Final results show drop in votes

13:00 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The final results of votes tallied at the National Tallying Center show a drop in numbers for all political parties.

The latest result – announced by the Supervisor of Elections Mohameed Saneem show FijiFirst still leading the count with 173, 546 votes from 1,240 polling centres.

The provisional result from 1,281 polling stations issued on Thursday show FijiFirst leading as well but with 239, 261 votes.

The Social Democratic Liberal Party now has 89,050 votes – 29. 6 per cent of the votes tallied so far.

In the provisional result – SODELPA had managed 106,406 votes.

The National Federation Party remains in third place with 16, 348 votes however in the provisional result it had already received 22, 446 of the votes tallied so far.

The People’s Democratic Party, which managed 14, 027 votes in the provisional count now has 9, 906 votes.

The Fiji Labour Party has managed to secure 7,020 votes in the latest final result whereas in the provisional result, it had 9,530 votes.

3,877 votes of the total 301, 187 votes tallied so far in the final count goes to One Fiji Party.

However – in the provisional tallying – the party secured 4,511 votes.

Fiji United Freedom Party now has 641 votes compared to 686 in the provisional tally.

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  1. Just more dictatorship.

    Make no mistake – barring some miraculous event, Bainikhaiyum will try to remain in power until their death.

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