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Now Natuva will have to explain to parliament

October 7, 2014

Commissioner Groenewald has laid his report on the beating of Joseva Bilitaki on the desk of the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Timoci Lesi Natuva. Now Natuva will have to answer to parliament to explain if military personnel detained a private citizen and whether the police investigated a report of an assault on that citizen by military personnel. This is what democracy is all about.

Fijilive October 06, 2014 Bilitaki’s case submitted to Minister

16 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Where’s Mickey Mouse Beddoes? Haven’t heard from him for quite sometime!

    Must be shitting his pants after the big defeat!


  2. While we may be glad that ComPol has submitted the report to Natuva, the question is: Why can he not submit it directly to the DPP for the normal process of law enforcement to take place? Let the DPP decide whether or not there is a case to answer. Now supposing that the police had indeed taken it to the DPP, why can’t the DPP’s office exercise its mandate under the law and tell us whether or not the military personel (taskteam) had broken the law and are going to be prosecuted.

    It appears to me that the following possibilities exist:

    1. The ComPol had been directed not to act in accordance with normal police procedures. That directs him to investigate the matter and submit the case to the office of the DPP if it warrants further action.
    2. As a matter of policy involving the Police and the Military, the Police Commissioner is within his rights to consult the Minister on any possible conflict between the Police and the Military.
    3. The Minister of Defense does not decide whether or not a crime has been committed and what action should be taken. That is the proper role of the Police and the DPP’s office and the Court.
    4. As is, the case of Master Bilitaki’s assault by military personnel has been treated as a political or national security matter, which it is clearly not the case here. Irrespective of whether the PM or the President is involved, the facts of the case does not make is a national security or a political matter.
    5. Voreqe’s life was not threatened in any way. If it was indeed the case, then it would have been a different matter altogether. But it seems that they are treating this case as one of national security and not a criminal assault by military dogs who acted illegally, immorally, and out of their normal jurisdiction.
    6. Please note that even when discussing the case with journalists, Ben our Chief Police Dog had already stated there was no truth in the allegation of assault and the former school teacher was in hospital because of high blood pressure. He also stated that a few military officers were involved and he found this unacceptable and not illegal. He already sounds like a politician to me and not a policeman. He must concern himself first and foremost with the legality and matters of the law rather than political or policy issues of this case.
    7. It is also quite significant that no police report was taken from Bilitaki during the first few days of the illegal arrest and alleged assault. The actions and inactions of the Police in this case speaks volumes about irregularities and suspicious motives that characterize Voreqe’s administration.

    The whole story is a serious case of blunder and abuse of power by people at the very highest levels in Government. It also looks like passing the buck and confusing the public with “somebody has done it but nobody is responsible because everybody knows anybody should have done something about it”.

    Obviously, attempts are being made to brush this whole incident under the carpet. This is very convenient for Voreqe who has just returned from lying so blatantly to the UN and making a fool of himself and a greater embarrasment of Fiji. This is absolutely unacceptable Commissioner. Please do not think that we are still stupid. We will not let you fool us.

    I urge Ro Teimumu to make this matter and other pending torture and criminal assault cases a priority for parliamentary discussion. We the people have been treated like fools and slaves for too long and we will not be fooled or enslaved anymore. We demand answers and actions. Not excuses and explanations about who did what to whom and why and where and how. We are tired of hearing this kind of lies and mumo-jumbo from people we have paid to serve us and protect us. Let us know there is a proper Parliament and not just a monkey circus in the city. We the people of Fiji need answers and justice must be seen to be done.

  3. “” Where’s Mickey Mouse Beddoes? Haven’t heard from him for quite sometime! “”

    Sitting in the classroom still writing his lines;

    ‘ I must learn that to win a race it can only be done by showing what I have and not by sitting on my ass getting fatter, bitching like a schoolgirl and hoping to put others off the favourite ‘

    ‘ I must learn that to win a race it can only be done by showing what I have and not by sitting on my ass getting fatter, bitching like a schoolgirl and hoping to put others off the favourite ‘

    ‘ I must learn that to win a race it can only be done by showing what I have and not by sitting on my ass getting fatter, bitching like a schoolgirl and hoping to put others off the favourite ‘

    ‘ I must learn that to win a race it can only be done by showing what I have and not by sitting on my ass getting fatter, bitching like a schoolgirl and hoping to put others off the favourite ‘

  4. Tomasi he is in big shame after that complain about the elections hahahaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah lols hahahaaa kaila

  5. Natuva does not have to explain anything. Beating opponents is part of the unique Fijian style of democracy which includes innovative forms of education. Corporal punishment has a long tradition in Fiji and has proven to be quite effective. Expect more to come folks and better learn quickly.

  6. Tomasi – I agree with your sentiments. Its ironical that Fiji now has a sitting parliament while all the other necessary institutions that run with it are still in the old modus operandi! We are now seeing what it really takes to return to proper democracy and there is still along wayto go yet. While the controversial election may have been trumpeted, the Baikhai govt will still have to prove itslelf as a democratic entity because what we are seeing is the same-old dictatorship mode. The only difference is that they have now been give mandate by the people to do so! And this is why the bargain that Fiji got from the election is the worst it could have hoped for. As an overseas government stated recently about Fiji’s election – “its one thing having an election and another thing living out democracy in practice.” The challenge is for Baikhai to resist the temptation of controlling the police, the judiciary, the auditor general, the media, the military, the civil service, the chiefs, the church, the NGOs, the private sector entities etc. This bugs the Baikhai government and we can read from the manouvering that was going on about the allocation of ministerial portforlios that all is abit challenging! Yes Baikhai will want to keep it as closed and as unfree as possible because it helps to maintain their control of things and this unfortunately comes at cost to citizens! Furthermore if we are to look at the development on the parliamentary democracy front, there is really little to expect by way of real change! The crafting out of a country’s parliamentary standing orders by an attorney general who appointed himself to the post and who by virtue of associating with an unlawful takeover of an elected government, manufactured decrees to rule and suppress a nation and decreed an election in order to continue ruling is what Fiji is really dealing with here! In all respect it is not the best environment for change, let alone willingness to change and this is on top of the self-imposed constitution that gives Baikhai immunity from treason and theft of state resources. The whole development thus far shows tendency on the part of the regime to try and control parliament too – now that they have the numbers to go by – and this shows a pattern in the wrong direction. Rather than Baikhai giving up the control for citizens to dictate their democracy, Baikhai govt is actually working harder to consolidate its control and dominance over the people and Fiji will remain in the woods for a very long while!

  7. @ Dels. What strides? Are you referring to the public ceremonies and rituals and public window dressing? Is that what you call strides, or are referring to the roads, classrooms and toilets, free bus fares, free this and free that which many measure this administration by? How stupid or foolish can people get. To believe in the lies and be blind to the deceit and evil schemes of a few evil men and women. No one really knows the whole truth about where the hundreds of millions of dollars went. All we know is what they have told us, and we all know they lie 90% of the time to hide their previous lies and crimes.

    We the people of Fiji will have to judge that for ourselves when significant steps are taken on things that really matter. The first step would be the tabling and discussion of the Auditor General’s Report. Khaiyum did well to keep this a secret from the people during the last 7 years and especially before the election. You see, those reports will hopefully give us a more reliable and accurate picture of what has actually happened under their dictatorship as far public resource management is concerned. These reports may have been tampered with, but we will soon know how Voreqe has performed as Minister of Finance and chief and sole steward over the nations public funds and resources during his illegal reign. So may I suggest we wait until that happens, and then decide what strides we have made as a nation. Before Voreqe and Khaiyum can march on into the sunset, they must first produce those reports. That will be a moment of truth event for Fiji, for Voreqe’s sychophants and the rest of the population.

  8. @ Dels

    Yes Fiji First has taken strides on sand foundation and you can pat yourself on theback for that. But what that brings to the country in the long term is very shady! We all know where the Baikhai government began from and no amount of strides will take that history away. The wise who are conscious of what the Baikhai journey is doing to their dignity are not keen on putting their lives on something that was unjust and unrighteous from the beginning! This is the simple reality you will have to put up with. There are many people in Fiji who question the justice and righteousness in Baikhai’s power given all that has happened over the past 7 years including the controversial election and that is why the Baikhai journey is similar to building sand castles. You should have been wiser to know that strides made from grabbing power and stealing state resources are strides to nowhere! For Fiji’s case it is even more sad when strides are made on a foundation of sand and sand castles dont last. Call it crying over spilt milk or whatever you may, we are really presenting a factual experience that many Fiji people are emotionally wrestling with as the Baikhai government showers them with handouts to maintain their loyalty. We see from it the permeation of Stockholm syndrome and what will follow down the line is the end of the honeymoon when sandcastles will be washed away! I can only imagine how your grandchildren will be swearing and cursing you for the strides you were taking with Baikhai and not thinking about them. I leave that thought with you in your stride!

  9. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are wishing and hoping that all the criticisms, allegations and accusations will go away, but their wishes, hopes and even prayers are in vain. Even in this “democracy” as was in the past seven and a half years before the elections, people will still question the abuses and inhumanity perpetrated upon the powerless people. Some very important things will still not change. Families like like the Rabakas and the Verebasagas have still not been provided with clear and truthful answers which only Bainimarama and his henchmen soldiers have knowledge of.

    As Bai and his soldiers prolong their lack of responses and as time goes on without any clear explanations from them, their silences become more deafening.

  10. Absolutely Tualeita, I cannot agree with you more. Their sand castle is built on lies, deceit, violence, intimidation, manipulation, injustice and blatant disregard for the rule of law and decency and the moral foundations of our lives as we know it. It will be tragic of us to stop fighting against this evil onslaught on our values, beliefs and our faith. I support your sentiments and urge all our citizens from all communities throughout Fiji and around the world. Please, let us never be complacent nor grow weary in our endeavour. Let us never be discouraged. Let us persevere and fight on. It will be worth it all someday. History will remember our righteous struggle. God will be faithful according to His word.

    There are two sides to this war, for it is fundamentally a war between right and wrong, truth and injustice ,lies, deceit and pure evil, As we have chosen to stand our ground and fight against the evil actions and agendas of a few people against the rest of the nation, let us remember that God is on our side. He will be our refuge and our strength. No matter how tortuous the road to good governance and justice and freedom, we will get there. Thank you for standing your ground, Thank you for standing up for what is right and just and true and honourable. Thank you for standing up for our nation. Thank you for standing up for the sake of our children and our future generation. Someday soon, when we look back, we will look up and thank God for helping us to persevere and to finally win. May God lead and guide us there. Vinaka.

  11. Del, Just hope like hell that none of your brothers, cousins Uncles or Grand Uncles commit a crime whilst these Thugs are in Power….They don’t understand what excessiveness is in anything…Excessive use of Power mainly …… Its always Firstly to the hospital if they are lucky and then to the cells and Court last… The loss of dignity they would endure for the rest of their lives….Just an indication of what to expect when you stride with your Fiji F@#$%^ed. Just a thought.

  12. Indeed tualeita –

    Yes this is not just for today but moreso for Fiji’s tomorrow. What we are seeing is a grave future! The days ahead are bleak if the flaws are not highlighted and voices to put things right are not adhered to. The current mob of leadership is just as blind as the flock it is leading. Dels above typically exhibits the tone of one who is dancing to the pied piper’s tune! Yes it comes with the flow of enticements by the pied piper to hold his followers at bay. We all know the foundation of this Baikhai govt – the flaw in its footings given the unrighteous and unjust acts committed. This is what the nation is sitting on! It will buckle as time lingers on and as pressure builds. It is not the best foundation to set Fiji on. This is what we are trying to unbundle here! In all simplicity, a foundation of deception, violence, abuse, theft, corruption, torture and murder of ones own fellow citizen is not a foundation to rely on. This is what is at stake here. Though seemingly hostaged to the current order, the people of Fiji will not want to be building sand castles for the rest of their lives. They know its unsustainable. The question that may arise is what next? As for now, the journey is still in honeymoon phase but the flaw will become more obvious as the reality of fate settles in.

  13. Exactly Kainoqu. Just like other structures, a sound foundation is a non negotiable fundamental. It is the foundation that ultimately determines how high the building may rise, the maximum load it can bear and how long it will stand. Civil and structural engineers understand this very well. Architects and designers integrate this in their concepts, creations and master-plans. Even our own ancestors know this from experience from building our bures before our white friends came along.

    Building a nation is even more complex, intricate and a most solemn undertaking. It involves design, architecture, engineering, structures, systems and processes of a very complex kind which combines the knowledge, wisdom and understanding gained from all the various branches and disciplines of studies. Education, economics, management, mathematics, finance, investments, psychology, medicine, health, sociology, religion, law, business, history, politics, anthropology, and the various sciences, etc,. all contribute to our reservoir of intellectual, human and non human resources to help us design and build our nation. This is why nations invest so much in their human resources and are absolutely careful to make sure that the design, structure, systems and processes all harmonise to produce a great nation. It is also why countries are particular about their leaders. Nation building and leadership are not simple matters that anyone can do without prior and appropriate training and development and experience. Excellence in leadership requires the highest personal and professional attributes, where character and skill combine and blend to meet the highest demands and expectations of a nation. Given the increasing complexities and challenges, and the reality of a global village where national geographical boarders no longer exist, national leaders are expected to be some of the most brilliant, capable, and visionaries available with impeccable reputations and personal integrity.

    Given the above scenario, nations are very particular about what they do and what they must not do in terms of building their nations and economies. Economies are a vital part but not the only factor. They create Institutions and establish laws that provide the legal and moral foundations for their society. These provide a system of balance and order and helps to manage chaos. Without these, economies cannot stand, justice and peace cannot survive and prosperity can only be a dream. Therefore, foundations and fundamentals are absolutely necessary and are a prerequisite for the survival and normal life of a nation.
    For us in Fiji, we have embraced a culture and mentality that is foolish, dangerous and naïve. We have allowed criminals and treasonous elements to stand as political candidates. We have encouraged the same cabal to impose a Constitution upon us. We have watched them engineer an election system and process. We have recently witnessed them declared winners and seen them being sworn in a honourable members of Parliament and our national leaders. Because of our silence, indifference, naivety, helplessness, despair and blind hope, many have voted some of the worst human beings in Fiji to become the leaders. Many have even predicted a brighter future and a better Fiji, based on their very superficial and casual understanding of what leadership and nation building is about. Many have been deceived and many others have been bought through the 7 year campaign of propaganda, psychological manipulation and mind control. Many are simply ignorant and others simply choose the bread over right and wrong.

    We will do well as citizens to remember that there are laws that govern everything in nature. The laws of morality and ethics are just as real and effective as the natural laws of physics and biology and chemistry. As I have stated before, the greatness of a nation is not only about things and material existence. It is mostly about the non- physical things and objects, because these give rise to the visible and physical parts of our existence. The Bible declares that “Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people”. That is a most definitive statement and a philosophical framework for nation building. It refers to the moral foundations upon which a great nation can be built. The moral fabric of a society determines its quality, its distinctive characteristics and its permanence. Moral values dictate our laws, our relationships, our ethics and our peace and prosperity. Moral values affect our economics, industries, international relations and all that we do amongst ourselves and our external relations. In other words, moral foundations are the very foundations of a peaceful, and prosperous society. To ignore or to dismiss morality in public affairs is to guarantee ultimate disaster.

    There are many illustrations of this law taking effect, much to the disappointment of dictators, evil kings and autocratic rulers. Mighty empires have come and gone according to their foundations and choices. This law is universal and applies to all nations, no one nation or kingdom is exempted. There is no immunity from the curse and effect of those that defy it. It also includes Fiji. In spite of the elaborate immunity clause cunningly embedded in the rogue BaiKhai constitution of 2013, Fiji must do well to take heed of this clear warning and to learn from history. The question therefore for us as a nation is: Are we going to allow BaiKhai and their cabal to condemn our nation to its destruction and demise? Or, Are we going to take the stand and reign in their evil rule and make them fully accountable for all their words and actions? Are we the people going to allow Bai and Khai hold our country to ransom? Or are we still free and sane enough to put an end to this grand charade and let wisdom, righteousness, justice and the law determine our actions and our destiny?
    May I humbly suggest that rather than allowing QORVIS and others to dictate discussions and information flow, we the people should now take the time and make the effort to identify and discuss more important matters that are critical and so fundamental to our national welfare, and our future. Vinaka.

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