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Now we have a Democracy lets work together to get our rights back.

The people have spoken.

We are now living in a Democracy albeit an imperfect Democracy.

Over half of our population have selected Frank to lead us for the next four years.

The party I voted for failed to achieve sufficient votes to rule.

We need to accept this and, if we still seek a change of government, the next opportunity is in four years time and we need to convince a majority of voters to support us next   time.

It is time  to move away from our traditional way of dealing with our dissatisfaction by fermenting another Coup and use the tools of democracy to convince others that next time  is the time for a change in direction and a change in management.

This does not mean we just wait. We need to attack and question all the actions of the legally elected Government and if possible force the return of some of our rights that have been removed since 2006.

The focus of this blog will now turn to applying heat to our  elected Government and working for the rights and freedoms that should be available to us as a Democracy.


Peter Firkin




25 thoughts on “Now we have a Democracy lets work together to get our rights back.

  1. Thank you Peter. We can be a considerably effective opposition despite losing the election. We can watch where we heading as we are led by this new government which I hope will not be as corrupt as it was.

    This does not also mean that God is not on our side. He is always on the side of truth which forever will prevail. It does not mean that we were untrue either. It just means that truth be will be more fully realized as our imperfect democracy develops in a more perfect one as we grow in our resolve to become more loyal to truth justice and fairness.

  2. I would like to thank all iTaukei who voted for Khaiyum’s Fiji First. He will make sure that your land is safe and that there is corruption or racism in the country. Against all common sense you have made the right choice and you will be richly rewarded.

  3. Peter Firkin, you have failed, along with all the other miserable arseholes on the blogs. Enjoy your irrelevance.

  4. @ Watcher

    I beg to differ. This blogsite is far from failure and certainly far from finished. Now that your idol has been elected, we shall put him to the test as all other democratically elected leaders do! First call is removal of all decrees supressing the rights and freedoms of citizens. Second call bring out all the public finance reports so that people will know the true picture of the nations finances. Start with this first and we’ll go further from here. This is just the beginning. Welcome to democracy!

  5. The people have certainly spoken and they will be governed by the leader they deserve for the next 4 years.

    However, the result basically confirms the role of coups in the Fiji political landscape in the years to come. Again people have chosen to justify treason by voting in the perpetrator and another coup is waiting down the path we have chosen.

    Until and unless the people of Fiji learn to reject coups, the country is condemned to this unsavory cycle.

  6. FFP cannot rid Fiji of coups, nor are they the ones who can conduct another one. They are where they are because of coup and the support of the military. As such they cannot conduct another coup but the military can and will do in future.

    The result of the election confirms to serving military officers that it is worthwhile to conduct coups in the long run. May be not during the term of the current Commander who owe his allegiance to Bai but the next one after him. The same sequence from Rabuka, Rt Epeli then Bai – who had the ego, the arrogance and the audacity to usurp power for his own benefit.

    The people of Fiji based on the choice they made justified coups as a means to political ends.

  7. But at least they kept the coups at bay for 8 years, that’s some achievement to be proud of and one of the main reasons they are still here. Well done FF

  8. Ratu Epeli had the grace to resign his commission before going into politics. Neither Rabuka nor Bainimarama can be mentioned in the same breath for that reason.

    However the very fact that Rau Epeli was annihilated in the polls in 1999, yet Rabuka in 1994 and Bainimarama in 2014 were not, goes to show the truth of your statement that, in Fiji at least, it is worthwhile to conduct coups as a means of obtaining power.

    When it comes to Fijian politics, Darwinism (the survival of the fittest) is proved to be alive and well.

    Just as Ratu Epeli showed grace, here’s hoping that Fiji First’s politicians show humility when they form the first democratic government for 8 years.

  9. Why should you be proud for keeping coups at bay when you came into power through a coup? That line of reasoning is nonsensical because for eight Frank basically ruled as a dictator in his dual role of PM and Commander…that is why he was able to keep coup at bay.

    Well done indeed to FF but the future will prove whether the people made the right choice by legitimizing treason.

  10. Whilst the indo Fijians who mostly benefitted from this regime voted en mass for ff lots of indigenous who stand to lose the most also voted ff. bai is such an enigmatic person to have such a sway over the masses to be behind him. While bai is such a pig in character and a criminal having committed treason he had a lot of backing from some very cunning people to erase those bad images out of him. Strategy is his greatest strength such introducing free “education” in the very year of election – why not earlier. Then his visible developments all happening in our faces that we cannot miss them. His manifesto with lot of freebies was too attractive to miss. Now we will have to see how he operates under democratic system. We also need to dig out all hidden financial activities during his dictatorship or is this covered under the immunity in the constitution. Now that election is water under the bridge we will now be more demanding for our freedom and rights and do not let the monstrous dictator out of the bottle now that he is cloaked in a democratic outfit.

  11. One good thing that has come out of all of this is that for all who will be in power in the new government there is now a means to far more easily bring to light the questionable antics they may get involved in, and that is the blogs.

    Hopefully people will use these assets available to bring the necessary questions and concerns to a wider range of viewers than possible with the press.

  12. Yes we the people (well it seems 2/3) have endorsed persons who overthrow democratic governments. I must now say “ni sa moce” Fiji. I’ve now made up my mind to accept PR in Australia.Because the coup cycle is ever alive in Fiji. If Peter thinks things will change under FFP, he is surely dreaming. Over and Out

  13. Dear Mr Firkin,

    Many thanks for your blog. It has served well as a source of information at a time of media suppression. It has also been highly cathartic for many people to vent their spleens. This itself is a mighty valuable element.

    What have we learnt? Might is Right. Bainimarama has now shown how it can be done. The immunity provisions will ensure that this will not be the last. Frank will remain in power whilst he has the support of the military. How so many Indo-Fijians could not see that is hard to fathom.

    The Constitution which until today was unlawful is now lawful under International convention and Constitutional law. Those who have supported FF have supported and stood behind a Constitution which is deeply flawed ( not just the immunity provisions). Those people will not be able to complain if there is a power shift and they find themselves without recourse.

    ALL of the decrees are now good law. Obviously many will be repealed but many will also remain. There can be no proper debate in Parliament as to which decrees should be scrapped. FF have a majority and there is only one house of parliament. The way this Constitution (2013) has been drafted makes a mockery of the term democracy. Many of the safeguards of the Westminster System are not present. The sections relating to the judiciary are poor (see Richard Naidu’s commentary) and true democracy seems to have slipped through our fingers.

    Democracy must be allowed to evolve. Constitutions need to be amended from time to time. Unfortunately this one is so bad it need to be entirely re-drafted.

    We are now at the beginning of a new chapter. Your blog will be as useful as ever as one comment above so clearly states.

    God bless Fiji and you too my Dearest Aunty

  14. Folks Fiji is now entering a new chapter. The victory of Fiji first in the polls reflects support for many questionable elements about the governance of the country. People have demonstrated in their voting Baikai that they like the 2013 constitution but the real practical reality of that constitution will be slowly unveiled as they try to follow the kind of democracy that it enforces. The new power given to the military to oversee democracy is similar to the Indonesian model that has time and again seen the military step in to remove a government elected by the people. Immunity from overthrowing government is guaranteed because the Baikai constitution has ushered that in! The promise that there will be no other coups is just as good as the army’s support is for Baikai. The same kind of scenario is prevalent in Indonesia and elsewhere that go by this model. Voting Fiji first ultimately means surrendering democracy to the whims of a group of men with guns to dictate how civilian life should be governed at any time they see fit. This is the reality of what Fiji has allowed itself into from this polls. It will be very interesting to see how the nation responds to the practical realities of living under this new order in the years ahead. Indeed the country has chosen the leader it deserves and living to the order of the leader will now be tested.

  15. forget all the stories Frank on his own votes has wiped out all opposition. He can form govt on his own votes does not need the rest of FF. He beat all the other parties combined.

    the voters don’t want the racist nationalist parties or the chiefs or the nfp, flp or pdp or any other losers talking bullshit

    the fiji people have said what they want and let the new govt get on with it

  16. Great protection racket bhaini. The indo Fijians are now totally beholden to I-taukei. Fijians win yet again and the foot washers do what they are good at – washing feet.

  17. The outcome of the elections change not much! Meet Frank, the new BOSS, same as the old BOSS!!! What GOES AROUND?

  18. Well You wanted democracy , you got it. People of Fiji , the ground root people have spoken , they decide you runs the country. In return Frank will give the lollies as promised. You see the struggle of the common people has to their advantage. Free stuff. It’s like the va vanua. People like the new opposition , they just practiced their new position , by opposing to the elections. Good job opposition. The way I see it they will be good in parliament . Stop waisting our time and get to the house and be democratic about it. This blog was good to take out frustrations. The 100k racist numbers have dropped actually , it’s a good sign people are getting the message. There is no good in looking down on people you will get hurt mentally. Be free and open in your thoughts , then only you can progress with freedom.

  19. “We need to attack and question all the actions of the legally elected Government”

    Even the right decisions ??

    Displays your bias and your mindset Firkin !!

  20. Let’s step back a bit & examine the ‘provisional’ results a little logically.

    Every person in Fiji had a faint suspicion that the polls would be rigged but not in an as audaciously confrontational manner as this.

    Are we expected to swallow the fact that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the most detested man in this country across the races scored approx 12K votes over the votes of leaders of NFP, FLP & PDP? And that Bainimarama has achieved such cult status second only to Amitabh Bachaan or Sharukh Khan, that against all odds as predicted by political pundits the Fiji Fist party has provisionally won enough seats guaranteeing them as the majority plus some? We are supposed to naively accept that coincidentally the results already show their hand and that top 26 FF candidates who did minimal (read: virtually nil) public profiling have all cabinet portfolios and demographics covered?

    The immediate reaction of voters who did not want the Baiyums back in power was to perhaps erroneously assume that Indian voters are to blame, which coincidentally is exactly what the illegal and treasonous regime would have us swallow hook, line and sinker and thus justifying the recent observations of armed jackboots in public spaces.

    Surely we’re all not sleep walking in this country? The multinational observer parachute CV fluffing group should just exit out of holiday mode in the tropics because their ‘provisional’ point of view is questionable and flies in the face of realities being projected by the opposition political parties who are now rallying together raising the alarm about discrepancies in the so called ‘free and fair’ process.

    If the observer group was so confident of their patronizing pronouncements of political expedience, why then are fully uniformed and armed soldiers parading around in full public view (there are a multitude of witnesses), while the vote count is in progress?

  21. Hehehehehehe……………………

    3 Cheers for FijiFirst!!!

    Hip….hip………!!! (And you say…………)

    Ratu Sai – remember cheer 3 times …………….ok boy???

    Good boy ………girl!!!


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