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Ex Pacific Scoop…. Hopefull for a translation shortly

Captive Fiji peacekeeping soldiers shown in al-Nusra propaganda video

<!—->al Nusra militants video Fiji captives 110914 425widePacific Scoop:
Report – By the Pacific Scoop news deskA 14-minute video has gone live on YouTube purporting to show the 45 captured Fiji peacekeeping soldiers at an undisclosed location in Syria.

Two militants from the al-Nusra Front group holding the Fiji soldiers captive introduce the video. The soldiers appear to be in good health.

But there is no translation immediately available to the commentary. The soldiers were captured in the Golan Heights demilitarised zone between Isarel and Syria on August 28.

Link to video





Captured soldiers talk of release in video


Syrian rebel group Al Nusra releases video of captured Fijian soldiers.

NEW VIDEO: Captured Fijian soldiers appear in a video made by an al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel group.

Captured Fijian soldiers have appeared in a video made by an al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel group.

The 45 soldiers were captured on the Golan Heights where they were serving with the United Nations on August 28.

In the video, one of the soldiers says in English that the Al Nusra group who are holding them are about to release them.

Fiji social media sites have quickly identified the soldier speaking as the group’s commander, Captain Savenaca Siwatabu.

He is a nephew of Fiji’s first coup leader, Sitiveni Rabuka.

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6 thoughts on “Ex Pacific Scoop…. Hopefull for a translation shortly

  1. They look weaker and more demoralized in this picture than in the last one. Yes, a few days of not knowing what was going to happen being imprisoned by rebel groups, several of whom are terrorist groups, can be very frustrating.

    But prayer is still very important and necessary at this stage. In fact if and when the soldiers are released we can offer prayers of thanksgiving.

  2. Amen Tualeita. The sad truth is that this could have been avoided if people had made the right decisions. For instance, Fiji’s relations with Israel and the rest of the world. Spending the right time and resources to enhance preparedness and training prior to departure. The ban on our Christian meetings here in Fiji. The systematic demolition of most things Fijian.

    But our thoughts are not His thoughts. His ways and thoughts are far beyond our understanding. He can use the most gloomiest circumstances to manifest His power and glory and bring the ultimate good in us. That is you are correct in saying that this situation demands our prayers, for He is always faithful and He still hears the prayers of His children. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the next week or two. But the future is in His hands.

  3. It must be God’s way of teaching the Fiji military a lesson on humility. They act tough in Fiji abusing unarmed civilians but throw in the while flag at the sight of armed resistance. They are the ones who should pray and ask for repentance.

  4. I thought the good book says that God only hears the prayer of those who abide in his words. Whose prayer was heard: the Hindu,Muslims, Christians or Frank who persecuted a segment of Christians in Fiji.

  5. Upon studying the above picture again, it is a perfect symbol of Fiji today. The 45 soldiers represent us the people of Fiji. The two militants standing represent Voreqe and Khaiyum.

    The picture also reminds me of that famous advice: “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you, for whatsoever you do, it shall be done unto you” Very true indeed. What say Save Siwatibau? I hope you learn a vital lesson and become a better man first before becoming a better soldier.

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