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Opposition Leader ready

Opposition Leader ready

17:28 Yesterday

by: Ritika Pratap

Newly elected Opposition Leader – Ro Teimumu Kepa says she is ready for the challenging role.

Ro Teimumu’s appointment is amongst the three new positions that have been filled in Parliament today. Ro Teimumu, who was the Education Minister in the former SDL government, says she is ready for her new role. “Well with the leader of the opposition it is a very important role because it is serving a purpose there in parliament and we have to look at the workings of the government in particular in terms of good governance, transparency, accountability and those are some of the areas we need to look at in terms of the performance of the government.” The Social Democratic Liberal Party and the National Federation Party members make up the opposition in the parliament and Ro Teimumu Kepa says they are looking forward to working together in the next four years

. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/23500/opposition-leader-ready#sthash.x7zy24zb.dpuf

14 thoughts on “Opposition Leader ready

  1. Let’s just hope that she fully understands she is working for the people of Fiji.

    She is now a servant of all taxpayers, answerable to all of them and paid by all of them and will be monitored like a hawk to ensure their money gets value.

  2. I would respectfully ask Ro Teimumu to consider the following as a possible list of steps and actions to enable them to represent the people and counter the overwhelming majority of the Government in power.

    1. Organise your opposition members and create a Shadow Cabinet. Appoint people to portfolios and ensure they are properly resourced to fulfil their roles efficiently and effectively.
    2. Connect with people and organisations who are willing and able to provide technical and financial support.
    3. Identify key issues and formulate policies and strategies that will help our people, industries, sectors and regions.
    4. Utilise the 4th estate (Press, media, etc. ) to create and project an image of excellence, professionalism, compassion and vision for all people and communities and the world.
    5. Regular and systematic interactions with the public, workers, businesses, NGOs, international organisations and Governments.
    6. Prioritise issues of concern to the people and hold the Government accountable by bringing the following issues to Parliament:
    a. Auditor General’s Report
    b. Torture and murder cases under Voreqe’s dictatorship
    c. Election irregularities and inquiry
    d. Rewa Dairy, Fiji Mahogany, FNPF, Fiji Airways, Fijian Holdings, China Railway, Casino, Compromised Judiciary, Police and Military Roles, Land Bank, GCC, etc
    e. Workers rights and freedoms, press freedom and human rights. Immediate return to normalcy under international conventions and benchmarks.

    The Government will be smart, cunning and forceful as usual. Your opposition must be well organised, more focussed, smartly and effectively presented and genuine. The people of Fiji expects you to protect or rights and we thank you and are praying for a better Fiji for all. Vinaka.

  3. Ro T Kepa must now understand that she is no longer a high chief of burebasaga but a servant of all the people of Fiji.

    Yes a servant of all taxpayers in Fiji.

    She has to drop all her racists diatribe, her maniac behavior, and focus on the job.

    Her debate with Voreqe made her a real fool, if that is anything to go by.

    She must stop living in her racists past and move on with vigor other wise she should just retire and go and serve her vanua.

    But a taste of power will always bring such personality into foe.

  4. Opposition Leader and SODELPA Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa believes it is now the responsibility of all the 50 parliamentarians to look at the concerns, dreams and aspirations of their voters.

    Ro Teimumu said parliamentarians have been reminded of their responsibilities and the voters’ representatives must adhere to this..

    When asked about why she did not attend the Budget Forum organized by the Finance Ministry last Saturday as she was invited, Ro Teimumu said she had accepted another invitation on that day.

    When asked whether she had given in her budget submission to the government, she said that it is easier for them to get the attention of the government now.

    The first statement she made as a leader she fuked it up again. It’s not the time to look at the concerns of their voters but to look at the concerns of all the fijians. No racists us and them garbage.

    Ro Temumu Kepa has a bankrupt racist mind. How can she contribute to the government budget forum when this woman has nothing new to offer to the people of Fiji.

    She will make a mockery of all former opposition leaders like SM KOYA/Reddy/ m p chor.

  5. On the Budget Forum, the following must be noted:

    1. The invitation was given at a short notice for such a very important subject. You don’t just suddenly decide to have a budget meeting and expect people to attend and have a productive meeting. You must be thoroughly prepared for such a vital agenda. Normally, a notice of 10 – 15 days would be the minimum period needed for outsiders. The fact that the invitation was given at a very short notice speaks more about Khaiyum’s intentions and modus operandi than on his invitees.
    2. As a matter of courtesy, Khaiyum and the Government must respect Ro Teimumu as the Leader of the Opposition and a duly elected leader of the people whose interests she and her members represent. As such, she must be given proper and due notice on matters such as this which deals with the vital business of the republic. That means Khaiyum must learn to act within normal Parliamentary procedures and protocols. It is not a military dictatorship anymore. Khaiyum, through Voreqe, must consult with Ro Teimumu on such matters. Ro Teimumu and her opposition members are not ordinary citizens but Members of Parliament duly appointed to discuss State affiairs including its resourcing (Budget) agenda.
    3. As the Governing party, the FFP and Khaiyum must be reminded that there are protocols that work to ensure that matters of the State are properly dealt with and intended good results obtained. Khaiyum and Voreqe will do well to immerse themselves in these protocols and basic good manners. According mutual respect and courtesy to others would be an excellent start for the two amateurs at Fiji’s helm. Rather than lecturing people about what they should do in Parliament, FFP must make it their priority to understand and follow Parliamentary procedures and the attitudes that undergird these.
    4. The Budget Forum was an invitation. As such, it was the prerogative of Ro Temumu to decide whether or not to attend. She had already had a prior engagement and she had made a commitment to it. The invitation came later and at a very short notice at that. She did well to honour her commitment already made. As for the Budget invitation, she could learn more about later and her attendance was not critical. She can make that critical contribution during the Budget debates or at other sessions after she and her colleagues have given the matter the due consideration it deserves.
    5. Khaiyum and Voreqe must now realise that we are now in a democracy. The past policies and practices of a dictatorship must now give way to those that are based on genuine consultations, free exchange of ideas and the desire to discover the best solutions to Fiji’s many challenges. Some of those solutions may indeed be found on the opposite side of the Parliamentary Chamber. Some will be found from sources outside of the Parliament. As the legal Government of the day, FFP must now learn to listen, observe and accept ideas that are different to ones they hold. This is one of their greatest challenges. If they can do this, then we have a hope of a democratic Government that truly serves all the people and communities of Fiji. Vinaka

  6. Can someone explain. Why MUST the oppostion attend the budget forum, if they dont wish to? It is afterall , public grandxtanding and for public consumption. With its huge majority, FFP will do what it wants.

  7. milamila than what will be the use of being in opposition when they will not be herd on anything, they have showed that they dont want to serve the people by not willing to contrbute in the Budget forum they should flushed in the toilet for that matter

  8. @ Milamila

    Have you heard of theses words being spoken before…………..

    “Speak now or forever hold your peace”.

    that’s one of the answers to your question.

  9. They are opposition inthe parliament and outside. They are not dancing girls to add glitter to MOF public brouhaha. They will attend and speak where and when they wish. This excercise in PR by the govt. And its attempt at point scoring at the cost of opposition shows a certain smallness of character on the govt side. Je one for you–you may have heard the one about opening ones mouth and removing all doubt!

  10. Obvoiusly Milamila you do not care how your tax money is spent.

    Remember who pays the wages of these politicians, they are not there for a free ride but as servants to the people and we expect some COMMITMENT

    Time for their mourning has come to an end, they need to get over their embarrassment of being the underdogs and put some effort in to helping Fiji move forward, in the best way possible.

  11. Well said Tomasi.

    We can already see what is happening of this regime’s style of bulldozing its will on the people! With such an important matter, a budget forum should be staged with utmost openness and free participation of the attendees who have been given enough time to present appropriate submission after mulling over the issues that concern them. It doesnt take rocket science to work out the scheme thatthe regime is deploying here! If budget forums were to serve a meaningful purpose, it should be a process where stakeholders are given opportunity to air their views and provide submissions after having being provided enough time to consider pertinent issues that concern their constituents. An Opposition leader cannot be expected to deliver on this if snap shot budget forums are organised in such a way. This episode is clearly a case of the regime running ahead of everybody else and stage-managing forums to not genuinely seek submissions but present their concocted financial agenda to the people which of course has hidden financial amnd social implications on them! This may be just a sneak preview of what the Baikhai parliament will be like – a series of debate, presentations and submissions that merely serves nothing else than the purpose of rubber stamping what has already been concocted by the regime. Where do the peoples real interest lie in all this? With the just the first month in running the Baikhai government is already exhibiting signs of no change! As you say – the modus operandi is still the same – the dictatorial style of policy formulation and governing continues and this may just be the biggest challenge for the opposition parties. Opposition parties and particularly the opposition leader in all respect should be stern and resist attempts by the regime to use them as rubber stamps. If that means not showing up in highly stage-managed forums as this, so be it! Its one thing serving as Opposition Leader for the country’s interest and another serving as Opposition leader for Baikhai’s interest. This must be clearly distinguished because the numbers are stacked in Baikhai’s favour and they are already showing signs of forcing the opposition to their agenda. Just an indication to everyone that free, open and participatory democracy is a long way to go yet and the immediate challenge for Fiji in the next four years may all be about restoring some semblance of proper parliamentary demcoracy. The election has just provided a window to that end and Fiji is not out of the woods yet given Baikhai’s mannerism!

  12. Anon.9.37
    you miss the point. I voted FFP. Tho opposition does not need to do what the govt.wants. their only COmmittment is to keep the govt honest. Look at who attede this seminar—its very revealing. The same hangerson thT were there for last 8 years; as was the case with Qarase govt. Its really was a WASTE of money, since you seem to be worried about tax payers moneys. And thousands of productive hours lost!

  13. @Milamila. You are right in saying it was a grand waste of time. But for them, it was typical political grandstanding and image projection of the QORVIS kind. Let’s pause and break it apart:

    1. Urgency and Timeliness : WOW! (Never mind the short notice), the new Finance Minister, Khaiyum Siyad Aiyaz is a very efficient man who means business, very efficient and knows exactly what to do.
    2. Consultation (Never mind the hidden motives) Khaiyum and the his government are serious about ascertaining the needs and priorities for the nation. Genuine desire to listen, and formulate policies that people oriented, budget sensitive and challenge responsive.
    3. Willingness and Ability to Lead (Even though its the same crowd/hangers on) Opposition MPs, private sector, NGOs, can trust this government to lead us in smart decision making, policy formulation and excellent follow through in execution.
    4. The Venue GPH ( Most modern and Best Hotel in Suva?) This Government is the best Government ever, the best PM ever, the best Finance Minister ever, this country is blessed to be moving forward to the best future ever??

    The above are jus a sample of the subliminal messages and false images being projected. Again, well done QORVIS. Your fees shall be raised, You have done well. Never mind having the Information PS and the PM’s office.

    What about the real benefit to the nation of the grand event?? What were the outcomes of the meeting? What new and exciting results were obtained? What were the objectives of the Budget Forum? Were those objectives met? How reliable and valid were the objectives? How much did the political grand standing event cost to poor Fiji? Was the cost worth the benefit? According to whom?

    Now, let us just make a few more observations before we have a cup of milo, shall we?

    1. One of the most wanted MUST DO items on the list for us is for the same Finance Minister to reveal to the nation the secret of seven years, THE AUDITOR GENERAL’S REPORTS 2007 – 2013.
    2. Voreqe has conveniently moved out of the hot seat because he knows nothing at all about Finance. he was merely a puppet, dancing to the sweet tunes of the real artists behind him.
    3. No one else can answer the questions well during the disclosure and discussion of the AG Reports but Hon Khaiyum. It was him who was relaying the instructions and the public speeches to Voreqe. It was Khaiyum’s aunty who paid the Ministers and organised the transactions.
    4. The new Finance Minister must project an image of smart professionalism, serious commitment to the nation, have an excellent rapport with all stakeholders and one who really cares about the people and the nation.
    5. For the AG’s Report to be believed, all the people need to do is believe the messenger, never mind the Report and its finer details. All the people will care about and remember is how the Hon Minister of Finance presented the Report to Parliament, how it was discussed, and accepted by Parliament. Never mind the substance Fiji, just focus on the form. Ignore the story Fiji, just believe the story teller. If the form is smart, beautiful and appealing to the ordinary senses, the substance does not really matter.

    Milo Time Dels !. Vinaka

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