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SODELPA will take up its position in the opposition and make sure that the government of the day no longer avoids being accountable to the people as they have done for the last eight years

Fight not in vain

By Mere Naleba
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa believes her party’s fight to reclaim Fiji is not in vain as she will lead 18 members of parliament to make up the opposition in parliament.

Ro Teimumu said after eight years, Fiji and the Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama would have opposition.

She said the return of Fiji to democracy was the “first test of transparency and accountability” for Mr Bainimarama.

“That said, SODELPA will take up its position in the opposition and make sure that the government of the day no longer avoids being accountable to the people as they have done for the last eight years,” she said.

Ro Teimumu thanked the 139,857 people who voted for them.

“To all the good citizens of Fiji, especially all of you who exercised your right to vote and stayed true to your courage and moral integrity by voting in support of the opposition parties and especially SODELPA, I thank you most sincerely on behalf of all the candidates and officials of SODELPA.”

12 thoughts on “SODELPA will take up its position in the opposition and make sure that the government of the day no longer avoids being accountable to the people as they have done for the last eight years

  1. Ro Teimumu should now realise that the Fiji she grew up in is no longer the Fiji she now lives in. A major shift has occurred and the result is reflected in the newly constituted Parliament of Fiji, 2015. Behind this major shift are a few cunning, devious and unscrupulous people who are determined to fulfil their own agendas and impose their will on the people of Fiji. This is now their parliament, and it is their will and purpose that shall be translated into bills and laws which will transform Fiji’s political, social and economic landscape.

    The pledge by the lady to present an effective opposition is laudable, but is it realistic and how can the opposition nullify the power of the majority on the governing side. It has minimal bearing on the overall outcomes. Bai and Khai enjoys a majority that empowers them to rule over us without any objections. That was why Voreqe said they would win 50 seats. We the people must remember that while the dictator has changed his clothes, he is still very much the same thug and liar and cassava patch coward he has been. Clothes and uniforms do not make a man. It is the manners that makes a man. The oath he took yesterday as PM will have little or no effect. He took a similar oath as Commander of RFMF, but we all know what happened. He is not to be trusted. But let us give him a chance to redeem himself. Firstly by confessing and making a public apology to all he has wronged. Then to begin afresh by pledging to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. May God help us all.

  2. What fight Marama ??

    You lost the elections 2 to 1. You lost the fight

    Start making a positive contribution and people may support you. Concentrate on the bread and butter issues like jobs, education and health. Get rid of your Mickey Mouse advisers like Beddoes .

    The people of Fiji have done you a favour. They have discarded Sodelpa candidates like :
    1. Ratu Jone Kubuabola – this man has yet to explain how loudly he was snoring when NBF was giving away loans like Father Christmas and would go bankrupt with over &300 million of taxpayer funds down the drain.Did he not breach his prudential supervisory role?
    2. Mere Samisoni – perception is of an out and out racist
    3. Millis Beddoes – the ex-drummer of Them Insex still drumming away without any concrete plans or policies, still smarting over the loss of his salary and perks when he was Leader of Opposition
    4. Tupeni Baba – yesterday’s man

    You have a huge natural advantage because of your cheifly status and together with Tui Cakau and Ratu Suli, you can rebuild and beome a potent force in the next elections, if you concentrate on the real issues that matter to the people.

    Best Wishes Marama, may God bless you and may God bless Fiji

  3. Ro Teimumu needs to understand that she is no longer SODELPA.

    She is Fiji’s Opposition member.

    Her prime concerns has to be Fiji’s interests – not only SODELPA interests.

    Fiji needs a good opposition leader and hope Ro Teimumu can handle this job effectively for all the people of Fiji’s sake.

  4. Tomasi………………….. sobo Tomasi!!!

    Why do you doubt me?

    Why are you still filled with hate and anger, Tomasi?

    Why are you still living in the past Tomasi?

    Do we know that this is the dawn of a new era?

    An era of a brighter future? Where we can now come together as one nation with love and respect for one another?

    Why are you still doubting Tomasi?

    Move forward – for goodness sake!!!

    This is our Fiji – our Fiji together!!!

    We both love this land dearly and we both want to treasure it!!!

    Stop cursing Tomasi and let your heart be filled with love and respect and be glad that the will of your God had being made.

  5. The truth Tomasi?

    The more you peel that onion the more the tears that drops from your eyes! The worst thing is when you get to the heart of it – there’s nothing there that’s worth the effort!

    So use this time to change your mindset and become more constructive rather than destructive.

  6. Horizon, I am God’s sentinel and the voice of freedom, honour, justice, peace, truth and love for all people, cultures, religion and ethnicity. You certainly hold a different perspective based on your own moral, educational, and spiritual values. I promise you that someday, you will realise what history has already proven over and over again. The majority are not necessarily right and they are always the victims of evil and devious people who control and enslave them without them even knowing it until it is too late. Mark my words, whatever people sow, that they shall also reap. Watch the events as they unfold, and maybe, just maybe, you and other regime zombies will come to your senses.

  7. No Tomasi, you are simply a bitter and twisted loser that looks for every excuse to save his embarrassment.

    You talk of God, but you do not speak that word with understanding.

  8. I am not bitter my friend. There is no bitterness in my heart, only sadness and compassion for my people and my country. I do not belong to any political party, neither do I aspire for any political position. I also did not see the need to vote because I knew that the election will be used to bring the dictator to Parliament. I did say that on this site and other sites. There were a few of us who saw the whole facade played out and the political leaders from other parties could not see what we saw. So there is no basis for your speculation my friend. I do talk of God because I do talk to Him and with Him, even if that may sound a bit strange to your ears. We talk to each other everyday. It is in Him that I live and move and have my being.

  9. Folks – I’ve said in another thread that Fiji’s election has actually not made the country come out of the woods yet. In fact the results tell us that Fiji prefers to remain in the woods! Of course we understand this to be the bi-product of stockholm syndrome permeating the nation. For the wise and astute, one will not jump into the honeymoon wagon because of what is obviously at stake here! We see and hear the rally for joining arms and working together for a better Fiji. We see the schemes deployed for this crafty mobilisation of citizens and it doesnt help too when those advocating togetherness are blind to what is at stake. This is where the real call begins! We all know where this journey started from. We know now what it was really all about. The past 8 years have given us a real good picture of what it truly was about and moreso what this new journey will be about and where it is heading to! Some have learnt from it and resolved to stay the cause of righteousness and justice. Others have chosen to be bribed, to satisfy their hunger for comfort at the mercy of criminals. That is what we have seen of Fiji in these past years leading to the election. The rule of deception, corruption, and force was unleashed on the people to force their submission and subordination. All institutions were brought under control to ensure this objective. The various churches were even bullied. So all these unjust and unrighteous acts lie at the heart of the foundation that Baikhai intends to build Fiji on! How strong and reliable is it? How credible is it? More importantly, how righteous and just is it? These are questions that the peasants will come to answer for themselves when the journey in the woods continue. Those that are rallying support to remain in the woods may also have their own experiences to share and we look forward to that too. So lets look carefully at what is at stake, given the path the people have chosen and be mindful that Fiji is not out of the woods. Election is one thing, but living out democracy in practice is another. Its not the election but how you practice democracy that matters. Oneknows that ‘democracy in the woods’ is not ideal but that is what people seemingly prefer (given the permeation of stockholm syndrom) and we shall be observing with interest what the experience will be.

  10. Vinaka Kainoqu for being a voice of reason and a light in the darkness. Let us continue to do our best to help our people and our nation. In due time, we shall reap the rewards. But as you said, it will be a difficult journey

  11. Well Taukei and Nabua Prince. Please go to Fiji Leaks and have read about the fraudulent elections organised by your leader. I told you before the election that this was primarily to bring the Monkey and his circus to parliament. I was asking people to see and connect the dots, and to protest and boycott the election until the fundamentals were corrected. But you people ridiculed and abused us.

    Now, Voreqe is the legal PM and his regime is now legitimised. But the opposition parties have smelt a rat, just like we have been saying all along. They are gathering evidence, and according to Victor Lal and the people concerned, it is conclusive evidence pointing to serious fraud. As we have been warning people all along, these thugs will rig the election and must win the election. So you my friends, Taukei, NP and others, this can be your moment of truth. Watch and observe carefully and listen to the evidence with an open heart. Maybe, you will then see what we have been telling you. Please be objective and test the facts of the allegation. Let us watch these developments and see where they lead us.

    I think the Opposition is going to take it to Court and maybe also to Parliament. Let us wait and see how the new democratic dictatorship of BhaiKhai respond to this. Interesting times ahead. But good learning opportunities to learn the art of stealing people’s votes, hypocrisy and blatant disregard for the rule of law. Wake up Fiji. Lawlessness has been declared lawful. Justice has been redefined and truth is determined through the lips of swines in the guise of men who pose as leaders.

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