Fiji’s Sodelpa to go back to the drawing board

Originally aired on Dateline Pacific, Friday 26 September 2014

The Leader of Fiji’s Sodelpa party, Ro Teimumu Kepa, says the party will follow through with its call for a parliamentary enquiry into the election but it also wants to find out where it went wrong.

The leader of Fiji’s Sodelpa party, Ro Teimumu Kepa, says the party will follow through with its call for a parliamentary inquiry into the election but it also wants to find out where it went wrong.

Frank Bainimarama’s FijiFirst won 32 seats in the 50 member parliament, the Sodelpa Party 15 and the National Federation Party three.

Ro Teimumu told Sally Round the party wants to know why about 40 percent of indigenous Fijians, seen as Sodelpa’s support base, went for FijiFirst.

RO TEIMUMU KEPA:  For me it is quite surprising that people knew how FijiFirst came into existence through a coup and I had thought that many of the majority people in Fiji would not support any coup perpetrators because we have heard it often been said around the country, how can we end the coups, we have had enough of coups, we want to end the coups once and for all.  Plenty of Fijians have voted for them, so I am talking about the total population, including the indigenous Fijians, the figures we are getting is that 40 percent have voted for the FijiFirst, and to me that is quite surprising. So we have to go back, do our homework and find out what caused this shift in their mind set to go along with FijiFirst.

SALLY ROUND:  Any indication at this point where you think you went wrong.

RTK:  We hear this shift was in the last two weeks or maybe in the last week, one of which was when the Prime Minister announced that there will be no burning in the country, Fiji will not burn, something like that, was in the headlines, was in one of the papers, and I believe that caused fear in people, especially in those who own properties, that never came up previously in any discussion, in any conversation, for him to suddenly come up with a burning, you know, that put the fear factor into people and another one was when we had the debate, that was the last Sunday before elections when he did say that another hat that was he looking to wearing was the commanders hat , so for people that confirmed to them that were some elements of fear that was in the air, and also the freebies that people felt that they were going to get from FijiFirst. That’s what changed their mind at the last minute.

SR: What about the thought that FijiFirst was portraying herself as a truly multi ethnic party , Fiji is in a new generation and SODELPA was living more in the past.

RTK: I think what we were looking at was a longer term vision for Fijians, particularly the indigenous population including the other groups that live here Fiji.  So what we are going to do is to go back. That is why we are having a meeting next week to go back to the drawing board and see things that we need to change in order to move forward with the people here in Fiji.


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  1. The answer to Ro K’s confusion can be found in her inability to actually answer anything put in front of her.

    She does not have what it takes to be a political leader.

    The majority do not want someone as a leader that does nothing other than attempt to use race, religion and the demeaning of others due to their lack of anything to offer.

    SODELPA had nothing to persuade people that they would improve their lives and raise their standard of living.

    The possibility of a future of having to listen to years of bitching about what to call yourself along with fighting for religious cult supremacy was totally unacceptable to the majority and does not help put food on the table !

  2. To late Temumu, it was the lies spread by your people that spoiled everything, nowadays it easy to understand when there is a lie because people a much more educated and do understand what motives are behind someones lies.And about the threat…? it was threat that was coming from Sodelpa people that had exploded in their faces,we in Fiji are aware when the commander had spoken on TV warning people from intimidation saying that the very people who were complaining about intimidation were again threatening to burn Suva and being eyed by the Army.That was when Frank had mentioned that Suva wont Burn again.People of Fiji were being threatened by this people and as a result travel sanctions by NZ and school children were even frightened to go to school because of it.So my advise to Temumuis don’t play with fire or it will ignite

  3. Agree – kepa doesn’t seem to understand that she is the problem,,,,,,,,,hope sodelpa has a better leader next time

  4. Ro Kepa,

    you need to stand up and say your are a shit person and leader and get some one else on the job because you will never win with all the shit that comes out of your mouth and all the other qarase followers

    all the common fijians are trying to modernise and trying to stop shitting in pit toilets and wipiping ass with leafs and living on mud floors

    as a leader you maybe in this same position

    plse wake up and lead your curly haired people to uptopia!!

    not your bring some dalo for me- do you get it?

  5. @ Joe Black

    Yes we can all see that Fijians are trying to modernize in a Pied Piper way. You can call it modernizing through the ‘garbage bin’ way too! Everyone knows that the Stockholm syndrome has hit Fiji. The 7 years of living under dictatorship has had its toll on the people. They are now numb to the lies, deception and corruption of Baikhai’s regime. The Baikhai team knows its lying and deceiving the people, the people know that Baikhai is lying and deceiving them……and all are happy with garbage bin handouts, sewing machines give aways and free school handouts etc and all are happy and turn to heaven asking for blessing! The way of truth, righteousness and justice has been set aside for the way of corruption, deception and unlawfulness. No one is ignorant of the fact that all this Baikhai journey started from an unlawful act and persistently laced with all sorts of illegalities. The murders, torture, thuggery, stealing, abuse of peoples right, intimidation and lies etc are at the foundation of this journey. One who is wise will not put his/her life on such foundation and this is simply why the Baikhai model for building Fiji is a farce! Castles built on sand dont last.

  6. @Joe Black, from your words, here and other places, you appear to be an insolent and proud arrogant person who has no respect for other people and cultures. If you said what you did to Ro Teimumu in her face in front of people, you are likely to end up in hospital nursing a broken jaw and a few fractures. Perhaps you might need that to instil discipline and basic respect to people. Ro Teimumu might be a political candidate, but she is not fair game for people like you to ridicule and condemn. Remember this is Fiji. Many are beginning to think and act as if Fiji is Raiwaqa. No, Raiwaqa is only a part part of Suva and is not Fiji. Fiji is a well established society with its own morals, values, attitudes and beliefs. There needs to be some re education programme to inform and enlighten people about the need to appreciate and respect the Fijian, Rotuman, Indian, Chinese and other island traditions and cultures.

    Your words also reveal your moral upbringing and how you have chosen a lifestyle based on pride, arrogance, abusive language and false bravado, just like your coward Voreqe. In a single breath, you condemned a Fijian Chief, a former PM, all their followers and the Fijian way of life. That is about 60 percent of Fiji and these are the very people who own the lands, and other resources which the nation has been using to develop itself all these years. (Without it and them, there would be no Fiji.) All because you have been duped by the lying thief, torturer and intellectual scoundrel Voreqe. But I think you are just like him because it is quite natural for stupid people to associate themselves together.

    Voreqe is an impostor and a very deceitful person who is absolutely unfit to lead Fiji. He lacks the basic character and decency, and the technical knowledge and skills. Yet he has been pretending to be the PM all these last seven years. How can he perform the work when he cannot even read a book from cover to cover. But as Kainoqu has stated, the people of Fiji and you included, have been taken for a ride by this lying and evil pied piper from Kiuva. Please try and educate yourself on the intricacies of leadership, government, management and such. You will realise that Voreqe, your cult leader whom you so idolise, does not even meet the minimum qualifications to be a manager of a company. It takes considerable knowledge, wisdom, skills . positive attitude, experience and discipline to perform the role with success. And yet, he imposed himself on the people of Fiji and has become the Chief Manager of all of Fiji’s complex web of organisations, industries, departments, resources and its several hundred thousand people and different communities. This is not like touch rugby or even captaining a fishing boat. How can a person who could not even get to Form 6 and has never educated himself become the Chief Manager of a nation? Simple. By force, thuggery, lies and deceit. His own people in Kiuva do not regard him highly and are ashamed of him. Many of his close advisers have abandoned him. That is the person you say is better than Ro Teimumu.

    Ro Teimumu is not perfect. She is not a preferred PM by many people. Of course there are better people who can do a better job and have excellent qualities. But she is by far a much better proposition than Voreqe because she listens, is willing to consult, has respect for others and all our different communities, values human life, understands Fijian, Government and international protocols, sufficiently educated, has relevant experience as a civil servant and Government minister and is a high chief of Rewa. If given the opportunity, Ro Teimumu is capable of educating herself and developing her capacities to become a better citizen, chief and national leader. That is because she is a genuine person, has a teachable spirit, a caring attitude, a mother and quite humble in character. She is quite aware of the serious responsibilities of the PM’s role and I am sure she will do her best to serve all the people of Fiji with distinction.

    On the other hand, Fiji First cult leader Voreqe has proven to be a person who cares only about himself, his family, his loyal supporters and those who will give him more of what he wants. He has looted the Government coffers, emptied the FNPF vaults, interfered with Fiiian Holdings, desecrated Fijian traditional and modern institutions, constantly lied to and cheated the people of Fiji, tortured, and murdered soldiers and innocent civilians, and unlawfully took over power in 2006 to avoid the courts and prison. He robbed the people of their basic rights and freedoms, and has intimidated the people to obtain their compliance to his dictatorship. Even though he has won the election by fraudulent means, Voreqe is still a mentally unstable person, a stupid moron and a proud arrogant fool who continues to exploit the people of Fiji to advance his own agenda. All the promises and acts of kindness to people outside his circle are designed to deceive and promote the lie that he cares about others. The sad truth is that he is absolutely bereft of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, truth and respect. He only respects himself and sees everyone else who don’t belong to his cult as enemies.

    You see Joe Black, a person can only give what he has, and cannot give what he does not have. During the last seven years, Voreqe has given Fiji what he has and that is more serious problems, great suffering for thousands of people and families, public shame and an uncertain future. He has given us more poverty, more debts, greater unemployment, lower standard of living, more suicides, murders and torture, thousands of university graduates without jobs, international shame and mockery, etc. He has not told us how public taxpayer money has been spent during the whole seven year period of his regime and he is still hiding the books. He has not told us how much he was paid since 2009. He lied about the properties and millions he and his family have stolen from the people. He lied about so many other things. he evn lied to all the other Pacific leaders, the Chinese government and the United Nations. The list is quite long. Really Joe Black? Is this the person you believe to be the best person to lead Fiji? Really? Please have a good think about this.

  7. What this election has revealed is that the majority voters in Fiji were more interested in bread and butter issues. Issues concerning race and religion were of no significance and had expired their use by date. Infact it did drive voters away from voting for the party. Even Human Rights issues were not issues that the majority of voters cared about either. It was very interesting reading the reaction of ordinary citizens of different races randomly selected by the pollsters leading up to the elections. Not once did I ever read in all the polls that were published that race, religion, human rights or the auditor generals report was mentioned by any of the interviewees as a priority in the elections. Surely the results of the polls should of been a message to SODELPA that a different strategy with a different message was required. But unfortunately for them they chose to ignore the voice of the ordinary citizens at their peril. The message for SODELPA for the next elections is to listen more to what the people are saying at the grassroot level then plan your message and strategy to accommodate those concerns. Peace.

  8. @Rastaman, nation building is more than just listening to fake polls. Sound leadership is about having a vision for the country and how do we get there, and communicating this effectively to the general public to win their support. Bread and butter are vital economic issues to people, families and the nation. But without a sound moral and spiritual foundation, national economies will crumble just as surely as a house will never stand that is built on sand. Sand castles might look beautiful, but beauty and good feelings are all it offers,

    Nation building and the power and privilege to influence the direction and destiny of a nation is what political leadership is about, It is about determining on what values do we build our nation. It is about believing in certain fundamentals of truth, freedom, righteousness, justice, human rights and the respect for what is good and decent and wonderful. Bread and butter is an appendage to that. We eat to live, we do not live. Animals eat to live and Fiji is being transformed into an animal farm. Sadly, Voreqe is transforming Fiji into a nation of zombies, who believe that morals, right and wrong and justice do not matter anymore, only bread and butter. This is a foolish and dangerous philosophy. This is the effect and a perfect illustration of the Stockholm syndrome we have been trying to explain to people. Mind you, the greatness and quality of a nation is not dependent on its bread and butter only, but rather more on the non bread and butter issues. Fiji is becoming more like a prison, where the members have become slaves to an evil and cunning cabal, where our citizens are being given bread and butter and their right to live.

    First world countries may have the modern and sophisticated facilities and amenities, but there is no real happiness. Observe how much is being spent on entertainment, music and sports to make people happy. They have become a billion dollar industries. High rates of depression and suicides and an explosive drug culture. Happiness can never be bought nor sold for it is not about material things. Happiness is a metaphysical state of heart, soul, mind and body, a state where the person reaches a state of peace and tranquillity within himself, irrespective of external circumstances. Fiji tourism is thriving because of that. People visit Fiji in the hundreds of thousands to rediscover what many advanced countries have lost. Fiji the way the world should be was the pride of our nation, but that was way back in those days where we as different people and communities really respected each other and where schools taught students how to live and not only how to make a living. Fiji needs to urgently return to its roots, where people, love, caring and morals really mattered. Unless we return to those solid foundations, our hope for the future is just as good as the sand castle standing on the beach. Is that the future you are talking about. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Let us be wise Fiji. Or we will live to regret it.

  9. “” They have become a billion dollar industries. “”

    The trouble with these billion dollar industries is that the employ millions and put money in their pockets, provide entertainment and education for the masses.

    Of course we are all forced at gunpoint to go and watch or participate in these depraved practices such as music, sports and entertainment.

    Sometimes you have to question whether it’s either the sanity or simply wanting to remain a dinosaur mentality of Tomasi.

  10. @Anon 2.35pm. You missed the point totally. Nation building is more than economics. Economics itself depends on relationships, human values, law and order and such. It is the study of the behaviour of people in the market places. My point about music, sports and entertainment is the exorbitant amount of money being spent to make life more interesting and meaningful because people have forgotten the basics of living with other people and caring about each other. Money that could be spent to take care of the poor, the homeless, orphans, children, hospitals, training and education, research and new cures are spent on optional and non essential activities. Life is not only about making a living. It is also about knowing how to live in harmony with others around us.

  11. great comments but no need for the sona abuse it is refection of no brain shit head. at no time did i say vb was better than ro. we all in fiji need good leaders who will lead us all poor and suffering people to better lives.

    the election results are opposite to your comments and views the majority + 60% want ff and nfp not sodelpa vision and policies- what do you have to say about that!!

    the people have chosen? or we know better than all the people?

  12. @Tomasi

    Fiji the way the world should be.

    Stop kidding yourself about the old ways you really do not have much to support that they were anything to be proud of, in fact the older generation should be totally ashamed of what they have done to Fiji.

    The reality of Fiji is that you are one of the rare countries in the world where the majority of houses with anything worth stealing in require bars on the doors and windows.

    The reality of Fiji is that the people treat the land like a rubbish dump.

    The reality of Fiji is that the very ones that talk about the old ways are also the ones that shout the loudest that they want roads and hospitals, but they are also the ones that do not contribute towards these things.

  13. @Anon 6.14, That quote was what Pope John Paul said about Fiji during his papal visit in 1987 prior to Rabuka’s treasonous act. That was a view by an independent observer who was very well abreast with all that was happening around the world. Being the head of several million Catholics around the globe, and to hear him say that about tiny Fiji was quite special and very significant. I have no doubt he knew what he was talking about.

    As for the realities you listed above, they actually confirm and support what I have been talking about. For instance, there are no burglar bars in our villages. But in our modern villages, such as Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and others, a house is never safe and secure without the grilles and the locks. Why is that? May I restate my point again. We need to retrace our footsteps to rediscover the wonderful things that made Fiji tick. Yes we were not perfect, but as a community of families, we were much happier with the little we had. We were a very caring and respectful society that had greater respect for the rule of law and the traditions and cultures that made up our colourful Fiji. Changes have occurred in Fiji and we are bursting at the seams as far as our values and morals go. Voreqe is an excellent example of what I am talking about. He is the very example of what a Fijian ought not to be. But you see, the amazing thing is that the people have voted in a murderer, thief, liar, torturer, woman abuser and nincompoop to be our PM. During our time, that could never ever happen.

    Finally, a food for thought. Wealth is largely perceived in terms of material goods and gains by many. But real wealth is present in our cultures and traditions which give rise to the material progress being witnessed throughout human civilisations. Fiji might not have all the modern comforts and luxury of affluent countries. But we can surely say that we have within our cultures and traditions something worth sharing with the rest of the world. Notice the international popularity of our rugby players and other sports teams. What the world is watching is an excellent display of sports knowledge, training, skill and spirit, nurtured in a unique cultural and traditional mix. People are still talking about Serevi, or the long striding all the face smile of Mesake Rasari in Hong Kong when he scored that memorable try against the NZ team. That is what I am talking about. That smile is only one of the hundreds of thousands that tourists find so appealing and magical when they arrive and stay anywhere in Fiji. Let us nurture and protect that non bread and butter issue. It is what makes Fiji so unique and a wonderful place to call home. Listen to our people who have migrated. Many are still fond of Fiji and still call it their home. Yes, home is more than a physical location or structure. It is a feeling of comfort, security, accpetance, hope, joy and happiness one experiences in a certain place. Let development and modernisation take place, but may Fiji remain our home and that special place under the sun. Vinaka.

  14. Tomasi again you kid yourself that Fiji is special. Speak to any older person in Aus, USA, UK or China and they will echo the same as you, EVERY country has changed it’s just that some are evolving slower than others.

    You talk about the Pope and that the fact that it was him that said ‘Fiji the way the world should be’ put some value to this saying.

    But for others they will ask themselves what did the Pope see to warrant this statement? Was it the scenery, the natural smiles simply emphasised by white teeth on black faces, or the half naked small boys running around to feed the lust of his band of paedophiles lurking and protected within his church.

    Voreqe is no different than many in Fiji, he simply did something rather than just talk about it.

    Fiji will evolve as the young carve their future and the stalwarts die off, it will take time but it will never be perfect.

  15. It wasn’t the POPE that said”Fiji the way the world should be”, it was Air Pacific’s logo and motto for the project America flights to the USA back in 1981….everyone has copied it since, and now use it as their own.

  16. Who originally came up with the saying “Fiji the way the world should be” is irrelevant.

    The relevance is that Tomasi would even consider that the Pope saying or repeating it gives it any credence.

  17. Tomasi
    You are rather full of it aren’t you?
    You remind me me of your namesake from that book of fables, bible, that
    you keep quoting from to justify sodelpa’s and your blatent and overt racism.

  18. Tomasi has to be one of the most blinkered dinasours who lurks around the blog. You have to wonder if the guy has ever left Fiji, watched a TV, read a paper, listened to the international news or simply spent his life reading a bible.

    To make comments such as;

    “”What the world is watching is an excellent display of sports knowledge, training, skill and spirit, nurtured in a unique cultural and traditional mix. People are still talking about Serevi””

    Possibly in Fiji but not the rest of the world because they also have their own sports men and women to rave about.

    Fiji is not unique, there is a wide wide world out there as well.

  19. @Anon 2,43pm. Your comments tell me how little you understand about Fiji, the world, history and life itself. You may have acquired some knowledge, but it seems very superficial to me. Live, travel, read, listen and learn a bit longer, Then try and get away to the other realm and see the totality of what is out there. Maybe then your eyes might finally see what I have discovered.

    For your info, I have travelled the world physically, mentally and philosophically over the last many years. I am blessed to travel to the other realm and found the God of the universe. It is because of all that that I am who I am today. I love my country and all the different communities and families of Fiji. I have served my country faithfully. I have lived overseas, and served other nations. I have represented Fiji and the South Pacific on many different occasions. I see what ordinary eyes cannot see and I care enough to warn people about what is ahead. Like a few other observers, I had predicted that Voreqe would be returned to power through a scandalous election system and process. I am humbly telling the people who care to listen, please, let us stop, retrace our steps and consider where we are heading. That is all I am saying. many of us commenting here do not even study politics, economics, sociology, psychology, history, or megatrends. Yet we make comments nevertheless, because we care. But some of us have taken the time and the effort to educate ourselves in these and other disciplines. That is the basis of our comments and observations in these blogs. A little knowledge is dangerous. The problem with people like Voreqe and Khaiyum is that they foolishly think that anyone can become PM and excel in that role. They are smart alecks and stupid arrogant people. That is the truth.

    I know there will always be differences of opinion. We look at the world from our own cultural and spiritual lenses. I usually try and stand asise, and try to perceive life and events fro God’s perspective. That is a totally different world view and one which is neutral and absolutely true, relevant, reliable and valid, always, regardless of the passing of time. In the final analysis, the truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it stands.

  20. Lots of talk about Mr Bainimarama and Ro Teimumu. As Jimmy Cliff sang in his song “action speaks louder than words”.

    We can analyse everything and quote strategies and results of various governments till Kingdom come but in the end we only have to look to the people for validity.

    Ask any parent regardless of their ethnicity especially the low paid ones which in Fiji is the majority about what their priority is and they will tell you apart from putting a roof over them and their kids as well as food on the table the other main one is their children’s education.

    We all know that they care about that single struggle above everything else. That to them is the day to day stuff. Since indepence no government has ever done what Bainimarama did and that is to lift that single biggest huddle in their life, school fees accompanied by bus fares.

    By lifting that he has basically given parents across the countries room to manoeuvre. He has freed up money usually the burden to parents to be able to afford various other things. And that to me is one of the major factors Bainimarama won votes from voters of all ethnicity which if you calculate on a national level is roughly 70 percent of his votes. The other 30 percent is from the youth whom modernisation is paramount and most of whom as well will still have fresh memories of how difficult it was in their primary and high school years to see their parents try and pay their school fees and bus fares.

    That in a heartbeat is Fiji’s foundation to a prosperous future. The kids and youth of today. Once that is solid then you can build everything else around it. From the natural resource like land and qoliqoli area to human rights. From living together in harmony with other races to surviving together with various religious groups. And the single most important tool is education. Teaching Fiji on how to wisely use their resources to living together and accepting all races, gender, sexual orientation and basically modernising our life while also appreciating our past, cultures and traditions.

    How can we preach about various policies and change if we forget about our kids and youth. Bainimarama remembered them and made sure that they were first taken care of before we tackle everything else. To me personally that is the best leader anyone could ask for. He had the vision to see that and with that the moral lifted because households were no longer as stressed as before about making ends meets.

    He may have started at gun point but he sure as hell will end with voters point.

    Vinaka and God bless to us all.

  21. Ro Temumu is a fuked up leader who did not fare any where near Voreqe’s hard hitting debate.

    Her party did not have any thing new to offer to the Fijian voters. Her racists outbursts like qoliqoli bills, land, i taukei rights were just a hog wash.

    Her personality of a macho sex maniac going out with young guys, younger than her son’s age is a shame on SODELPA and all its members.

    She was a well known racists from 1987 reinstating her brother in law Mara via her destabilizing of the labor government.

    she was marching in 1987, walking up and down the parliament of Fiji in 2000, while democratically elected members were held hostage.

    Ro Temumu Kepa’s record is such shameful that it does not have any leadership qualities.

    She should just resign and quit politics for gthe betterment of Fiji.

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