NFP ready to work with the govt

Monday, 22/09/2014

NFP Leader Dr Biman Prasad

The National Federation Party who will be back in parliament after 15 years said they are ready to work with the government and the Social Democratic Liberal Party for the next four years.

Party Leader Dr Biman Prasad said the result of the election is the will of the people and they respect the verdict of the people and wished Voreqe Bainimarama and his government well.

He further added that despite massive electoral setback in the last three general elections, NFP survived as a party because of its principles, objectives and a never say die spirit of their supporters.

Prasad also acknowledged the people of Fiji for participating in the general elections who turned out in numbers to exercise their right.

Story by Praneeta Prakash


3 thoughts on “

  1. Prof Prasad’s speech and the way this headline is crafted are at odds with each other but then again this is not totally surprising where Fiji Village news is concerned.

    When you have two of Fiji Village/CFL disc jockey’s who are supposed to be airwave ‘opinion shapers’ to the young mouthing off incredible extremities on social media without MIDA stepping in, you’ve really got to wonder.

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