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1st sitting of Parliament soon

Margaret Wise
Saturday, September 20, 2014

THE public can expect the first sitting of Parliament within 14 days after the announcement of the results of the general elections.

This is in accordance with Section 67(1) of the Constitution on when the President was required to summon the first sitting of Parliament.

This first meeting will involve the swearing-in of the 50 members, presided by the Secretary-General to Parliament. The SG will also preside over the election and swearing-in of the Speaker and a deputy, in accordance with Section 77.

The Speaker, from outside of Parliament, is expected to be a nominee of the PM and will be elected by a simple majority vote.

Once elected the Speaker takes over proceedings from the SG. He or she then conducts the election of a deputy from within the House, excluding ministers. By convention, because the Speaker is a Government nominee, the deputy is appointed from the Opposition benches.

Also at this meeting the Leader of the Opposition will be elected from among members of Parliament who do not belong to or support the PM’s political party.

The Speaker will call for nominations and if only one person is nominated and seconded, that person is elected Opposition Leader. The Leader of the Opposition usually has the same entitlements as a Cabinet minister.

At this meeting, the PM is also expected to table the Standing Orders, prescribing the rules for procedures of parliament for members to approve. Following that a business committee representing all parties in Parliament is appointed. This committee decides on the next date that Parliament should meet.


22 thoughts on “Ex Fiji Times

  1. good for fiji at least this victor lal poof and all the other white wankers have been proven wrong and fiji is going fwd with democratic process- good for the common people

    frank first party rules

  2. @ Joe Black
    Yes the common people are truly being taken for a ride! After all the bribes they have been enticed with, their support for corruption and illegality is on the high. Now their Baikhai style parliament is going to see that standing orders and all procedures of that animal farm house will push through all the auditor general reports that have not been produced over the past years! Its the only way that Baikhai can force their robbery of state finances down people’s throat without question. All the expenses and financial commitments without mandate over the past years will be passed in the house of Baikhai! And no one will grudge because garbage bins, sewing machines and other handouts have already been given. Those that do not support Baikhai will be threatened and barred from receiving development. Common people see no evil, feel no evil and smell no evil -the are happy, Baikhai camp are happy, animal farm is happy……..and where are they really heading to?

  3. …and where are they really heading to?

    More third world depressing, lack of transparency and economic stagnation.

    Perhaps we deserve the Leaders we allow to rise – I know that RUM regrets his choices in this regard. As for the rest – the devil takes the hindmost…

  4. Radiolucas – on top of more third world depressing, lack of transparency and economic stagnation, add coups to it! Nothing will change quickly in animal farm except the wealth of those in charge. Interesting years ahead and we will see how far the bribes, corruption and illegalities will take the country until the people make full sense of it and how it has diminished their dignity.

  5. Kainoqu and RL, we already know where Fiji is heading. And it is not a good place for the people and the Government. We are already on our way there, if we use current economic statistics to provide us our GPS.The tragedy is many of our citizens do not understand history enough to appreciate what we have been telling them

    The most frightening reality I see is that by allowing Bai and Khai to assume legitimate control through their stage managed election, we as a nation are legitimising thug rule and all its ugly trappings we have witnessed so far in the last 7 years. People might see this election as a pathway to democracy. I see it as a sure pathway to greater exploitation of the people, even worse tyranny and the legal destruction of many institutions and structures that has once made Fiji a wonderful country. Just think about it. They have the majority vote in Parliament. They will have their way and they do not need any other opposition member to vote with them. Yes there will be motions tabled and discussed, but that will be tokenistic gestures of the democratic kind to give their rule a semblance of respectability. As you said correctly, the AG’s reports will be passed without fail Similarly, all the other bills Khaiyum and Bhai will concoct in their warped minds.

    This is what I mean by the destruction of institutions and structures. It begins with the destruction of Parliament itself. Parliament will exist to advance the cause and agenda of Bai and Khai. It will no longer be there for the people of Fiji. So there it is. These two people have conspired to protect themselves and their conspirators for as long as they live, and they will stop at nothing, even at the cost of destroying people’s lives and freedoms and rights and the national economy and our future. So unless we the people do something to challenge their rule in a more effective way, the question of where are we heading is already clearly outlined. The sad thing about this is that the people of Fiji have brought this unto themselves and it this very same reason that Bai and Khai will be much stronger now because they have the resounding support and approval of the people.

    Nevertheless, there is a God in heaven. Our ultimate hope is in Him. His word echoes throughout the universe of men and leadership and humanity.

    “There is way that seemeth right unto a man, and the end thereof leads to death”

    When we as people choose a pathway, whether economic, social or political, that is contrary to God’s excellent purpose and design, the ultimate end is death. Death is the absence of life, and can therefore be defined as a life where we still exist, but an existence without joy, peace and fulfilment. Our path to death began many years ago. We are many years into this regressive journey. A few days ago, many people thought we had the opportunity to alter our direction. How sadly mistaken they were. How can Fiji change direction when the same thugs and evil men have always been in control and the whole nation is just there to give them “approval’ to move full steam ahead. It is time we awaken from our slumber. Let new leaders arise. Let new warriors emerge. Let the citizens actively pursue their rights and freedoms. This is the moment to be the new Fiji. It must begin now and grow and develop until that momentous day, when we the people of this nation will restore our nation’s place and role in history, by the grace of God and through our collective wisdom, courage and determination to act to fulfil our destiny.

  6. Tomasi
    I suppose the people of Fiji have chosen to make it hard for themselves. It has always been down to the people to choose the right and just way which is not often the easy and comfortable way and they have decided against it. Yes I understand your point about the way of man being not always the best! The answer to the prayers that people have been making may just be this – that Fiji will have to learn the hard way until its people choose to follow the righteous and just way. We all know where this journey began from and no one is ignorant of the fact that all was illegal. The culture of unlawfulness and corruption has torn the nation’s conscience and people have lost their sense of what is moral and what is immoral. We can see that from the way they happily embraced unlawful rule and their willingness to be bribed. There is certainly a tradition of satisfying one another’s ego at play here and while it continues, the nation drifts further and further away from the truth and from what is right and just! As you rightly hint, until the people wake up from their slumber and turn from their wayward ways to the Truth, this path that Fiji is on will be very very difficult! It is one thing to sweep all the wrongs under the carpet and pray and work together for a better Fiji and another thing to admit your wrongs and pray forgiveness and work together for a better future. I certainly know which of these two is the better option which unfortunately is not what the people have chosen. And so it may just be the answer we have been looking for – that Fiji should go through the hard way in order to come to its senses! Very interesting years ahead and we shall be seeing where the choice of the people will be leading them.

  7. Vinaka Kainoqu. Very well expressed. The comforting thing for me is that there are still people like you, RL, Navosavakadua, Dredd and others who still believe in the fundamentals of a righteous and prosperous society. There are also the few members of Parliament who will be speaking on our people’s behalf and providing some checks and balances in the best way they can.

    God allows things to happen for our ultimate good, even though we may experience extreme hardships along the way. The next few weeks and months will certainly be interesting as the New Fiji will unravel under the same band of outlaws. Interesting indeed. Vinaka

  8. The real problem is that Fiji had no choice, there was no evident viable opponent, it’s as simple as that.

    Frank won due to the media, not the papers or TV but the behind the scenes media, the bloggs.

    Opposition parties such as FLP and SODELPA were greatly disadvantaged by the very people purporting to be so anti FB. The behaviour of these few people who used the blogs to promote hate, racism, religion, extremist views and lies was assumed by many to be indicative of the general behaviour of the opponents political parties.

    This was the reason for SODELPAs hammering and when it’s candidates and representatives in public view used similar tactics echoing the bloggs to a lesser degree but also took no effort to disassociate themselves from the blogs their fate was sealed.

    Frank has won and the losers are the blog warriors who’s endless efforts backfired on them and greatly assisted his victory.

  9. Finally voters give mahen chaudhry a deserved kick in the arse. Son Rajen had seen it coming. He joined forces with SODELPA in a desperate attempt for indigenous voters. This race traitor was trying to ignite race/religious war with his anti-muslim comments. This is the depths father-son will sink to for political power.

    Now they disputing election results. Chaudhry, voters have kicked your arse for nepotism, using state funds to renovate personal property, including building home gym for beta Rajen and Sachin, and stealing millions you raised in name of poor FLP supporters to support you girlfriend Asha Lakhan. You are greedy scum and voters got rid of you.

  10. This debarred lawyer was sucking upto Sodelpa hoping if they won, he would win his licence to once again practise law in Fiji.

    Man, the personal attacks, the threats he made on his Facebook page of his opponents clearly conveys the impression that this man is not a fit and proper person to be practising law.

  11. @ Reality

    That is true but only in part because there is another aspect to it that must be appreciated. The blogs were pointing out all the deficiencies in the systems, the lies and deceptions concocted, and the grave unfair and unethical processes employed by the regime to continue ruling and remain in power. The Baikhai government was trying to legitimise itself without success for some years! It tried getting recognition from the international community but couldnt. It tried to get recognition from the people but couldnt. Devising an election to get the people’s support was their way out of it! Earlier promises to fight corruption, build a better Fiji, and provide a progressive constitution were all a farce because it did not give them the legitimacy they craved. Now they have it given to them on a plate by the people and their investment of bribes and unlawful use of power and government resource to that end has paid. Fiji now has the outcome of – a government born out of the illegal overthrow of an elected government, a self-imposed constitution giving far reaching immunity for criminals (and allowing the army to overthrow a government), a citizenry that will have to repay debts and spendings of unlawful overtakers, and a nation that will have to relate to countries defaultly embraced without mandate by the Baikhai regime in its scramble for recognition! Bloggers were pointing this out from the beginning and were confronted by regime spinners (qorvis and others) who went on the attack to distract attention and deceive people. They may have convinced people with lies but didnt remove the truth which is mentioned above that Fiji now has! The move to blame bloggers and particular candidate on defeat of a party that was trying to reinstate fairer and equal democracy could yet again fuel petty political difference and add to distracting people away from the truth! That is characteristic of spinners. Look at how the debate over a name ‘Fijian’ was thrown into the political divide to hoodwink people and cause antagonism. Look at how religion was even thrown into the political discussion to manufacture division and create unwanted confussion! These are two examples telling us of the scheming and ploying behind the scene to sway peoples mind away from the final attempt to legitimise Baikhai rule. They were going all out for it – hook line and sinker – and were not even swayed by the grave unfair, unfree and unethical processes they deployed for it! The question one should really ask after this highly contentious election is: Has any thing changed? Undoubtedly there will be little room for change given the way things have panned out so far. The obvious change though is that Baikhai now have mandate from the people to rule over them (provided all election complaints have been resolved). So we shall see what this brings for Fiji in the years ahead!

  12. Ni sa MOCE my beloved FIJI and Ni sa BULA the new world of Mugabe ZIMBABWE/ Idi Amin UGANDA. I hope you will prosper with your free education, free bus fares, free medical, free electricity, free water, free sewing machines, free milk, and new equal citizenry and new racial freedom. We shall meet again in 4 years time to celebrate your many achievements.

  13. @kainoqu

    We will all have our views on the circumstances leading up to the present and can spin these any way we want.

    The time has now come where the emphasis is to watch this new government like a hawk and that includes ensuring those all including such as Ro Kepa realise that they have been put there by the people, are now working for and paid for by the people and are to carry out their jobs for the people and not their own personal agendas.

  14. This election was concocted by the regime to ensure their victory. They created the slanted constitution without people’s support and along the way slashed and burned all obstacles to their grand scheme. ff had the benefit of gagged or biased media, unfettered government resources and propagandas of lies and cover ups and promises of freebies. Freebies are not free it has to be paid somehow and that is where we must be on our guard to see how it will pass on back to the people. I would urge the opposition to scrutinize very thoroughly all financial transactions and see past and current allocations and expenditures for any anomaly. This regime must not have a free hand at spending public monies like they did before and must made to account for previous spending and questionable allocations for financial misappropriation. The battle for justice has just taken a slight turn but will continue till justice is served.

  15. “”Freebies are not free it has to be paid somehow””

    You can call it whatever you want, no doubt some will class bridges, roads, sea walls, improved efficiencies and a working clock in Suva Freebies !

  16. There is only thing that Fiji as whole can look forward: Another coup. Any senior military officer who aspires to become PM just has to follow Franks lead. Confident in the fact that Fijians are gullible and easily taken for the ride.

    So to all Fijians, we have just confirmed the coup culture in Fiji.

  17. And whilst there are people with logic such as Kuve’s around the majority will remain favouring what we have now.

  18. Sure do; but the fact is simply that the majority have legitimized coup as a means of changing governments in Fiji.

    We have a government and a Constitution that we deserve and hopefully the majority can now proceed to enjoy life, prosperity, peace and whatever. Lets see how long the honeymoon lasts…then the pigs will be coming home to roost.

  19. I am a Christian and a ITAUKEI, don’t worry GOD ALMIGHTY is holding our FIJI in his TWO big HANDS, no worries my family ITAUKEI, it’s not gonna be long, just wait , pray and SEE!!!!!!

  20. For a bunch of losers who’s greatest claim in eight years is for three of them to have beaten biscuit tins to show their opposition and disappointment with a government it’s surprising they have not crawled away to hide their shame, but continue with the mighty crusade.

  21. Osobo ………………… enough mada!!!

    Accept it!!! FijiFirst has won!!!


    Come – join our new PM in moving our nation forward – forward to a better, brighter, united and prosperous Fiji.

    Vinaka my man VB!!! Fiji’s best ever PM!!!

  22. Vinaka Nabua Prince. Now the whole world shall see just how uneducated Voreqe is. But of course, he will continue to read his prepared speeches. You said new PM. No, he is not new, just the new swearing in rather than swearing at people. He is the same dictator but in a different suit. But let’s give him a chance, shall we. But can we take that risk, knowing fully well that Voreqe is not trustworthy, lack proper manners, is ignorant about the important issues that matter and is primarily concerned about keeping himself away from gaol.

    I have a suggestion NP. Since Khaiyum is the brain, why don’t you peole tell your PM to stop the pretence and step down. Let him appoint his brain Khaiyum to become PM. That will be an excellent example of new leadership from the leader of Fiji First. Appointing Khaiyum to the PM position would silence all doubts that he really means what he reads and says. If Bai can do that, then I for one can begin to believe that Voreqe can change from being a dictator to a national leader.

    The other test is for Voreqe to make a public apology and seek forgiveness from all the victims of his coup. This includes all the former members of parliament, the civil servants he sacked and retired, the union and other workers of Fiji, the cane farmers whose industry he has destroyed, the men he tortured, and the CRW wives, children and families he murdered in cold blood. If he is the new PM in our new Fiji, then we must try and face up to our wrongs and make a fresh start and move forward together. Can you kindly do that NP? Vinaka

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