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Coalition possible after Fiji poll – academic

Updated at 7:55 pm on 11 September 2014

An Auckland -based Fijian academic Steven Ratuva says there is a real possibility of a coalition government following next week’s election in Fiji.

Dr Ratuva says if the polls published so far are to be trusted, the earlier overwhelming support for the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is slipping.

Fiji voting information pamphletsFiji voting information pamphlets

Photo: RNZI

He says the smaller parties have drawn away support from the leader’s FijiFirst party while the indigenous-back SODELPA has gained ground.

FijiFirst if it wins, it might win with a very small margin, otherwise it may not have the majority and therefore it needs to have a coalition with someone else. Those five smaller parties and two independents, they can actually become kingmakers if the situation arises where no one gets the majority.”

A senior lecturer in Pacific Studies at Auckland University, Steven Ratuva.


One thought on “Ex RNZI

  1. Ratuva is inciting disaffection with our great leader! Why can’t he understand that there will be no need for a coalition because Khaiyum’s Fiji First will win all seats in parliament. His Rear Admirer has spelled this our clearly and repeatedly explaining to all of us that true democracy can only be achieved in a single party parliament.

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