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The calibre of our Military Management means that you cannot believe a word they say……

Fiji military backtracks on soldier release


Last updated 14:27 10/09/2014


This photo, tweeted by an al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group on 31 August, is thought to show 38 of the 45 Fiji soldiers they are holding prisoner at an unknown location.

Fiji military officials have suddenly backtracked after saying their captured soldiers were about to be freed from captivity in rebel-held Syria.

The military regime-controlled Ministry of Information said this morning the rebel group al Nusra had agreed to release the 45 Fiji soldiers who have been held at an unknown location for 13 days.

The soldiers, part of a United Nations border monitoring force on the Golan Heights on the Syria-Israel border, surrendered to al Nusra while fellow Filipino soldiers fought their way to freedom.

The Fiji statement quoted military head General Mosese Tikoitoga saying that he had received word from the UN that the men would be released unconditionally.

But the ministry has deleted its Facebook posting and replaced it with one quoting a so-called “ambassador at large”, General Ioane Naivalurua which said only that negotiations were continuing.

Naivalurua is in New York and said talks were continuing in the Golan region.

The new statement also quoted Tikoitoga as saying only that they were “actively working on the safe release of the Fijian troops”.

The New York Times quoted Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, saying he had no information about the Fijian Government’s assertion.

“Nothing new to report,” he said.

Al Nusra, the Syrian affiliate of al Qaeda, captured the peacekeepers on August 28.

The group described the action as retaliation for what it called the failure of the UN to help the people of Syria in that country’s civil war.

Fiji is heading to a democracy-restoring election on Tuesday, which is designed to end more than eight years of military rule.

The Fiji media, which frequently practises self-censorship, had made little reference to their soldiers being taken prisoner.

Most reporting is based on statements handed out by the ministry and Tikoitoga.


7 thoughts on “The calibre of our Military Management means that you cannot believe a word they say……

  1. The military couldn’t find their own arses in the dark.

    Their Great Leader, the Rear Admirer Frank Bainimarama has led them down a shameful, dirty, path of hopelessness, greed and sedition. God help them all.

  2. In the Fijian Dictionary, the Fiji Military means Fiji usurpers of Democracy . We have no more respect for these lot, only anger at what they have and continue to do against the national interest of Fiji and its citizens. It needs to be dismantled or an overhaul educational program need to be underway on their TRUE role in a DEMOCRATIC Fiji.

  3. We all, may be mistaken here. This lot would have joined FMF after the coup in 2006 ,so they knew what they were joining…a bully band of thugs. These guys, all look like post 2006 recruitment , bar dad’s army lot in there numbering 4 or 5. So they have already witnessed death in custody and still joined and may have participated, SO THEY BLOODY DESERVE THE OUTCOME OF AL-NUSRA judgement. Don’t feel sorry for them because they didn’t feel sorry for any of us before their capture. This is a humbling experience for them and I sincerely hope they’ve learn’t a thing or two whilst in captivity.

  4. We need our boys here back in Fiji. Every boot on the ground is needed to educate voters, to secure a clear election victory for the great Khaiyum. Our soldiers are not very good in combat roles, they specialise in beating women and unarmed civilians, they know how to intimidate and bully docile and indolent Fijians. If they meet men carrying arms, they turn into pacifists and surrender their weapons.

  5. Our soldiers are brave men who were not afraid to lay down their arms when confronted with combat soldiers. They are now held in the Golan Hilton, a luxury hotel where they can fatten up and build the strength they need to do their proper job which is to protect the interests of the Khaiyum clan.

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