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More Coups to come? A must watch Video



8 thoughts on “More Coups to come? A must watch Video

  1. Don’t make a mountain of a molehill. The little smack this impertinent lady got was well deserved. Our beloved PM has warned her to stay away from him, she disobeyed and was punished. I wished our great leader had the guts to dish out one of those when he had Ro Teimumu in front of the camera.

  2. Beloved PM are you for real. that is abused. Bainimarama should act like a leader not slapping women or media
    This all become clear that he is not fit to run this country.
    We hope that one day he will learnt from his idiocracy behaviour get his head out of khaiyum back side and stop behaving like a child everytime he’s put under spotlight.

  3. Old news what the fuck is new , Nz rejects , caita ,Nz 3 is crap news reported get rejected in fiji , so manipulate the news against FB , fuck off bitch , stop fucken putting up old news about Fiji.

  4. Welcome to the world of a free & impartial media Bainimarama. A world unlike your controlled one where you’re not cocooned, goo-gooed over & handled with kid gloves. For once made accountable for the illegal & treasonous & unbridled power he has had for 8 years.

    Kudos to this brave journalist who has asked the hard question that is on everyone’s mind ie will there be another coup on his watch — just like in 2000. The whole world has witnessed his reaction to that critical question ie defensiveness & patronizing intimidation!

    Kudos also to Stanley Simpson for trying to lock him down on the Sunday Close Up segment. Once again his idiocy was on full public display because you just can’t fix stupid.

    It was another colossal stuff up by Qorvis because the voters they were targetting (knowing that Fiji Fist has cut their losses & this was their last ditch attempt), went to bed convinced that this dunce at the helm for another 4 years would be disastrous for them.

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