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FBC obviously misreporting statement.

Commission Chair Chen Bunn Young says they have written back to the parties and are giving them an hour and a half to respond to their letter –




4 thoughts on “FBC obviously misreporting statement.

  1. An hour and half a to respond?

    It would be funny, if it were not so serious.

    So goes the Coconut Prepulik of Bainiaiyaz.

  2. RL, how can we expect otherwise from a regime appointed commission? Chen Bun is Khaiyum’s boy, just like Saneem. They are just actors to play a part in Khaiyum’s drama, to put some respectability and legality to the election show. It is time we the people act independently of the regime and within the law. We might ne forced to act beyond Khaiyum’s illegal decrees But if that is the only way we have, so be it.

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