Police investigate unlawful processes in Bilitaki case

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Update: 8:56PM FOLLOWING an internal investigation into the detention of retired teacher Joseva Bilitaki, Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald has issued a statement saying it appears that certain processes were not carried out according to the law.

He cited as examples the seizure of Mr Bilitakis mobile phone and his arrest and detention.

Mr Groenewald said their director Internal Affairs is dealing with the departmental procedures against the officers involved.

“I can also confirm that an investigation has commenced after the receipt of a formal complaint from Mr Bilitaki of his alleged assault by the arresting team,” he said.

Police are continuing their investigations.

3 thoughts on “

  1. I hope that the investigations are FAIR and FULL. Bainimarama must must be questioned as to what his part was in the detention of and the illegal and inhumane assault on Mr. Bilitaki.

  2. Bainimarama has supported the use of violence against the civilians by members of his security force that he does not have the moral courage to correct it anymore despite the fact he is an elected pm under his own constitution. What a shame!

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