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No exit polls to check results against reality.

Restrictions on Fijian election coverage

By Samisoni Pareti

Thu 11 Sep 2014

A few candidates in Fiji’s general elections with some members of the public after the drawing of their numbers last month— Samisoni Pareti

Authorities in Fiji have reminded media organisations about laws covering the country’s general elections scheduled for Wednesday next week.

Both the Supervisor of Elections Mohammad Saneem and Executive Chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority Ashwin Raj explained the applications of the “blackout period” in accordance with Section 118 of the new Electoral Decree at a briefing today in the Fijian Elections Office.
During the blackout, no media organisation is allowed to publish or broadcast any political activity. Political activity is defined as including advertisements, interview any political actors, and conduct debates or commentaries that would be deemed as advocacy or has the potential to influence voters.
The blackout period for Fiji’s general elections starts 7.30am on Monday, September 15 and ends at the close of polling, 6pm on Wednesday, September 17.
All news reporting for either publication or broadcast during this blackout period must be first vetted for approval by MIDA. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of the accreditation of the journalist concerned and the media organisation she or he represents. “They will not be permitted to report on the election,” says the joint Elections Office and MIDA guidelines.
These restrictions also cover exit polls as well as taking photography in the polling venues.
Saneem and Raj say the guidelines will be applied equally to local and overseas journalists. Raj added ‘he works faster than the United Nations’ so the turnaround of vetted news copies from him should not be an issue.


9 thoughts on “No exit polls to check results against reality.

  1. Exit polls are a diabolic tool used only by ruthless dictators to determine if people vote for the opposition. In the truly democratic system that the honorable Khaiyum has created in Fiji, exit polls and media snooping around the polling stations cannot be allowed. We have to ensure that Khaiyum’s Fiji First wins all seats, so we need a bit of privacy to do that. And all those who still believe that the great Khaiyum is after your land, rest assured, he will take it only for 99 years, then you can have it back.

  2. What else did you expect? The restrictions are a logical and integral part of the engineered election outcome. Please remember that this election was designed not have the people decide the next Government. It was a very cunning way of securing or endorsement to have the dictator rule us with absolute immunity and in perpetuity for as long as they can. Please wake up Fiji and smell the trap.

  3. Anon 1.56am. Please read my comments again before you open your dirty mouth. You obviously were not properly raised by your parents and have developed a filthy habit of using foul language. You are just the same as the mental retard and thug Voreqe.In Fijian, we say, O iko e dua na tamata kaisi bokola na nomu I tovo. Do not abuse your freedom to speak your mind and mind what you speak.

  4. If Fiji Sun is a pro FijiFirst newspaper, Samisoni Pareti is surely a die-hard and pro SODELPA and SDL journalist.

  5. There are some filthy cockroaches crawling around this site. They should crawl back into the dark pit toilets where they belong with the military trolls and their QORVIS .snakes from abroad. Oh don not forget, just tell the filthy lying spirits inside you that hell is waiting for you, and you can then swear and cry out in agony throughout all eternity.

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