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Campaigning for Fiji’s election winds up

Updated at 5:15 am today

Campaigning is beginning to wind up in Fiji in the run up to next Wednesday’s general election.

Tomorrow is the last day that any sort of campaigning is allowed.

Philippa Tolley has more from Suva.

“All yesterday afternoon the party of the ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, Sodelpa, held its final rally in a village near Suva’s aiport. Today, Fiji First, the party lead by Rear Admiral, Frank Bainimarama, is holding what it calls a family fun day, although all the party’s senior figures are due to deliver speeches. The only broadcast leaders debate will be run on a local radio station tomorrow between the leaders of Fiji First and Sodelpa. A televised debate between the two was due to be held last night, but the Sodelpa leader pulled out citing concerns Fiji Broadcasting might control which questions were put to the two leaders.”

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Photo: RNZI/Sally Round

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3 thoughts on “Ex RNZI


    For all those in Fiji so concerned about the future of this countries political future and economy it seems that here is the answer.

    A Mr Sandeep Singh a candidate for the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) pleads in today’s press for people to vote for him. Telling the public of the necessity to gain at least 20,000 votes in the election.

    As with all politicians their credentials, track record, vision and reasons for getting into parliament are of great importance for the taxpayer who will be represented by them. It is in fact the tax payer who pays for what they achieve.

    This individual states in the first lines of his introduction to the public in his paid advertisement;

    “” If I won’t make it, then it’s a complete loss for all talented people. I will not be able to produce Season 2 of Fiji’s Dancing Superstars, nor other talent programmes…. “”

    So is this an example of how PDP and their candidates consider that a government should operate.

    Perhaps the greatest loss would be for the people of Fiji to vote for Mr Sandeep Singh of PDP who would use a government position to assist his wannabe Simon Cowell dreams?

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