lack of moral compass, and a lack of sensitivity and regard for the consequences of their actions. If you are QORVIS then you know exactly what I am talking about. You have sold your heart to the devil and you are driven by money and profit and have no concern for the people of this country. You are mercenaries of a certain kind. You serve the dictator and his regime and not the people of tis country.

  26. Oh Tomasi, each time you work so diligently at that keyboard you reveal yourself even more.

    You my friend make far too many assumptions in that head of yours.

    But what is far more significant about your moronic verbal diatribe is that like the spam writer that tries to con us in an email each day, you fail to remain within the realm of reality and spew forth such utter exaggerations and untruths to be laughable;

    Quote “” The fact is that there are thousands of PR companies available in Fiji, “” Unquote.

    Do try harder,

  27. Thank you Anon 2.41pm and friends. As I had said earlier, things are not what they may appear to be. There are invisible people and forces that influence national and global events. Fiji is very much a part of that global village and the New World Order being executed as we speak. Sadly, most of us are not even aware and when we raise the alarm, they attack us as idiots and call us fools.

    Now let me give you this for a start, and let you have a read for yourself. Here is a good introduction about the Black Pope. I first read about this about 15 years ago. It shocked me initially but I can now understand world history better because of books and articles of brave men and women who made it their goal in life to pursue the truth and discover it, no matter where the evidence lead them.

    My humble apology to our fellow citizens who are Roman Catholics. It is never my intention to dscredit the Church or malign any member, but only to convey the truth. I hope we can all know the truth, be set free from our ignorance and make our decisions accordingly. There are more sources and information, but this would be a good place to start. Vinaka

    The Most Powerful Man In The World?

    The “Black” Pope Count Hans Kolvenbach—The Jesuit’s General

    4/15/00 RICK MARTIN
    So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the “conspiracy” playing field? You’ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes.
    You’ve gotten familiar with the role played by, for instance, the Khazarian Zionists (who invented the word “Jew” to disguise their adopted heritage, as distinguished from the biblical Judeans), or the role played by the Banksters (banking gangsters) controlling the economies of the world, by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Committee of 300 (the 17 wealthiest so-called “elite” families)—the Rothschild’s in England and Rockefellers in America and Bronfman’s in Canada, and on and on, comprising the physical power structure of the New World Order puppets under the direction of darkly motivated, other-dimensional “master deceivers” commonly known as Lucifer or Satan and their “fallen angel” cohorts.

    While all of those details contribute to understanding the Larger Picture, what you are about to read fills in a most important Missing Link in this entire structure. And I don’t mean a little side issue; I mean a link so central—yet so well hidden from general public view, and for so long—that even the most studied of “conspiracy theory” scholars probably have not put together much of the information that is going to be presented here.
    To call the following outlay “controversial” and “sensitive” is about as mild an understatement of the truth of the matter as can be made! This missing link changes the entire slant of the entire playing field!

    After months of anticipation and weeks of preparation, I was finally able to speak with Vatican Assassins author Eric Jon Phelps on Tuesday, March 14. There was simply no other way to cover Eric’s historic masterpiece spanning, literally, five centuries, than to just ask questions covering huge spans of time and major historical events. It took us almost four hours to accomplish the task, yet we could easily have gone on for another forty.
    We here at The SPECTRUM are simply unwilling to reduce the importance of this work by presenting it in a too distilled fashion. In fact, in order to share this material with at least some of the pertinent backup, Eric has granted us permission to print (directly after the interview) several excerpts from his soon-to-be-published book which will help you in understanding certain aspects of this magnificently important and broad-sweeping story. The missing link is surely a central link.

    Let’s call this story the “Jesuit-Vatican connection” to the unfolding New World Order agenda. You make up your own mind just how absolutely central, yet well hidden, has been this link! There’s a good reason the secret Vatican library is so extensive and yet remains so intact from outside intrusion, despite the many others who would like to possess such a collection of information detailing much “censored” data about our true, otherworldly cultural heritage.

    When one reads a work like Vatican Assassins, one can’t help but reflect back on the purposely “adjusted” and watered down and boring moments in high school history class. Meanwhile, the true history of what has gone on is dynamic and full of calculated intrigue.
    In this business, I’ve heard and read a lot of things. But when I had to pick my jaw up off the floor during the reading of certain historical portions in Eric’s book—well, let me just say that Truth certainly is stranger, and far more interesting, than the many fictions we’ve been led to believe are historical fact. And yet The Truth does fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

    This book SHOULD be a best-seller, but it is hardly likely to achieve such general attention—considering how well controlled and censored is the publishing business. Thus is the reason for our lengthy presentation of this most astonishing and critically important material here in The SPECTRUM. We are in a time of Truth being revealed from all directions. And there is probably no more fundamental, mind-rattling, and previous notions-shattering example of that than what is being presented here. The interview is directly followed by a number of pertinent excerpts from Eric’s eye-opening book—which will be available July 1.

    [Editor’s note: It should be noted up-front that the information presented below is the studied opinion of Eric Jon Phelps. We here at The SPECTRUM find much about his presentation of his historical research which meshes with and expands upon Truth which has been presented by many other authors in these pages and elsewhere. And that is good; Truth is Truth is Truth, and should all mesh.
    However, for the peace of mind of our unique readership—which typically has cultivated a more aware spiritual perspective than the general public—we do not want to give the impression that we agree with (or wish to promote) some collateral aspects of Eric’s presentation having to do with his personal “religious” convictions. The focus of those convictions follows a much more biblically conventional (literal) path—in stark contrast to the unconventional, questioning, wide-angle vision of his historical material.

    Generally such opinions are simply allowed to stand on their own—for you to sort and interpret as you see fit—rather than being singled-out to be addressed editorially. However, in this case, the practical side of Eric’s stated religious convictions include the condoning of some degree of violence (or violent protest) and use of armaments. And such convictions are very much the opposite of our philosophical position—for many reasons, not the least of which is the obvious Adversarial bait-and-entrapment which would result from choosing what we would consider to be low-frequency responses to schoolroom Earth’s current challenges.
    Yet, if the perceptive reader penetrates “between the lines” thoughtfully, there is glimpsed a recurring commendable spiritual message in Eric’s commentary—of “Have the courage to speak The Truth” and “God helps those who help themselves”—which we certainly DO agree with wholeheartedly and have long supported enthusiastically.

    We are in the time of the Great Awakening on this planet. The Light of Truth, intensifying with each passing moment, is nudging many to step forward and share what they know. Will such ones follow that nudge or continue to hide in fear? The answer to that question is perhaps the most important aspect of schoolroom Earth’s relentless testing at this critical time.
    One last-minute footnote before beginning this interview: The Arts & Entertainment (A&E) cable television channel just started to air—on Easter Sunday evening!—a new two-hour documentary called: The Vatican Revealed. Tape it so you can study it carefully; within the lines of dialog and some of those people chosen for commentaries are many, many clues to the true power of the Vatican over world affairs. It would, of course, be much more revealing to watch the A&E program AFTER having read and digested the following.]

    Martin: Before we begin, let me say a few words. The topic of your book is so comprehensive and covers, literally, all aspects of global control by the Jesuits, dating back to 1540. I would like to begin our conversation with a very important point of clarification so that our readers have something to hold onto while reading the historical narrative we are about to present. Let me also add that your book is one of the most compelling, dynamic, genuinely educational historical documents I have ever read. I want to tell you, I am impressed!
    You, literally, link every major global conflict and political assassination to the hands of the Jesuit Order. The Jews, as with many other groups you mention, have been the unwitting pawns in this Jesuit Agenda.
    Today, the present. I’m going to start here, and then we’re going to go way back in time and work our way up. But, I want to start HERE because it will give a foundation for going back in time.
    Today, who is the Superior General of the Jesuits, the so-called “Black Pope” [black here refers to hidden, evil activities, not to race or color] who gives the orders to the actual Pope. Is it still Jean-Baptist Janssens?
    Phelps: Janssens, Frenchman. No, he passed away in 1964. Then Pedro Arrupe came to power. Then, after Arrupe died, in 1988, I believe, the present Jesuit General is Count Hans Kolvenbach. [See photo nearby.] I call him Count Hans Kolvenhoof.
    Martin: Let’s discuss this position of “General” and, in addition, who is this person, Count Hans Kolvenbach? Who does he serve? What are his origins? Where does he hail from?
    Phelps: The present General is a Dutchman, his nationality is Dutch.
    Martin: Where is he? Physically, where is he?
    Phelps: He resides in Rome, at the headquarters of the Jesuits, called the Church of Jesu. So, the Jesuit General resides in Rome at, what I just called, the Jesuit headquarters.
    Martin: The Church of Jesu, is that near the Vatican?
    Phelps: It’s not far from the Vatican, right. It’s in the same general area. It’s headquarters of the Knights of Malta.
    Martin: Is it part of Vatican City, proper?
    Phelps: Right, I believe, yes it is.
    Martin: Where does Satan fit into this picture, and what is the ultimate goal of the Jesuits, the so-called Society of Jesus?
    Phelps: The Jesuit General, and the other high Jesuit Generals, they are sorcerers. They are Luciferians, and they worship what they would call Lucifer. They do not believe in Satan. They believe in Lucifer.
    Now, according to Alberto Rivera, he was invited—because he was a top Jesuit at the time in the late ’60s—he was invited to a “Black Mass” in Spain where there were quite a few top Jesuit Generals present. And he called it a “Black Mass”. Well, when you’re involved in a “Black Mass”, you’re involved in the worship of Lucifer, all dressed in their black capes and so on.
    Martin: I’m fascinated by Count Hans Kolvenbach because nobody in the world knows who this person is. I’ve never heard the name.
    Phelps: Let me just tell you that you can see his picture and his top Jesuits—just a second and I’ll get the book. The name of the book is called Jesuits: A Multi-Biography, by Jean Lacoutre, and that is available, usually, in the bookstores. It was published in 1995.
    Jean Lacoutre is a Frenchman. He was a communist, is a communist. On the last page of the pictures in it, that is right adjacent to page 343, you see Peter Hans Kolvenbach. He’s the Jesuit General, and he looks like just a very evil individual. There’s a Black man, who’s a high Jesuit, he’s a 29 Superior Jesuit with his cosmopolitan General staff. One of the General staff looks like Ben Kingsley of Shindler’s List. There are six White men, and one Black man. And that’s his General staff.
    Martin: What is the process of choosing a successor General?
    Phelps: The High Jesuits elect him, and he’s elected for life—unless he becomes a “heretic”.
    Martin: And the so-called “High Jesuits” represent what group?
    Phelps: I would say that they’re the “professed”, the high 4th Degree. When a Jesuit is professed, he is under the Jesuit Oath; he is under the “Bloody Oath” that I have in my book.
    Martin: Do we have permission to reprint that Oath in our paper?
    Phelps: Of course, absolutely.
    Martin: One of my questions has to do with the Oath and it’s similarity to the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, and I wrote that question before I got back to the Protocols portion of your book.
    Phelps: The Jesuits obviously wrote the Protocols because they have carried out every protocol in that little handbook. They have carried everything out. And, Alberto Rivera says—and he was a Jesuit—he was greatly maligned, not helped at all by the Apostate, Protestants, and Baptists in this country; he was helped, somewhat, by Jack Chick. Jack Chick published his story in six volumes, titled Alberto I, II, III, IV, V, & VI.
    Alberto Rivera says that it was Jews aligned with the Pope who published the Protocols. Well, I tend to feel that it was just the Jesuits themselves because they, and they alone, were the ones who were able to bring this to pass.
    They’re the ones in the government. They’re the ones behind professional sports. The owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a Knight of Malta. The owner of the Detroit Lions is a Knight of Malta. All your top owners of these ball clubs, for the most part, are Knights of Malta, getting the people whooped up in this hoopla over games and sports, while they’re busy creating a tyranny. So, that was one of the things in the Protocols—that they would create “amusements”.
    Another one they used was Walt Disney, 33rd-degree Freemason—Disneyworld, Disneyland. Another one was Milton Hersey, with Hersey Park. They create all of these amusements and games and pastimes to get the people drunk with pleasure, while they’re busy overthrowing the Protestant form of government.
    Martin: Where does Las Vegas factor into all of this?
    Phelps: Las Vegas, well, for the most part, is controlled by the Mafia. But all the high Mafia families are Roman Catholic, and they are ALL subordinate to the Pope or to the Cardinal of New York, which is Cardinal O’Connor—because the Commission, the Mafia Commission resides in New York.
    Frank Costello was a member of the Mob Commission, and he was intimate, personal friends with Knight of Malta, Hollywood mogul, Joe Kennedy. And that has not changed.
    So, the High Knights are good, dear brothers with the High Mafia Dons—the Gambinos, the Lucchese, the Columbos, all of them. And they control Hollywood, not the Jews. It’s only Jews who are front-men who are involved in Hollywood and working for the Mafia and for the Cardinal, just like in politics it would be Arlen Spector. Arlen Spector was Spelly’s [Cardinal Spellman’s] Jew in the assassination [of President Kennedy], and he would never say a word about it.
    Martin: Now, as we go through here, if there’s anything that you don’t want me to print, please let me know because, literally, I’m going to print everything we say in this conversation.
    Phelps: That’s fine, that’s fine with me because it needs to be said.
    Martin: Let’s get back to Count Hans Kolvenbach. I want to shine the spotlight on this guy for just a little bit here. Let’s talk about him. What does he do? Who is he? Let’s talk about his position as “General”. How do they exercise this control over the Pope? Does the Pope know he’s a pawn?
    Phelps: Ok, one question at a time. So, which question do you want me to deal with?
    Martin: Let’s just shine the light right on the Count.
    Phelps: The Jesuit General, ok.
    Martin: Let’s start there, and you tell me everything you want to tell me about that position.
    Phelps: The Jesuit General is the absolute, complete, and total dictator and autocrat of the Order. When he speaks, his provincials move. The provincials are his major subordinates. There are around 83 provincials right now.
    As I understand it, the Jesuit Order has divided the world into 83 regions. Ok? For each region, there is a Jesuit provincial. There are 10 provincials in the United States. There is one for Central America. There is one for Ireland. They’ve divided up the world into these provinces.
    So it’s old Babylonian provincial government, centered in Nebuchadnezzar or the Jesuit General himself; so it’s strictly a Roman form of government where all the states or provinces are subordinate to this worldwide sovereign.
    The Jesuit General exercises full and complete power over the Order. He meets with his provincials. When they decide to start a war or an agitation, he gets the information from the provincial of that country, how best to go about this, the demeanor of the people, and then he uses legitimate grievances to foam an agitation—like the 1964 Civil Rights Movement. That was ALL a Jesuit agitation, completely, because the end result was more consolidation of power in Washington with the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was written by [the longtime President of the University of Notre Dame, the Reverend] Theodore Hesburgh.
    The Jesuit General rules the world through his provincials. And the provincials then, of course, rule the lower Jesuits, and there are many Jesuits who are not “professed”, so many of the lower Jesuits have no idea what’s going on at the top. They have no concept of the power of their Order.
    It’s just like Freemasonry. The lower have no idea that the High Shriner Freemasons are working for the Jesuit General. They think that they’re just doing works and being good people. But the bottom line is that the high-level Freemasons are subject, also, to the Jesuit General because the Jesuit General, with Fredrick the Great, wrote the High Degrees, the last 8 Degrees, of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry when Fredrick protected them when they were suppressed by the Pope in 1773.
    So, you have the alignment with the Jesuit Order and the most powerful Freemason they had in the craft, Fredrick the Great, during their suppression. That is an irrefutable conclusion. And then, when you see the Napoleonic Wars, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars carried out by Freemasonry, everything Napoleon did, and the Jacobins, whatever they did, completely benefited the Jesuit Order.
    It’s to this end that Alexander Dumas wrote his The Count Of Monte Cristo. The Count is the Jesuit General. Monte=Mount, Cristo=Christ. The Count of the Mount of Christ. Alexander Dumas was talking about the Jesuit General getting vengeance when the Jesuits were suppressed, and many of them were consigned to an island, three hours sailing, West, off the coast of Portugal. And so, when the Jesuits finally regained their power, they punished all of the monarchs of Europe who had suppressed them, drove them from their thrones, including the Knights of Malta from Malta, using Napoleon.
    And Alexander Dumas, who fought for the Italian patriots in 1848, to free Rome from the temporal power of the Pope, wrote many books and one of the books was to expose this, and that was The Count Of Monte Cristo.
    So, when you read that book, bear in mind that it’s really a satire on the Jesuit Order regaining their power in France. The Count of Monte Cristo has an intelligence apparatus that can’t be beat. Well, that’s the Jesuit Order.
    But the Count doesn’t get what he really ought to have, or his last wish, and that’s the love of woman. He gains back all of his political power; he gains back everything he lost; but he doesn’t have the love of a woman. And THAT is the Jesuit Order. They have no women. They have no love of a woman. Because to have a wife, to have a woman, means you have an allegiance to your wife and family, and you cannot obey the General. That’s why they will NEVER be married, and that’s one of the great KEYS to their success.
    They can betray a nation and walk away. They can betray all the Irish Catholics getting on the Titanic, and walk away. They can betray us in Vietnam and walk away. They can betray us every time we go to the hospital and get radiated and cut and drugged, and walk away, because it’s “for the greater glory of God”—Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: the greater glory of the god who sits in Rome.
    Martin: What is the ULTIMATE goal of the Jesuits?
    Phelps: Their ultimate goal is the rule of the world, with the Pope of their making, from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. That’s their ultimate goal.
    Martin: And why is Solomon’s Temple rebuilt so important?
    Phelps: Because the Jesuits have always wanted that. When Ignatius Loyola first started the Order, one of the first things he did was, he wanted to go to Jerusalem and set up the Jesuit headquarters there. So, he went there, he tried to do it and failed, came back, went to school, started his Latin studies, etc. Maybe it might be a good idea to just review a little bit about Ignatius Loyola.
    Martin: Yes.
    Phelps: Ok, Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish soldier, and he was wounded at a battle between the French and the Spanish, and his leg was shattered. Well, the French General, because Loyola was very brave in conflict, ordered his own doctors to attend Loyola. So they set the leg and sent him back to his home—which, of course, he was royalty to the Counsel of Loyola in Spain, in the area of the Basques.
    Loyola, through his series of desiring to regain his leg—it had healed improperly, so he made a rack where he would stretch the leg, with severe, horrible, awful pain—and trying to stretch this leg to get it back to normal shape, he endured awful, terrible pain. He had it rebroken, again, a couple of times and it still did not heal properly, so he had a perpetual limp. He could no longer be the courtier among women, and as a result, he went into this depression, and he then had this vision of the saints, etc., etc., and he wrote his spiritual exercises.
    I will stop at the spiritual exercises, just for a minute, but I’ll take up from there. Loyola then wanted to form an army, but when this happened with his spiritual exercises, those spiritual exercises would be basic training for all of his Jesuits. That’s what they will ALL go through. That’s what every Jesuit goes through today.
    One of the maxims of the spiritual exercises is that if my superior says “black is white and white is black”, then that’s the way it is. That is in his spiritual exercises. That is what is quoted in JFK, when Kevin Costner is telling his people: “Hey, people, we’ve got to start thinking like the CIA. Black is white and white is black.” That was a Jesuit giveaway that the Jesuits produced that movie, because they’re quoting Ignatius Loyola in that movie from his spiritual exercises.
    So, Loyola had an indomitable will. He had a will of steel, and he set his mind to regain back what the Papacy had lost to the Reformation. And so, he went to the Pope, and the Pope in 1540 then created the Jesuit Order. But this man is a soldier, he’s a lawyer, and he put together a legion of soldiers and warriors to get back what Rome had lost, as well as institute a World Government for the Pope, from Jerusalem. This was in 1540.
    He started the Order in 1536. He was arrested by the Inquisition, and he was released, and he went to the Pope; he threw himself at the feet of the Pope. He would be completely at his service. The Pope chartered him, and that Pope was Pius III. The Pope chartered them, created the Jesuit Order; now he has Papal protection, and they began their awful history of deeds of blood. And war after war after war after war, they’re all attributed to the Jesuit Order in some way. Catholic nobles, with lots of money, donated castles and schools and money to the Jesuit Order.
    Virtually everything they own has been given to them or stolen by them. Of course, they stole all of the fortunes of the Jews in World War II. They stole all their gold, all their assets and everything, whenever they went into a country. What’s just been released is NOTHING compared to what they’ve taken.
    In Edmond Paris’s book, printed by Ozark Publications, called The Vatican Against Europe, it gets into great detail of what they did. It calls it—the last 30 years of war is all attributable to the Jesuits, their massacres of the Serbs and Jews, etc. But Edmond Paris did not understand that the Jesuit General—and this is one of the most important points I want to make about Von Kolvenbach—the Jesuit General is in complete control of the international intelligence community: that’s the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. The Jesuit General is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire intelligence apparatus—FBI, every bureaucratic agency in this country, all of it; he is in complete control of it.
    So, whenever he wants to find something out about an individual, they put in the Social Security number, and everything from all of the intelligence apparatus kicks-in and he and his provincials can review everything about that man. Credit cards, you name it, everything that’s attached to Rome’s social security number, which FDR put upon us in 1933 with the help of Spellman; at the time, I believe he was Archbishop, or maybe it was Cardinal Hayes—but Rome was behind FDR in putting him in office.
    The couple of things that he did was implement social insecurity, the income tax, and recognizing Joseph Stalin’s bloody Jesuit USSR government. So, with the giving of us the Social Security number, that is Rome’s number—that’s why I refuse to use it—and that’s why they want everybody using it for everything: driver’s license, tax return, credit card, everything you do, that number is you and that number is Rome’s number.
    Martin: Let me just back-up here for a minute. What comes to mind is Louis Freeh, head of the FBI.
    Phelps: Roman Catholic, good altar boy. Probably a Knight of Columbus; I can’t prove it. But anybody with that kind of power has got to be a Knight of Columbus.
    And the Knights of Columbus implement Jesuit politics. And Louis Freeh was the one behind the Waco atrocity and the Oklahoma City bombing atrocity. And his top sniper was a Japanese Roman Catholic named Lon Horiuchi.
    So, it’s Roman Catholics in control, Knights in control of the FBI, who carried out all of this killing. And those two men, Louis Freeh and Lon Horiuchi are personally accountable to Cardinal O’Connor of New York. And Cardinal O’Connor of New York is the most powerful Cardinal in the country. He is the military vicar. And that’s why Bush kissed his fanny for going to Bob Jones, because Cardinal O’Connor is the King of the American Empire. And he rules his Empire from that Palace, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, “the little Vatican”.
    Martin: And is he in contact, do you think, with Kolvenbach?
    Phelps: Of course. O’Connor himself is not a Jesuit, but the Jesuits are like the SS of the Catholic Church. They maintain order.
    And the ones closest to him who maintain order are the Jesuits of Fordham University. Now, one of them—the head of Fordham University, I believe he is an Irishman, is also a member of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]. And I have that right here in the Annual Report of the CFR of 1993. Those Jesuits at Fordham maintain semblance and rule over the Cardinal in New York. And, of course, the powerful Jesuits of Fordham include Avery Dulles and John Foster Dulles, one of the writers of the book on the Second Vatican Council.
    Martin: Let’s back-up now, let’s go back. What’s the Council of Trent?
    Phelps: The Council of Trent was the response of Rome to the Protestant Reformation. Remember—the Protestant Reformation brought us all of the political liberty that we know of today. There’s no such thing as national sovereignty without the Reformation. There’s no such thing as private rights without the Reformation. There’s no such thing as the Law of Nations, as we know of it today, of Montesquieu and the others, without the Reformation.
    So, when the Reformation came with their doctrines of salvation by grace through faith alone, and that there was no need for the priesthood to go to Heaven—that all we need is salvation in Christ, and Romans 1:17: the righteous shall live by faith. When the Reformation came, it completely stripped Rome of its spiritual power. The priests were no longer wanted because the people were getting the word of God in a Bible, specifically in Holland, England, and Germany. And so, with these great revivals breaking forth and the Reformation happening, nations were breaking away from the power of the Pope. The Holy Roman Empire was breaking up. Charles V, the Emperor, resigned and became a monk and a gardener. So, the Lord was moving mightily in breaking the power of the Holy Roman Empire, started by Charlemagne and the Pope.
    Well, this was not good for Rome because they were losing lots of money. The nations were not paying “Peter’s pence” anymore, which today we call “foreign aid” in this country. And so the Pope was very upset about his.
    What’s he going to do? These nations are breaking away from us; they’re not under our temporal or spiritual power; and it’s very important to remember that the Pope claims two powers—spiritual and temporal—and with the breaking of his spiritual power, he then lost his temporal power. In other words, he no longer had the ability to rule the people through the king of the country, because the king was breaking away, like Henry VIII.
    So, Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Church and formed the Church of England; he no longer was subject to the Pope. This was happening in England, in Germany, in Holland, and other places.
    As a result of this, the Devil raised up Ignatius Loyola with his demonisms, his “spiritual exercises” and—because Loyola had been a member of the Spanish Alumbrados, which is what we call the Illuminati today, and he used the Jesuit Order to attempt to regain back what had been taken by the Reformation—what the Lord had done through Luther, Calvin, and Knox. And, by the way, Luther, Calvin, and Knox—none of those men died violent deaths. They all lived to older age and died peacefully, amidst the power of the Jesuit machinations.
    The Council of Trent consists of 25 Sessions. Those 25 Sessions accurse and condemn all the doctrines of the Reformation. It condemns anybody who does not believe that the literal Jesus Christ is in the host [holy communion bread], and that his literal blood is in the wine. That’s called transubstantiation. Anybody who does not believe that is an accursed anathema. Anybody who believes that their salvation is outside the Catholic Church is accursed anathema. Anybody who believes in justification by grace through faith—anathema, accursed. Anybody who believes that the Pope is not the vicar of Christ—accursed, anathema. You see, all of these doctrines were being put forth as a result of reading the Bible, which produced the Reformation, and so the Jesuits accursed everything that the Reformers were preaching. This is all in Law called the Council of Trent.
    In the 4th Session, which is probably the most important Session, the Jesuits condemn freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of conscience. So, no man has the right to choose his own religion; no man has the right to publish what he feels is the truth; and no man has the right to freedom of conscience.
    Those rights were secured by our Baptist/Calvinist forefathers in the First Amendment. The man who wrote the First Amendment was James Madison, who was a Baptist/Calvinist, and he was told by that Baptist/Calvinist in Virginia, Doc. John Leland: “If you don’t secure all those rights, Virginia will not ratify the Constitution.” Virginia was a Baptist/Calvinist state.
    So, we have a warfare between the Council of Trent and the doctrines of the Reformation, particularly as outlined by John Calvin in his Institutes Of The Christian Religion. Calvin [1536] wrote the Institutes Of The Christian Religion, he finished it when he was 27, and he dedicated it to the King of France. And because the Jesuits so hated him, he was driven from France and he resided in Geneva to the day of his death, when he became Governor of Geneva. It’s Calvin and his Institutes Of The Christian Religion vs. Loyola and his Council of Trent, if you want it sewed-up in two major documents.
    Martin: Council of Trent was what year?
    Phelps: From 1545-1563, eighteen years. And Trent is a little town in Italy. So, it was a Council that took place in the town of Trent, Italy.
    The Presbyterian Westminster Confession And Faith that was finished in 1648, after the 30 Years War, is another extension of Calvin’s Institutes, and is what the Church of Scotland and the Covenanters went by when they resisted the powers of Rome and England. That document is a major document, and it’s not the new Westminster Confession, it’s the old one of 1648, where they called the Pope the man of sin, that Roman Anti-Christ, and they also denounced anti-Christian tyranny.
    And that it is their duty, to use what they call “the sword of the spirit”, which is the Word of God, which we read in Ephesians, Chapter 6, and “the sword of just defense”—the gun, the sword.
    So, us Calvinists believe that there is a time for peace and a time for war, and we do not refuse to go to the battlefield when it’s necessary. It was the Calvinists who gave us our political liberty in England with Cromwell. He was a Calvinist and an independent Baptist. It was Calvinists in Holland who gave the Dutch their political liberty, with William of Orange, and later his son, Prince Maurice, and then later, in our great country, when it was Washington, the Freemason who did not go into that Masonic Lodge that last 30 years of his life—in his own words—who was a Baptist and a Calvinist. He was baptized in the First Baptist Church of New York by one of his captains, Pastor Gano, all surrounded by Calvinists.
    That’s why they didn’t surrender at Valley Forge; that’s why, when they were naked, when they went through the snow, barefoot, they endured that because they were Bible-believing Calvinists and they refused to submit to the tyranny of King George, who was controlled by the Jesuits.
    And that is the soul of our country. If we lose that soul, we’ve lost everything. And those very same Baptists, in the Second Amendment, secured their right to bear arms, because they secured the right, the “sword of just defense”. And the “sword of the spirit” is contained in the First Amendment, the right to have the Bible never taken from them. The two swords of Calvinism are secured in the First and Second Amendments. Without those first two Amendments, all the others are nothing.
    Martin: Well, I got to my question #2. So, let’s go to #3 of the seventy. (laughter)
    How does Shriner Freemason President Harry Truman’s signing into law of the Emergency War Powers Act of 1950 factor into the Jesuit Agenda?
    Phelps: First of all, Harry Truman, who the Japanese called “Dirty Harry”—when they heard the movie Dirty Harry came out, they thought it was a movie about Harry Truman, according to my Japanese pastor friend, Daniel Fuji, who has passed away.
    Harry Truman was put in office by the Jesuits, the Pensergast Democratic machine in Missouri. Harry Truman takes over after FDR’s murder, because he was murdered in the home of Bernard Baruch. When he did that, he then finished up the war with the hoax called the dropping of the nuclear bombs, to purposely create this greater hoax called the Cold War, that would enable the Vatican to knock over country after country after country, and replace the leaders with dictators, subordinate to the Pope. That was the purpose of the Cold War.
    And so, when Harry Truman in 1950 signed into law the Emergency War Powers Act, the Cold War was in full force. They were building bomb shelters, etc. So the nation was in kind of a frenzy.
    When he signed this into law, it put the whole country under military or martial law, and that’s when the flags in every courtroom, state and federal, began to be changed. And every state flag and every U.S. flag is now trimmed in gold fringe. And whenever you see a flag trimmed in gold fringe, that means that it is the flag of the Commander-in-Chief. Now, if it’s the state flag, it means that’s the flag of the governor, as Commander-in-Chief. And if it’s the federal flag, or the national flag, more correctly, it’s the flag of the Commander-in-Chief in Washington.
    So, all your courts are nothing more than courts of military rule. They all proceed with summary procedures. The jury has no power of jury nullification. And they are simply enforcing the laws of the Empire, which I call 14th Amendment America, which is a military-style, King of England-style country. The courts are nothing more than courts of the king’s bench, as you can see in Blackstone’s Commentaries.
    And the banks, as you walk into every bank, they all have a flag trimmed in gold fringe. The bank is what England would call, in Blackstone’s day, the king’s bank. So, we have the king’s bank, and we have the king’s bench. And it’s run according to military rule, according to Berkheimer’s great work Military Rule And Martial Law, published in 1914.
    When Harry Truman did this, there was a consummation of a great plan to put us under the Emergency War Powers Act and, actually, a war rule. “Daylight savings time” is what was called “war time”. This country only went to daylight savings time during World War II, and they called it, at that time, war time. So, nothing’s changed. We’ve never gone back to not turning back our clocks. We’re still on war time. The income tax is a war tax. It was called a victory tax in 1942.
    So, people are paying a war tax, they’re under war time, they’re under an emergency war powers act, and the courts are war courts.

    Martin: Regarding the assassination of President John Kennedy, which could take this entire interview, you say that the assassination was ordered by the Jesuit General, executed by Pope Paul VI, and carried out by the “American Pope”, Francis Cardinal Spellman—who, in turn, used the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, and Mafia Dons, including the FBI and CIA, to carry out the order from Rome. Would you explain why you believe your particular theory on the assassination to be an accurate representation of the facts?
    Phelps: Sure. Alright, number one: The powers that be are properly outlined [in his book], and proven through two centuries of showing how it’s all been put together. Now, as to why, I will be conservative and stick with Fletcher Prouty’s reasons, that he outlined in his JFK and also his other book called The Secret Team.

    The reason why Kennedy was assassinated was he wanted to end the Vietnam War, and he wanted to end the rule of the CIA. That begets two questions: Did Rome want the Vietnam War? And, did Rome control the CIA? The answer is yes on both counts.
    We know, on its face, that the Vietnam War was called “Spelly’s War”—Cardinal Spellman’s war. He went over to the warfront many times and he called the American soldiers the “soldiers of Christ”. The man who was the Commander of the American forces was a Roman Catholic, CFR member, possibly a Knight of Columbus, I don’t know, but he was General William Westmoreland.
    So, Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman’s agent to make sure that war was prosecuted properly. And another overseer of Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman’s boy, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a 33rd-degree Freemason. He was also part of the assassination, with J. Edgar Hoover, another 33rd-degree Freemason.
    And Johnson went to Cardinal Spellman’s death at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the picture can be seen in Cooney’s work The American Pope. So, Johnson was completely at the beck and call of Cardinal Spellman through Cartha DeLoach, the 3rd-in-control of the FBI. According to Curt Gentry, in his Hoover: The Man And The Secrets, DeLoach had a phone at his bedside direct to Johnson, and Johnson could call him anytime. DeLoach was a Knight of Malta, subject to Spellman.
    Spellman wanted the Vietnam War, why? Spellman was controlled by the Jesuits of Fordham. Why did the Jesuit General want the Vietnam War? The people of Vietnam, the Buddhists, were unconvertible. They would not convert to Catholicism. They didn’t need Rome.
    There had been a Jesuit presence in Vietnam for centuries, so it had been decided that about a million or so Buddhists would have to be “purged”. They would later continue this purge of Cambodia, with Pol Pot, and the purge is yet for Thailand. It was a purging of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam of all these Buddhists, just like they purged the Buddhists of China with Mao Zedong, because Mao Zedong was completely controlled by the Jesuits. So, they wanted the Vietnam War.

    The other thing is that Rome is in control of the drug trade. The Vatican controls all of the drug trade—all of the heroin, all of the opium, all of the cocaine, everything going around in Columbia.
    Columbia has a concordat with the Pope. A concordat is a treaty with the Pope. Hitler had a concordat. Mussolini had a concordat. Franco had a concordat. They want to set up a concordat here, which was the reason for Reagan formally recognizing the sovereign state of Vatican City in 1984. The greatest traitor we ever had was Ronald Reagan. So, they had a concordat. Columbia has a concordat. Do you think that drugs running out of Columbia, with a country that has a concordat with Rome, is not controlled by Rome? If Rome didn’t want the drug trade out of Columbia, they’d end the concordat. The whole drug trade is run by high Mafia families out of the country of Columbia, subject to the Jesuit General.
    And the Jesuit General ran the Opium trade, a couple of centuries ago, out of China. They ran the silk trade, the pearl trade. The movie Shogun is but a slight scratching of the surface of the Jesuit “black ships” that trafficked in all of this silk and pearls and gold and opals and everything they could pull out of the East, including opium.
    The Vietnam War was to consolidate and control this huge massive drug-trade that would inundate every American city with drugs, being brought in by the CIA with their Air America, and then distributed by the Trafficante family throughout the United States—Santos Trafficante out of Miami.
    So we have the Mafia and the CIA working together in the drug trade. We have the Mafia and the CIA working together in the assassination of Kennedy.

    The first reason why the Jesuit General [at that time, Jean-Baptist Janssens] wanted Kennedy out of the way was because he was going to end the Vietnam War.
    The second reason is, he wanted to end the reign of the CIA, because the CIA had betrayed him in the person of McGeorge Bundy, by not giving the cover to the Cuban patriots to retake Cuba from that Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained, grease-ball bastard—he was a bastard, his father was a Nazi—Fidel Castro.
    Kennedy was betrayed by the CIA at the Bay of Pigs invasion, which sacrificed all the patriots on the shores of the Bay of Pigs there, so Castro had no real opposition. This was the same tactic, used by the CIA and the KGB at the top, working together with Angleton controlling it, in the Hungarian Revolution, when the CIA fomented that revolution, and then betrayed all of those patriots into the hands of the Soviet army and KGB, which infuriated certain top CIA officials.

    It’s the same tactic: you raise up a revolution and you sacrifice the men who truly want to resist. When that happened, when McGeorge Bundy stopped the air cover of the Bay of Pigs invasion, that ended that resistance to Castro and it enthroned him into power. And, of course, it was meant to be by the Jesuits because they HAD trained him. So now Kennedy looks bad. He’s got egg all over his face. What does he want to do? He signs a Memorandum, according to Fletcher Prouty, and takes all of the power away from the CIA, and gives it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    The CIA was built by the Knights of Malta. One of the founders of the CIA was “Wild” Bill Donovan, an Irish Roman Catholic, who are the most fanatical, and his brother was a Dominican priest, Vincent. So, the CIA was founded by this high Roman Catholic, the first head, to solidify the Catholic or the Vatican control of it.
    I’m not against the Catholic people; I’m against Rome’s hierarchy. The American Catholic people know NOTHING of what’s going on. And if they did, there would be a march on St. Patrick’s tomorrow morning. So, as I’m against the hierarchy, I’m showing that Kennedy was against the Vietnam War, and he was going to do away with the CIA.

    Well, the Jesuits had brought in all of their top Nazi SS soldiers into the CIA because the Jesuits were using the SS to kill the Jews in Europe. When the Einsatzgruppen went into Russia, the Jesuits followed with the SS and purged Western Russia of all its Jews. That’s why Stalin deliberately killed 40,000 of his best officers. That’s why he kicked out his best generals, purged them, because he wanted to make sure that the Red Army would lose with the advance of the German army, because following that would come the SS and purge Russia of the Jews that Stalin so hated. And by the way, justice is often poetic because Stalin’s daughter married a Jew.

    Now, the CIA was composed of the SS. The CIA now was an arm—and the intelligence arm—of the Vatican. The Knights of Malta were throughout. Casey was a Knight of Malta. Angleton was a Knight of Malta. The Knights were through and through. Angleton manned the “Vatican desk”, and that is a desk within the CIA that has a direct link to the Vatican.
    So, Kennedy wanted to end this “intelligence community”. That was the end of him.
    Thus for anyone attempting to end the CIA, and attempting to end the Vietnam War, and also because he attacked the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank by printing United States Notes, they got rid of him. They killed our only Roman Catholic president.
    And it’s another piece of poetic justice that a Roman Catholic—not Protestants, like Harry Truman, FDR, and others—it’s a Roman Catholic who truly sought to resist the temporal power of the Pope in this country. And in many ways, even though Kennedy was, in fact, a socialist and communist, at least he resisted the temporal power of the Pope. And for that we should be thankful and remember his name.

    But what have they done to his name? They’ve slammed it. They drag it into the dirt. Every time you see it on TV, they parade before you his womanizing, which I don’t deny, but my goodness, can’t we give him some credit where credit is due? That’s why they got rid of John F. Kennedy.

    And then, of course, as soon as he’s assassinated, John McCone, the head of the CIA, the following day goes to the White House and they reverse Kennedy’s Memorandum of reversing the Vietnam War and make a full-scale, carte blache war.
    The CIA then is tremendously and heavily funded, because it was a CIA war. And there they tried all of their new technology, their anti-gravity machines, their men who they’re trying to make like the “million-dollar man”. They tried out all their new technology in Vietnam. It was a great experimental theater, and Kennedy knew this. He knew it, and he knew that the American people had no idea what was going down, and he still tried to resist it, against his father’s warnings. Because his father was the most powerful Knight of Malta in the Empire.

    Martin: Any theories on why they took out junior?
    Phelps: Yes. According to Tom Kuncle, in his publication, John F. Kennedy, Jr. wanted to find his father’s real killers, and he had the power to publish the conclusion. So, they took him out right away. They would not allow that to happen.

    Martin: Why haven’t you been taken out?
    Phelps: Because I am immortal—until the Lord is done with me. I am a Calvinist and a Baptist, and we believe in the sovereignty of God. And as long as we are operating in His Will, they cannot touch us, regardless of their power.

    Martin: Which is why we’re having this conversation.
    Phelps: Which is why we’re having the conversation. Don’t think for one moment they’re not tapping this phone. They know this. The issue is here. We’re talking about a providential, sovereign God who wishes to move, using second causes, men, just as the Devil does.
    The Devil always uses second causes, men. So, it’s one group of men vs. another group of men, and one path leads to evil, and the true, almighty God leads to goodness.

    The problem is, with us, there are very few men who want to believe God anymore. Nobody believes He can deliver anymore. It’s just a handful of us who say: “Well, we’re going to do His Will; we’re going to trust Him in His Power.”

    And like the Hebrews getting ready to be thrown into the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, our God is able to deliver us. We’re going to tell the truth!

    Martin: Let’s see here. I can throw away a lot of these questions. So much of it seems, in a way, irrelevant to our current times because there’s so much going on now. But, good grief! I was just stunned to read in your book of all the historical things that have happened as a result of these evil people. You dedicated the book to four Roman Catholics who, I’m sure, no one has ever heard of: Charles Chiniquy, Jeremiah Crowley, Emmett McLaughlin, and Alberto Rivera. Why them?

    Phelps: Because those Roman Catholic men were priests; they left the priesthood and told the truth about what was really happening. And all four of them, except one, I think Emmett McLaughlin, paid with their life. Chiniquy was the great exposer of the Jesuit assassination of President Lincoln, when he wrote his masterpiece Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome in 1886. He proves that Lincoln was assassinated by the Jesuits, and that it was covered-up by our government at the time.

    Jeremiah Crowley: that priest was a great Irishman who came here and, seeing the corruption of the Archdiocese in Chicago, that it was so corrupt, he left it and exposed it. And, of course, he later came to Christ and became a Bible-believer, which they would call a Protestant. Protestants today don’t believe the Bible. Protestantism of today is an empty shell, it’s nothing. But, back then, in 1912, they believed the Bible.

    Crowley, then, exposed many things, and one of the things he exposed, that helped me with this, was that he warned that the Jesuits, with their Knights of Columbus—which, he says, the Knights of Columbus, named after Columbus, who he tells us was a Spanish Jew and a pirate and a deflowerer of young girls—that Columbus was no Christian.

    He has a tremendous section in his book on Columbus. That the purpose of the Knights of Columbus was to fulfill Jesuitical politics, and part of those politics was to restore the temporal power of the Pope because, you remember, the Pope had lost that in 1870 and they wanted to get it back. And they got it back with Mussolini in 1929.

    Well, in the book that Crowley wrote in 1912, he says that Taft and Teddy Roosevelt were all cow-towing to the Pope and the Cardinals of New York. And he said they’re going to use our military to restore the Pope’s temporal power around the world.

    And THAT was absolutely correct. That is American foreign policy. And the Council of Trent is the American foreign policy of today. That’s what’s going on in Serbia and Bosnia. It’s the Council of Trent—the Jesuits using the American Air Force to bomb those orthodox people to smithereens. But, that was Crowley’s great contribution.

    Next, Emmett McLaughlin wrote several books. He wrote The People’s Padre; he wrote Crime And Immorality In The Catholic Church, showing that Catholic nations are more lawless and more criminal than Protestant nations, and he proved it with statistics from the jails.

    Emmett McLaughlin also wrote another book called The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, where he, again, shows that Lincoln was assassinated by the Jesuits. So, Emmett McLaughlin came out of the Catholic Church. To my knowledge, he never was born again. He never was saved, but he did tell the truth. He married a nun, and lived a virtuous and honorable life after he left.
    The last one was, of course, Alberto Rivera, who was greatly hated by the Vatican because he was a very high Jesuit who came out and, in the late ’60s, about 1969, exposed the power of Rome in the ecumenical movement, that Rome controlled Kathryn Kuhlman; that Rome controlled Billy Graham; that Rome controlled, virtually, our government—Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan, when he took the Oath of Office, faced the obelisk, indicating that this country will ultimately have a concordat. So, Alberto Rivera converted to Christ, wonderfully, and he started a ministry called The Anti-Christ Information Center, out of Los Angeles.

    They tried to kill him five times. A dentist jammed a needle up between his teeth, trying to give him an infection in the brain. When he passed out, about a year or so later, they couldn’t figure it out. Everybody was praying for him. And this was discovered when he went to another dentist. He had it removed.

    He was pushed in front of a subway train. They tried five times to kill the man, and finally he died, I believe, of cancer, in a hospital, about three years ago. But these four wonderful, great, Catholic priests did their best to expose the power of Rome and its attempts to destroy our sovereign, Protestant, Bible-believing nation. And so, to them, I dedicate it.

  28. Tomasi is a conman, a cut and paste artists from Wikipedia….

    He was brought in to save ro kepa’s ass as a media adviser, trying to spread lies to gain votes for SODELPA.

    All that failed and the Fijians with 3 universities are getting more smarter than the likes of Tomasi and his conspiracy theories.

    In a global world the Fijians now realise that there is no room for racism, no use of being landowners unless you learn to toil hard and earn your money.

    There is no theory for HARD WORK to earn a living.

  29. Friends, I do not wish to engage in idle talk because it serves no useful purpose. But please allow me to say in defence of the false accusations levelled against me. There is something very perculiar about truth. It is this. You must have a pure heart, an open mind and a willingness to admit you were either wrong or ignorant. In other words, you must be humble. Unless you have these attributes, truth will stare you in the face, yet you will not perceive it. As someone has put it so well, ” the truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it stands.”

    Secondly, the truth is always liberating to embrace but often difficult to accept when it does not serve our vested interests. We are basically selfish in nature and the need for self preservation or survival drives much of what we do and who we are. Unless our human nature is liberated, we will tend to remain in that selfish mode. But once we are liberated, your world view changes. It changes everything you see. Selfishness diminishes and others become just as important as you. That change must begin from within. But the comforting truth is that when we embrace the truth, it sets us really free. That freedom allows you to rise above the ordinary and to excel. That my friends is what many of us miss out on by suppressing or rejecting the truth. Come with us to new dimensions and explore the limitless world of knowledge and reality in all its many dimensions and frontiers.

    Finally, I do not belong to any party, but I do stand for the eternal values and principles of ethics as espoused by Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. I make no apologies for that. I believe it is what God desires for all of us His creations. While other religious books have very profound truths and teachings, I find the Bible to be the inspired word of the God of the universe. I love all people and respect their rights to pursue their dreams and aspirations for a meaningful and fulfilling life here and the here-after. In 1987 I was protesting with others and stood up for the injustice of the military coup. I am still doing that today. I am not a racist neither a fence sitter.

    As for the article I pasted, any smart person could see it was not me who was writing. It was a record of an interview between a journalist Rick Martin and the author of the book The Vatican Assassins, Eric John Phelps. It is not from Wikipedia. It is from the SPECTRUM Magazine. All this information is there in the article. Let us please choose to stop attacking each other and analyse and address issues. That would be plainly useful.

    As for those scoffers who laugh at the truth that we are living in the last days, I ask you to stop being dumb and numb. Pause and explore that seriously before you jump to conclusions. We are living in the final days, whether people like it or not. Study the Bible, it is the most profound book ever written. It is the most accurate of human history and it also predicts our end.. The Fiji Sun or the Fiji Times are not going to give you that kind of information. neither will Bllywood, Hliwood or Fijiwood. Please expand your horizons and take time to seek more substantive knowledge and wisdom. Sa rui levu na lialia ,sesewa, dogadoga, doce kei na yalowai vei keda. Enough of the kindergarten ba ba black sheep stuff. You sceptics are humbly advised. Remember, God gave Noah the rainbow sign. It means no more floods but the fire next time. Where will you spend your eternity? I leave that question with you. I can answer that, but how about you Danielle Yaya our queen from Rewa and Ha Ha Ha from the street. Vinaka..

  30. Well said Tomasi. As for the “last days”, the “last days” are already here for us mortals. If we will live to be 70 or 80 or even 100, our “last days” will be when we’re 70 or 80 or even 100. Those who have passed on have already had their “last days”. Thus our time in this mortality is “a time to prepare to meet God”.

  31. Vinaka Tualeita. That is another way of putting it. One can also truthfully say that because we do not know the number of our days, each day we have must be treasured. It may be our last day. Some have passed on unprepared because they wrongly assumed that there was coming a tomorrow. How wise it is for us mortals to know the number of our days and to live wisely based on the assumption that our today may be our very last. But the reality is, after death, what then? What lies on the other side of the grave? Even if people reject the truth of a life after death, logic and wisdom dictates that it better to prepare to meet our Maker than to die and discover that He has always been there after all. Vinaka.

  32. omg tom, your dire tripe belongs somewhere else please please spare us with your conspiracies and christian preachings…

  33. On Oct 15 – Tomasi Commented on : fijis class of 2014 winners or losers – “@Anon 11.18 pm. Yes, you are right. I did not vote because I did not want to be part of the scandalous election and its ultimate objective. We knew the whole process was engineered to bring Voreqe to Parliament and so on. We were trying to urge people to boycott the election, set up a caretaker Government and establish a democratic process. Only then could we have an election outcome that truly reflects the will of the people. Also that no matter the election or Parliament, Voreqe will still be the same arrogant and corrupt person in a PM’s suit. So that is a lot of time, energy and scarce resources just wasted. The only people who will gain most from tis is Voreqe and his team. Legitimacy, international endorsement, and the formal endorsement of their self imposed Constitution. I opted to have nothing to do with that….”

    On Oct 14 – Anonymous Commented on : fijis class of 2014 winners or losers – “@ TomasiThanks but your response that “some are still free from the lying deceitful virus” is rather strange and also indicates you’re out of touch with Fijians in Fiji. Where are you? I take it that you did not vote in this last election? …”

  34. And the idiot Tomasi rants on about the way things are and the leader of the country but shows his idiocy by not even voting to help change things to the way he wants.

    What a total prat !!!!!!!!

  35. Anon 2.47, you must have read my comments but unfortunately they did not register well in your brain. Are you still wondering why I did not vote? Let me make it very clear to you.

    Voreqe is a criminal as a result of breaking the laws of the land. He has to answer for his mismanagement of the Regimental funds and budget of the Military. He committed treason in 2006 in order to avoid the interrogation, court hearing and its due judgement. he has been lying through his teeth ever since and deceiving more and more people just like you.

    Throughout the last seven years, he has continued to speak and do things that no other legitimate leader has ever done. He has committed serious crimes including assault, torture and murder. He has stolen from our national treasury, robbed our FNPF, invaded Fijian Holdings, suspended the GCC, interfered with the NLTB, made new laws and decrees about land and other sensitive matters that he has no legal mandate to do. He is a mental case, emotionally unstable, morally confused and without decent manners.

    They stage managed the whole election process in the midst of total ban on media freedom and a program of mind control. He has corrupted the military, paralysed the Police and disgraced the whole nation. He deserves to be in court or in prison. But I think his immediate and urgent need is to obtain counselling in a mental hospital. Having observed the whole series of events, some of us saw him winning the election many months before it happened. We tried to warn people about the scam. But we could not stop them from exercising your rights.

    Now the dictator is in power but he is still the same dictator we said he would. Since he became the legally elected PM, Voreqe has sworn at Mr Bilitaki and had him assaulted and hospitalised, slapped a photographer in the face, abused the Church and the Opposition, sneaked in a decree to protect his salaries and told everybody he will take Fiji to a better place. Imagine that and remember, we are just beginning your new democracy. Yes, you were very wrong. Can you open your eyes now??

    Voreqe is not a leader but a thug, a deceiver and a criminal posing as the PM. He should not have stood for election in the first place. He has set a new lowest international benchmark for Fiji. having a thief, torturer and murderer. and a mentally unstable person as the country’s PM. I refuse to be a part of that. That is why I did not vote. That is also why I will continue to try and help good citizens like you to see the light and stop believing in Voreqe and Khaiyum/s lies. Vinaka.

  36. Okay you can say what ever you want to say for the next 4 years but bear in mind those assumptions will remain here on these Fiji today Blog as PM VOREQE BAINIMARAMA plots the way forward for everybody else including you because you could be heard again come next election in 4 years time moce Jo sa gole o

  37. @Man from the Noth. Thank you for your opinions. Have you talked to Voreqe lately? Maybe you should because I am sure that as Parliament continues to sit and the members speak, Voreqe and the whole world will for the first time see and hear for themselves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In particular, Voreqe will realise that he has been duped and deceived by the prodigal counsel of those that sought to use him and the military for their own selfish interests. He will realise that there is a proper and better way of making decisions of national interest. He will realise that many of the lies he has been talking about have been coming from his own side. And when he takes the time to reflect on all the information that will be presented to him in Parliament and from other sources, Voreqe will have a moment of truth and a new light will dawn on him. I also hope that he will find the moral courage to admit how wrong he has been and to seek our forgiveness. I assure you that over the next few months, things will unravel and the sand castle Khaiyum and his secret cabal have been building will crumble. Please take the time to listen to the Parliamentary proceedings. Listen to Hon Bill Gavoka and Hon Niko Nawaikula. The truth is coming out everyday. They are also reading these blogs and the whole urban communities are connected through these social networking vehicles. When you do listen and think about what you are hearing, you will realise what I have been talking about. As our American friends sometimes say, You ain’t seen nothin yet. Vinaka.

  38. But Tomasi forgot that God did not register to vote so was unheard.

    In the same way as was Tomasi who was too lazy to vote so was not heard either, but continues to whine and repeat himself like a stuck record.

  39. @Ratu & Anon. I am still here, busy studying the Auditor General’s Report. Try doing the same, it’s available on the AG website. A fortnight ago, I had told you that the truth will unravel as time goes on. It is happening as we speak. More will be revealed. That is the whole perculiar thing about the truth. No matter how deep the hole you dig to bury the truth, it always digs its way out. No matter how much confusion and cloud and noise to distract and hide the truth, time will pass and the truth will emerge as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow.

    I tell you what Ratu. Please think about the following:

    1. The Auditor General’s rport speaks about how the Government has managed our taxpayer funds. The buch stops with the dictator, not only because he is the top dog. he was also the Finance Minister.

    2. It shows that Voreqe has been pretending to be the PM and the Minister of Finance for the last seven years. He knows nothing about proper leadership, and absolutely nothing about accountability and transparency.

    3. Look at his own military spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars in one year alone. But that has been happening during his time as Commander. But as dictator, it only got worse. But he thought he won’t be found. Now the whole world will know how selfish and incompetent he is.

    I will not tell you more so that you can do the research for yourself. Once you have studied the Report, then please share your wisdom with us. Maybe, we have not seen the wonderful things you and your people might see. Let’s do that and also wait for Prof Biman and his Committee to do their work.The truth will always be revealed Ratu. Let us wait and see.

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