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Claiming he will win all 50 seats is a dream so how will Frank work with other parties?

The  scenario of Frank having all his actions, past and present,  questioned in parliament will be amusing to say the least.

Ro Kepa who will obviously be either the PM or leader of the Opposition has shown in the recent leaders debate that she is no pussy cat and is able to ask the tough questions.

The fact that Frank has a long record of not keeping his promises means he can publicly be branded a liar at each and every sitting of Parliament,. His reaction to this will be interesting.

There is already a campaign under way to find assets and liabilities that will result in having Frank impeached so he cannot continue as a MP. When he is sworn in as an MP he must once again declare his assets and liabilities.

Add to this the fact that Frank does not play well with others and I see a tempestuous, and I hope public broadcast of parliament in our immediate future.

Claiming he will win all 50 seats may bite Frank in the butt as people may not bother to vote for him if it is a forgone conclusion. Contrast this with the current NZ election where the main party will probably romp home but its leader is saying it will be very close to avoid people not bothering to vote.

Ravuso  Cama


7 thoughts on “Claiming he will win all 50 seats is a dream so how will Frank work with other parties?

  1. From what we heard in this debate last night I would be very surprised if the SODELPA leader could even answer a question about herself without giving the answer that she would have to refer to others for an answer.

    As a leader, a waste of space and simply a figure head mascot. Fiji deserves far more than puppets as leaders, surely there are some naturally gifted and talented people around and not those just gifted by what they inherited.

  2. The same can also be said for Bai and all the hogwash he comes up with. For example the need to protect his brave soldiers in the immunity provision. His soldiers did not commit treason he did and the immunity is to protect his own sorry ass. So much for equal citizenry he keeps harping on about.

  3. The simple answer to the whole situation is to vote for PDP.

    If they get the leadership and majority we all then retain Fiji’s dancing superstars Season 2 on TV and every union member will get triple their pay.

    What more could anyone want?

  4. Fully agree with Wonder’s comment above.

    If we can find someone to vote for FLP it will certainly save Chaudhry’s embarrassment of his being the only vote.

  5. In response to the offer from the EU Bai stated that he said no to the offer of $50 million when he could have accepted it and gone off on a holiday somewhere.

    What a ass ole

  6. Please stop irritating our great PM. You have all seen the video when he had to express his strong dissatisfaction with this stupid kiwi girl. Such provocations should not go unpunished. Ban all foreign journalists from Fiji. Disconnect the internet and our great PM can rest in peace.

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