Anthony steps down as PDP Leader

17:24 Thu Sep 25, 2014

Taken from/By: FBC NEWS

Report by: Shanal Sivan

The People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony has resigned. In a press conference today, Anthony said he takes full responsibility of the party’s poor performance in the general election. Anthony says the party met this morning and discussed the election results and the party’s performance. I should step down, a culture we are making in the party, we in the PDP are determined to have leaders being accountable, I have today tendered my resignation as leader of the Party, I remain committed to the party, and will always support it, in any way I can. Anthony says he will go on leave and will decide on his next step after that. He had resigned from the trade union movement to contest the election. Adi Sivia Qoro now takes up the position of the leader

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Would anyone expect anything different?

    Unable to line his pockets from the taxpayer as he’d hoped he does an about turn and runs with his tail between his legs.

    This guy only has commitment to himself and anyone believing that he was in the slight bit interested in representing the people in politics was simply sucked in by this self serving parasite.

  2. It would be better if PDP closed shop and merge with the Labour Party now that Chaudhary is likely to exit the party.PDP is actually a breakaway from Labour and had they been together they would have been able to secure a couple of seats in parliament as their total votes was similar to that of NFPs and by being a united force they would have attracted more votes. Food for thought.

  3. One of the rare times, I agree with Dredd.

    As Chaudhary is unlikely to give up, all Labour supporters should consider crossing over to PDP, which did attract more votes than Labour.

  4. Yes Dredd and friends, it is a pity that Felix has a very narrow view of party and or leadership, but he is entltled to his opinions nevertheless. As I had stated in the other article above, PDP can still be positive force for change outside of Parliament. Parliament is only one of the many avenues through which we can serve our country. In fact, there are many other ways whereby we can influence the nature and direction of our country. But it is now up to the two lady leaders of PDP to think smarter and charter a new course for their party. Nothing is impossible. Out of adversity, innovation and new ideas and inventions are born. Let us hope that PDP will rise to the occasion.

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