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George Speight is in Suva Private Hospital?

Can anyone verify social media reports that George Speight is in Suva Private Hospital?

The story goes he was beaten up by RFMF after he was heard to remark that Frank would soon be joining him in Naboro Maximum  Security.

The hatred of Frank for George is no secret but surely he would have waited until after the election?


8 thoughts on “George Speight is in Suva Private Hospital?

  1. To all people from Tailevu and especially Tailevu North, although you may hate what Speight did, this inhuman treatment he had just received is unacceptable…from the Military who shamed Fiji in Golan Heights a few days ago..they are better in torturing unarmed citizens than fight armed enemies….tells you all kai Tailevu North NOT TO VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA.

  2. And the above is also true with all of us in Fiji…WE SHOU;D NOT VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA…to save our people, return sanity and concern/care for human rights and love for ordinary persons irrespective of your race and circumstances

  3. The RFMF has indeed done a bit of re-education with Speight. He was handcuffed and unarmed and in this state he qualified as an enemy that the brave warriors of the RFMF dare to take on.

  4. I visited George just over 12 months ago, and just about visit him every year from New Zealand, in maximum. He was in great spirits, healthy, very fit and jokingly mentioning the empty cell next door for Frank. He’s a very strong religious man who in my opinion would not hurt anyone. He speaks of God and forgiveness and wants to go farming and far away from politics as possible. He certainty did not deserve to be beaten if this is true. Family in New Zealand are thinking of you my uncle. Ed

  5. Se ratou baci mukulaka edua e vesu tu sega nona yaragi. Ia sa kila tu o vuravura na raba i levu ni nodratou i cici na sotia ni Viti ena gauna ratou sotava kina na meca vakaiyaragi. Era sega mada ga ni vana. E lutu na dakai, lave na liga ena nodra sa soro ena levu ni rere. Me oti ga tukuna na meca, luvata nomudou tarausese, vakacucu mera tou qai laulau vutu nodratou sona.

  6. Bai talai ira na nomu sotia sona levu mera laki vakaqarai ira na vesu tu Mai Golan heights ,oira gona na nomu sotia era infomer taki ira tiko na freedom fighters Ni Syria vei dictatorships alizad.Sara vaka loloma na nodra matavuvale Ena bomb taki vei alizad,qo Sa qai vinaka nira na mate taucoko na 45,vinaka,kuani guileva mo tukuna vei ira na matavuvale nodra na nomu sotia lailavo o taura Mai vei alizad Mei sau Ni informer taki ira tiko na freedom fighters,o ira qo era Sega mi terrorist era freedom fighters era Sa Sega ni taleitaka na dictator Ena nodra Vanua.o matai ga na talei ira mere laki buturaki ira na lewei viti,vaka o Sa cakava qori vei George Speight.luveni sona wadu.

  7. i do agree with all the comments that is highlighted in favor of mr or should i say honorable George Speight by those light headed people.

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