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These claims need to be investigated. Until that time the count should contimue.

Five political parties are calling on the count to be suspended claiming there is evidence of vote rigging. The Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party, the People’s Democratic Party, and One Fiji issued a statement yesterday afternoon. It says they will not accept the outcome of the election because of evidence of co-ordinated and systematic electoral fraud. SODELPA member Mick Beddoes says all the signatories want the Minister for Elections, the Supervisor of Elections and the Electoral Commission to suspend all counting of pre-poll ballots and postal ballots as well as cease the verification of provisional results. “The tampering of ballot boxes, removing of ballot boxes from polling stations without being counted, the inclusion of large size files and envelopes in ballot that could only have been placed in it through the opening of the ballot boxes as they cannot fit in the slots provided on the ballot boxes, there are multitude of other incidences but these are just an explanation of few.” Elections Supervisor received the letter last night and says all parties are aware that detailed information needs to be submitted to the elections office in order for him to consider specific incidents. This has not been done. “Counting will not stop, counting had not stopped. Counting had continued since last night and it will continue as scheduled on a twenty-four basis until all the pre-poll has been counted. If there are any issues if any party has had, they should first raise it with the Supervisor of Elections. This is something that we have been saying from the beginning, since nobody has raised it to us, I will not give regard to any statement made to the media. Counting needs to continue. The people of Fiji are waiting for results and the Fiji Election Office will deliver.” All the signatory parties say there have been a multitude of corrupt and unlawful practices. However no evidence was produced to journalists gathered at the press conference yesterday.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/23074/parties-reject-election-results#sthash.xJaoXvOL.dpuf

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16 thoughts on “These claims need to be investigated. Until that time the count should contimue.

  1. @Tamai Miller

    What fraud? Do you have the evidence, we suspect not.

    If you did you would be providing it.

  2. Come on…………….accept it!!!

    You have lost the election – fair and square!!!

    We said we will win by a large number ………… come on ……………… you guys still blind!!!!

    It’s going to be a landslide victory!!!

    We the people of Fiji wish to give my man VB and his FijiFirst Party another four years to continue leading us to a prosperous, untied and better future for all Fijians!!!

    Vinaka VB my man!!!

    3 Cheers everybody……………hip……hip ………………


  3. Thanks folks for voting for Khaiyum. He has sincerely accepted your trust and your support. We can now do what we do best: milking the taxpayers, the landowners, the workers. There is a difference though: Now you are milked by the government you selected. So please shut up, support Khaiyum and hope that a few crumbs will fall from his richly laden table.

  4. Well done Fiji First, you put in the effort and this has been recognised by the results of your landslide.

    Those who feel they have been defeated unfairly will get over it soon and life will move on if they wish to join in with the MAJORITY !

  5. A Minister of Elections? What is that? What other nation has such a Minister. Democratic nations have independent electoral commissions. Only Fiji has a Minister of Elections who is also a candidate who appoints his little ass kissing relative as Supervisor of Elections.

    Is that fair?

    12,000 votes for Khaiyum. That was an ambitious rigging that was always going to raise eyebrows. If he received around 1000 we might have believed the result. He got greedy for votes. No surprises there. He is a greedy ambitious man without talent.

    So there were no riots or violence as the Observers report. The observers were not there as scrutineers. Lets be clear. We would like to know which polling stations recorded the votes for Khaiyum. That might tell the story.

  6. “” We would like to know which polling stations recorded the votes for Khaiyum “”

    All the information is being read out on the radio stations and lists are put up at the arena.

  7. Generally, people always see whatever they want to see. Only a few people will be able to decipher the truth and see beyond the veil of lies, deceit, deception and propaganda. The first is natural, while the second requires a logical mind, clear thinking and a pure heart.

    It is so sad that many of our citizens have been victims of the first kind. They suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, after more than 7 years of propaganda and mind control, coupled with a vicious and subtle scheme of intimidation, violence, coercion, psychological manipulation and a constant bombardment of lies and deception of the worst kind Fiji has ever experienced.

    The irrefutable truth is that Voreqe and Khaiyum are two proud, arrogant, deceitful and dangerous evil men. They have blatantly controlled this country and committed unspeakable crimes. They have never told us the truth, yet they continue to lead a mass of cult followers who are satisfied with the free bread and music like the pied piper of Hamlin. Just like that pied piper story, the people are so mesmerised that they followed the piper to their deaths without realizing it. I surely hope and pray that the truth will be fully revealed and that the BaiKhai cult followers can be rescued in time before it is too late.

  8. @ Tamai Miller. Your question,”How can Bai invstigate his own fraud?” is more profound and far reaching in its applications and implications. Parallel questions can be asked based on your question:

    1. How can Voreqe allow an election which can remove him from power?
    2. How can Voreqe tell the truth when disclosing his assets during party registration?
    3. How can Voreqe let someone else win when he will go to prison and lose all his loot?
    4. How can Voreqe allow a caretaker government to manage the transition from dictatorship to democracy?
    5. How can the Fiji Sun not support Voreqe’s claim to power when they are the same team?
    6. How can the Auditor General’s report be tabled soon without any changes that might implicate Voreqe’s regime?
    7. How can the people believe the PM’s oath he took will be kept just like Voreqe’s oath as RFMF commander?
    8. How can the new parliament become a democratic parliament when the same dictator is running the circus with an overwhelming majority yes vote by his monkeys, clowns and stage manager?
    9 How can there by any real democracy in Fiji when Fiji’s Hitler and his Dr Mengel run the Parliament, the Judiciary and the Fourth Estate?
    10. How can people believe the pied piper of Kiuva when he has already established a reputation as a liar, coward, thug, robber, torturer, murderer and a mental case.

    Serious questions indeed that makes us wonder what is going on in our Cassava Republic of Fijiana. Thank you Tamai Miller for the inspiration.

  9. Folks, please read Fiji Leaks for the latest development on this topic. The evidence mounts and points to a conclusive case of fraud. Time will reveal matters hidden in the darkness. Whatever is hidden shall be proclaimed from the rooftops. The truth will eventually be told. The people will be able to judge for themselves based on concrete and conclusive evidence. It takes time, but eventually, the truth will emerge. Watch, wait and see..

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