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Racial discrimination worries me: Bainimarama


08:07 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Edwin Nand

FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama says for him and his party, removing racial discrimination is the biggest challenge facing Fiji. Speaking on FBCTV’s 4 The Record, Bainimarama says social issues, development and growth are all being addressed, however racial discrimination is hard to remove. He adds the 2013 Constitution was to be the answer, but there is resistance. “We keep saying there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We thought the Constitution was that light – apparently not because when we look back, the dark part of that tunnel is still there. The light didn’t really shine through. There are people who want to take us back to the dark days of 2000.” The FijiFirst leader reveals that attempts to bring about equality in Fiji are being thwarted, because people are easily manipulated. “This is a thorn in our side that we need to get rid of. Racial discrimination is going to be our down-fall. If people, especially politicians keep using it, they’ll keep lying to the people. That’s how deep politicians have placed racial discrimination into people. Get rid of it, and we’re home free.” Bainimarama also says the FijiFirst campaign has been focusing on removing misconceptions about common identity and equal citizenry

. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22963/racial-discrimination-worries-me-bainimarama#sthash.5VGQ5RRf.dpuf


10 thoughts on “Racial discrimination worries me: Bainimarama

  1. My family is from Dreketi living in Suva now. During the 2000 coup rebel supporters took over our homes and farms. Bainimarama and the brave military rescued us. Biman Prasad, who is also from Dreketi, was hiding in Suva. As Bainimarama said on the radio, Biman Prasad is talking too much only now. Nobody in Dreketi will vote for Biman Prasad and his bullshit. Everybody will vote FijiFirst.

  2. Well said BSBM! Vote for Khaiyum, the sole saviour of iTaukei culture and tradition. Vote for Khaiyum and trust him with your land. This is what smart people do.

  3. Aunty Nur look back where your Ancestors come from so that’s where you suppose to be and talk!!! This is our land and we are the iTaukei don’t steal from us O.K, u big liar.

  4. This man does not understand that race is still alive. One cannot force the issue overnight. One can only manage it and let it takes its own evolutionary course towards an ideal model. For example this election has not stopped people from polarizing once again since most indigenous Fijians will vote SODELPA and Indo Fijians will spread their votes to FFP, NFP and Labour. Talk as much as he likes bai cannot force people into merging into one society. Much less so by the method he is using to achieve this by forceful manipulation of the Fijian system without consultation and consensus.

  5. Screaming, struggling and protesting we are being carried to a better future by Bai. I see an enlightened and better Fiji. Go man go

  6. Milamila, you obviously are of the same mind and heart as your hero Vorere. He is heartless and mentally unstable, selfish and absolutely foolish. He pretends to lead but is in fact a terrorist thug who intimidates the people that do not agree with him. He rules through force, brutality, lies and deceit. He only pretends to care about the people to win their votes. If this is the kind of person you want as a leader, then the two of you can create your own kingdom in Kiuva and get the other monkeys with you. Then we shall see whether your kingdom will last for one year. But do not for a moment think we are as stupid and desperate as you, for very soon, we the people of this land will no longer sit and have your monkey rule us. You watch and see.

  7. Frank is force-line only. That is his training. That is his credo.

    He has no other idea, other than his OWN idea.

    That is why he is no leader – he is a bully and an incompetent.

  8. Let me guess the above comments are all made by dumb arse indian peasants and pathetic white anglo trash or some moronic itaukei. I am not racist. I hate everyone equally.

  9. Tomasi
    you are losing it mate. How come you didn’t mention god and bible even once in your post. For a bible thumper you are such a racist–sound like Raikivi! Whether you like it or not this country and its people are moving forward. Bugger the chiefs.GCC and old school racists like you. Such boody hypocrites

  10. Milamila, Makogai was for quarantining lepers. Kiuva should be designated for Voreqe and his group of thieves, torturers and murderers and scums of the earth. In my book, lepers are 100 times better human beings than the whole lot of you. Comprende?

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