Soldiers vote

Mere Naleba
Tuesday, September 09, 2014

MEMBERS of the disciplined forces were also part of the pre-polling voting as soldiers, police officers and navy officers queued up at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks to cast their votes.

Pre-polling for the members of the Defence Force began at 6am and concluded at 5pm.

The Fijian Elections team had set up two polling stations at the Reverend Tuvasu Hall where its members were given the opportunity to cast their votes and have a say on which political party was to make up government.

The members of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces, the Fiji Police Force and Royal Navy were guided to the ballot boxes by election officials under the watchful eyes of members of the Multinational Observers Group.

Meanwhile, villagers of Cicia Island in Lau waited until midday yesterday to start casting their votes as the boat carrying election material arrived late to the island.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem confirmed voting was postponed to midday, however, villagers from the four villages on the island were notified of the delay and changes made to the time schedules.


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  1. Vote 279.

    FijiFirst cares for all races and can unite Fiji and move us forward.

    Remember vote 279 and spread the word.

    279 yeah!

  2. Fiji First cares for all races except iTaukei, Indians, Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans, Chinese (unless there is a dollar to be made).

    Hey Nabua Prince, are you blind or stupid or a combination of both?

    Frank and Aiyaz have had 8 long years to unite Fiji and move us forward. Fail Fail Fail. We are more divided than ever and our economy is destroyed.

    You are either being sarcastic or you are one seriously deranged moron.


  4. Only Bainimarama is Fiji’s most capable leader to take Fiji forward.

    Not Biman Prasad of NFP nor Felix Anthony of PDP.

    Not the racist SODELPA’s Teimumu.

    Fiji is only ready for FijiFirst to take us forward

    So vote for FijiFirst

    Vote 279 and don’t listen to the nonsense from the anti group.

    Remember 279.

  5. Sorry to comment off topic.
    Ro Kepa and her advisors have shown surprising flash of intelligence by refusing to debate Bainimarama on FBC radio and TV. Why expose yourself to “ambush journalism” of FBC. It has become obvious that FBC and its organs have become the propaganda arm of FF. This was proved by Veena Bhatnagar’s very unethical and dishonest behavior when she interviewed BIman Prasad and Khaiyum without declaring that she had applied to be a FF candidate.
    FBC has become the FBC remniscent of Rabuka days. Its news and analysis are so skewed as to be unbelievable. So sad that it is no longer a credible organization.
    I am of the opinion that no candidate shout give them interviews and sound bytes. Let them keep interviewing Khaiyum–the more people see and hear him; the less likely are they to vote for his party.
    If Kepa and her advisors had shown same wisdom before they went public with their racist agenda they had a fairly good chance of winning this election. Oh well as the song goes :
    ” Oh the cows in Mobile, they fly so high;
    That they shit right into you eye.”

  6. A vote for SODELPA means Indo-Fijians will be 2nd class citizens.
    A vote for NFP or PDP will mean instability for Fiji. Majority of iTaukei in SODELPA don’t trust Indo-Fijians.
    A vote for FijiFirst means agreeing to BaiKaiyum leadership

    Who then should we vote for? My head is spinning.

    Maybe I just vote 279 for stability for Fiji and equality for all. Other choices seems moving backwards for Fiji.

    Any suggestions?

  7. A voter
    Who gives a friggin shit your one vote is useless anyway as SDL will win… you go to prison for mavolo

  8. Van Damme
    But I’m not RFMF.
    The choices are: – stability or instability.
    I choose stability for Fiji’s sake.
    FijiFirst seems to be the only party with best alternative.
    Who else do you think has?

  9. The problem is that there are no choices, remain as things are or take the pathetic opposition of which not a single one offers anything comparable to what we have now or better.

    The option is simple Fiji First all the way.

  10. A Voter, Voting for FFP for the sake of stability as you put it is not really voting for stability is it?! It is voting in FEAR of a legitimate democracy. If you vote for them in fear so that the country is beaten into stability then you have given them what they want; a scared, uninformed, unmotivated indifferent public. These so called development they harp on about, why is it all being done in the year leading up to elections? Why not four six years ago, or four years, hell, why not three years ago? Voting buying I hear someone say?? Roads, health, education, infrastructure are OBLIGATIONS that a government is OBLIGED to provide not hand out piecemeal to buy votes in the run up to elections. I mean, really, handing out rubbish bins!! And having the media cover it!! F$&k’s sake. Don’t even get me started on this sham of electoral process.

  11. Voter
    How do Indians become second class citizen if sodelpa wins? Unless you can point to the difference of being a first class and second class citizen you should refrain from making unfair generalisation.

  12. A vote for Fiji First is a vote for continuing coups, corruption, nepotism, abuse of office, dictatorship et al. Why do people turn a blind eye on all the evils perpetrated by this regime is beyond me.

    A meeting of depertment heads last week discussed the dire state of government finance. They discussed cost cutting measures including the possible reduction of civil servant salary. Yet Fiji First continues to promise freebies in their unrealistic manifesto.

  13. “How do Indians become second class citizen if sodelpa wins? Unless you can point to the difference of being a first class and second class citizen you should refrain from making unfair generalisation.” Its not only unfair but inflammatory. But thats the idea right? Like VRB calling sodelpa racists.

  14. I think FBC should ask Ro Teimumu during the debate with Bainimarama on whether SODELPA will support NFP if NFP wins majority and Biman to be PM.

    FBC please ask Ro Teimumu this question. So we can have this settled now.

    I bet Ro Teimumu will brush this question aside and she will repeat history and cause trouble with NFP.

    This is what Tupeni Baba had experienced before when he was faced with similar situation in FLP.

    SODELPA won’t want a non-iTaukei to be PM. They are of the view that Fiji should not have non-iTaukei to be PM. This will make non-iTaukei second class citizens.

    So FBC please ask Ro Teimumu.

  15. @ Voter

    That question is irrelevant to the election. Has sodelpa stated such stand or are you pulling that from your rear hole?

  16. @ Wingle

    You may very well be a scared, uninformed, unmotivated indifferent member of the public but there’s one hell of a lot of people that do not feel that way.

    There are many that put a greater importance on simple things in life like they feel safer these days in their homes knowing that the trash in Fiji now fear how they will be dealt with.

    There are many that appreciate the way this government has controlled certain religious groups which no other government was prepared to do.

    It’s easy to talk about vote buying but lets not forget other governments have and will do exactly the same.

    And as for freedom of speech and media control do you think the average man on the street actually understands these concepts or more importantly do they affect him?

    The average law abiding citizen really does not care about the perceived negative side of this government so many blog about.

  17. So the average law abiding citizen do not even care if the government breaks the law?

    How ironic? How can they be law abiding than turn a blind eye on law breaking?

    Don’t they care about the principles of justice, fairness, transparency, accountability and the list goes on.

  18. Let me tell you about my village which consists of six mataqalis (clans) in two yavusas (tribes). My mataqali consists of about two hundred members. Having been in contact with them over the phone and the interenet, I have been informed by them that 90 percent of them support SODELPA.

    We are an island village and the i qoliqoli is of much important to us because as a land owning unit, our mataqali owns only about 50 acres of land of which much is not arable.
    But we have a vast area of i qoliqoli stretching seaward for some five or six nautical miles. We have lived on the coast of this island for hundreds of years and we have derived our living from the resources of our reefs and shallow and deeper parts of the sea.

    We cannot place our trust on the confusing, or if not, ambiguous, manifesto that Bainimarma and Khaiyum have been campaigning about. SODELPA spells out a clearer manifesto about this very important matter to us.

    And having inquired about this issue with other clans, they say that about 80 to 90 percent of them will vote for SODELPA, for similar reasons.

    This is why I quite disagree with the view of the previous blogger that “the average citizen does not care about the the ‘perceived’ negative side of this government”. For us the issue is real and not ‘perceived’.

  19. I think the other thing ‘A Voter’ is missing is that you do not need need to vote for “the winner”; just vote for ANYONE BUT Fiji Foist.

    Then, the government will be a coalition; and stronger for it.

    It is high time for SODELPA/FLP to bury their differences for the sake of the nation.

  20. @tualeita

    I will not argue with what you say and fully agree your concerns but for development to take place, and that means development in all areas there has to be some give and take from all.

    Until Fiji can come up with a system where those that want to have such protections do not hinder the progress of the country there will never be an answer. A matter that may be of utmost importance to you may be a matter of utmost insignificance to others.

    Fiji’s greatest problem at present is that half of it wants to progress and the other half does not. What makes it worse is that the half that does not want to progress, wants to retain certain rights and ownership decisions, are the very ones that want the things only possible through progression. And to put it bluntly want’s others to support them carrying on this way.

    This government has attempted to sort these matters, some will say it has failed others that it’s on the right track but the problem these days you do not know who to believe whatever side they are on because they will only tell you the part they want you to hear.

    So when SODELPA comes into power having made all its promises to protect indigenous rights and give the indigenous systems ultimate say over all ownership rather than an elected government the only ones that will suffer are today’s children as they watch in envy the rest of the world move on .

  21. the rfmf removed govt elected by the people
    the rfmf tortured and abused unarmed citizens
    the rfmf killed unarmed citizens
    the rfmf removed the constitution
    the rfmf changed the laws at their own will
    the rfmf removed civil servants without proper cause
    the rfmf removed the GCC
    the rfmf removed control of land from fijians
    the rfmf forced the methodist church not to have any gathering
    the rfmf prosecuted anyone without proper cause with backing of indians by decrees drafted by a muslim
    the rfmf corrupted govt services
    the rfmf supported the move alienate the fijians from their land
    the rfmf failed to do their job according their oath
    etc etc etc

    the rfmf surrendered to the muslims because they were ordered by an indian

    the crw said it, the soldiers said it, the rfmf commander said it – they were just following orders and loyal to their oath.

    all this mess Fiji is in today, the rfmf is responsible. and we sick of it and we’ll vote U OUT.

  22. “So when SODELPA comes into power having made all its promises to protect indigenous rights and give the indigenous systems ultimate say over all ownership rather than an elected government the only ones that will suffer are today’s children as they watch in envy the rest of the world move on .”

    Do you see the contradiction in what you say? Sodelpa wants to protect indigeneous rights (as indeed recognised by the UN).

    Your personal opinion is “gives the idigeneous systems ultimate say over all ownership rights rather than an elected government…”

    Now who has onership right on freehold land? Why is it everyone wants a say on idigeneous land? Aren’t ownership rights the same for everyone?

    Does sodelpa refer to indigeneous ownership of qoliqoli or protection of idigeneous rights to qoliqoli? Surely you don’t expect the indigineous people to ban anyone from travelling through their qoliqoli? or that matter fense off the area.

    People are jumping up and down for nothing. Unless you can point out the exact provision in the Qoliqoli Bill that is racist? and why it is so? than the finger pointing on racism is hogwash.

  23. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Fiji is under attack – both at home and abroad. Australians and the rest of the international free world stand by their Fijian friends as they battle this evil cancer.

  24. @Anonymous 9:30 PM

    Firstly, I have made no reference specifically to the Qoliqoli bill and certainly nothing to suggest racism in any way so it’s interesting how you perceive such comments and bring ‘racist’ into such? You need to learn that criticism of a system, culture or the way a certain section of society behaves does not infer racism.

    You ask why is it everyone wants a say on indigenous land and the answer is very simple.

    Unless Fiji can find a system where the government of the day has a method of undertaking compulsory purchase or use of land where it is absolutely necessary for the benefit of the country Fiji will not progress. This must apply to all land whether freehold or indigenous owned.

    Think about it, if a government wants to run a main road through the interior from north to south with all the benefits it will give you can not have a system where a few individuals can block this.

  25. Bai magaijinamu,lasasulasu. era na vutusona taki lau vuki bulabula kece na watimu, luvemu yalewa tagine kei ira na watidra vakai sale sorovaki cicilevu

  26. @Anon 9.30pm

    Yet you infer that sopdelpha wants to do what you say. Sodelpa has said that they will re-introduce the Bill to protect indigeneous rights.

    Has their been a case where land owners have stopped roads going through there land? Ownership rights demand fair compensation and that is what has happend in the past.

    So your concern is unfounded. I repeat why is it that ownership right for free hold land is never debated but every Tom, Dick or Harry demands to have a say in indigeneous land?

    In spite of all you infer developments had taken place and land used through recognition of ownership rights and fair compensation.

  27. The prudent man or government ensures there are systems in place for protection even if they may have not been needed in the past or may not be needed in the future.

  28. Yeah the system is already there: fair compensation according to law and respect ownership rights of those concerned.

  29. Thank you for the informative exchanges. Thank God for these blogs and the freedom to speak about what is very dear to us. Imagine if we did not have this opportunity? What would it be like to live in your own home and country, but having no say about it because a group of proud arrogant intellectual imbeciles decide to impose their will on the rest of the country to avoid being hauled into court and eventually into prison?

    But, please,please, please ladies and gentlemen. Whatever maybe our personal stands and perspectives on things, let us never forget to factor in the One who determines the destiny of people and nations. Differences often result in conflicts if left unresolved. Human history is rich with stories of conflicts and the whole world is involved and engaged with conflicts of various kinds, including the religious kind. But it really helps to ask ourselves this question? Who can we depend on to advise us? Is there someone we can turn to to guide through life’s confusing and treacherous roads. The wonderful answer to that is, Yes, we can trust Someone who authored life. Someone who knows best. Someone who cares so intimately about every facet and details of our lives. Someone who loves us all and who has promised to be our Shepherd, our Comforter, our Refuge, our Strength, our way and our Life.

    I am talking about GOD, “Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any people”. That is from God, and it is not subject to human debate. That is a moral law that governs all activities, thoughts, attitudes and human behaviour. It is also the moral law that determines our destinies as nations. The law applies to all nations, nomatter how rich or poor, large or small, white or black, or brown or yellow. This law defines for us the way to live our lives and the destiny we can choose. Our destiny as a nation is absolutely a function of how we respond to that divine law and principle. Now how is that relevant and material to our discourse on elections and choices for Government? Absolutely relevant and material.

    Party manifestos represent intended actions and plans for the nation. They also reflect values and principles of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral, etc. Party manifestos may articulate policies and actions concerning economics, welfare, infrastructure, health, education, finance, crime, etc. But they speak volumes about beliefs and values and principles about right and wrong and the issues that really matter in the long term welfare of nations.

    Nabua Prince and others claim Frank First Party is the best because …. But what does the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY say about it? Is Frank and Khaiyum God’s choice for Fiji? That is the ultimate question I must ask as a believer. And I can answer that very simply. NO, Frank and Khaiyum are not God’s choice as leaders. Why? Because they are not men after God’s own heart. Their thoughts and actions and words and behaviour are absolutely contrary to god’s plan and purpose for me and my family and my village and tribe and country, in the light of God’s Word. Let me elaborate.

    Frank has lied from the first day he committed treason. So He is a liar, and one who lies habitually to exploit people is not led by the Lord. He is not a person I can trust.
    Voreqe has robbed and stolen and coveted. He is a very selfish person.
    Voreqe has imposed his will on all the people of Fiji. He has no respect for others.
    Voreqe has tortured and murdered people and these people’s blood are crying out to God.
    He has ruined the lives of thousands of people and families by terminating their employment and reducing their pensions. He robs people of their source of livelihoods and retirement funds. That’s what the devil, Satan does. he comes to deceive, to rob and steal and murder and devour and destroy. That is not God folks. He is possessed of a demonic spirit.
    Voreqe and Khaiyum and their conspirators have robbed us of our God given rights and freedoms. They are not from God. They are the very instruments of the devil themselves.

    Voting for Frank First is like choosing Satan to lead us into the future. What future would that be like. I leave that to you my friends. god bless Fiji with your right choices. Vinaka

  30. Again you need to be reminded Tomasi that until this God that you keep bleating on about is registered here as a voter and uses that vote what he has to say on Fiji politics is unlikely to have any significance.

  31. @Anonymous 12.45pm, you speak like a fool and think like a fool, so you must be a fool. The Bible says, ” the fool says in his heart there is no God.” You speak about God as if He is an ordinary mortal or an idol who has no say or influence on the world and our lives. This is ignorance of the highest order or blasphemy. I really feel sorry for you. Unlike other false gods and idols, our God eternal Sovereign. Lord God Almighty and Ruler. He spoke the world into existence,with a purpose and He created you and me in His image and in His likeness. May I humble suggest that you ask for His forgiveness and seek Him and find Him before it is tool late. Rev Bhagwan could help you know and understand more if you refuse to listen to a non padre like me. It is no wonder that Fiji is in the mess it is in because of people like you and Voreqe and Khaiyu, and Nabua Prince.

  32. The problem with your view Tomasi is that not everyone who visit this blog or all citizens of Fiji for that matter are Christians, who believe in your God.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that: there is a time and place for everything and here in this forum is not the place to preach.

  33. @ Tomasi

    It is true – I agree with your sentiments when you says that Frank is an evil, venal and greedy man – selfish in his own regard and without any responsibility or grace that our leaders should have.

    God once said that he will help those that help themselves. And so we should.

  34. I’ll take Tomasi’s side on this one. Anywhere and everywhere is an ideal place to preach about God and Jesus Christ because He is omnipresent and omnipotent.

    He is anyone’s and everyone’s God whether or not we believe in Him, whether we are atheists, agnostics or sinners who willfully deny and defy Him which, according to Him and His teachings, we are absolutely free to obey or disobey. But we cannot avoid nor avert the consequences of our choices.

    God has a hand in anything and everything that eventuates in our midst, even in politics.
    The Bible is replete with stories of political events and conflicts where God caused the victories or the defeats of nations, rulers, and tyrants or dictators.

  35. Tomasi still can’t get it? Everyone respects God, the problem you in SODELPA are blind with hate. Love and hate can’t live together.
    So join FijiFirst so you can see with love as this is where you will love your neighbor as you love yourself.
    As Nabua Prince has said vote 279.

  36. Good on you two but other people don’t believe in your God. The subject under discussion has nothing to do with one’s belief in a God or a Monkey.

    Why do we have religious freedom? So that people can believe in what they want…and by the way people’s conception of a divine being are different, so do the name they use to depict that being.

    Even the Bible is merely a collection of stories, the history of a people. Ironically the same people (Jews or Isrealites) do not even believe in Jesus or the new testment for that matter.

    I recall reading a Rabbi’s take on the problem with Christianty:

    Christianty or various christian denominations are always based on one person’s claim that God spoke to them or showed them a vision, which by and large cannot be proven or verified by other witnesses. The Jews on the other hand rest their faith on the account of more than 3 million people who witnessed God speaking through thunder, cloud and fire on Mt Sinai. The point is that the testimony of one person is questionable when compared to the testimony of 3 million people.

    So I guess its a matter of opinion and belief.

    Some citizens of Fiji don’t believe in your God, some are atheist, some believe in cows, monkeys, elephants or whatever and can’t be bothered listening your self righteous indigination.

  37. Thank you Rt Sai and Tualeita. I understand what you are saying Rt Sai and I respect your freedom to speak. It all depends on our concept of God and our own personal response to that concept or perception. As Tualeita correctly said, the absolute truth is that God exists and humanity has no bearing whatsoever on that reality. We may ignore him at our own peril. But as we all know, man is the most perculiar creature on earth. No other creature compares with others in terms of our composition. Man is also the only creature who is concerned about his won existence. There is an inbuilt capacity in us that seeks our Creator and why He created us. The three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

    Remember the first verse of the Bible, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” That sir, is a declaration, an absolute and sovereign declaration to all, believers or non believers and those sitting on the fence. The Bible does not even try to prove God’s existence. It only assumes that as an absolute reality. That is why I find your remarks about the Bible interesting and surprising at the same time, that the Bible is just a collection of stories and a history of the Israeli nation and nothing more. May I add that the Bible is the only accurate and uninterrupted history of mankind from God’s perspective.. Although Israel is a major focus, the real theme of the whole Bible is God’s purpose and love for the human race. Everything else complements that.

    Many years ago, I was just like you, very religious and thinking that God was a spectator. He created the world, and He left the rest to us. Over the years, my perspective has changed. First I had a personal encounter with God. Second, I was blessed with a profound understanding of the Scriptures through a deep and intensive study of the Hebrew language, culture, history and traditions.

    May I humbly suggest that you do so too na wekaqu. I see you as a very decent person with strong values and principles. You will discover much more of the purpose of life and the understand the broad sweep of human history, from the beginning to its very end. You see, because God created us for a purpose, all that has happened from that first day until today is a working out of all things to fulfil that purpose. This is why this election is an issue. The leadership of our nation has a pervasive impact on people’s lives. Human lives are the focus of God’s creation, purpose and love. To talk about elections without a reference to God’s will and purpose is like planning our lives without a calendar. It is the most foolish thing one can do. How can you plan without a calendar or reference to time, days, hours. That is how foolish it is to plan our national and personal lives without God.

    Oh by the way sir, the Bible is more than a story. It is God’s word to mankind. It is the most powerful force in the universe. A little exploration of quantum physics will confirm that. Many are still in the dark, but Einstein knew that many years ago. That God spoke and everything came to be, except you and me. That is why you will find that the smallest particle of matter is a vibration, energy, or a sound wave. Where did that come from? Our Bible explains all this profound scientific discovery in this way: And God said, let there be …. And there was …… Please have a think about that. I apologise if my previous posting sounded a little to “righteous indignance” for you. It is just I love all our people and our whole nation. I want the best for us. I believe that the best for us is wrapped up in our total surrender to god’s sovereignty and purpose and our ordering our steps in harmony with His grand design. Do you stll more proof? Study the history of the nation of Israel. That my friend is one of the most miraculous stories we will ever find. They too live on God’s promises thousands of years ago. Vinaka

  38. Tomasi

    I am not “very religious as implied” I am just practical and pragmatic. I am not the one preaching: you are. I don’t need any proof from anybody I believe in what I believe in, which is a private matter.

    Yeah the Bible is a story, a narrative or whatever you want to call it written by mortal human beings, supposedly by inspiration but translated into various languages by human beings who are all prone to making mistakes.

    I like your personal encounter with God, even though if I find it difficult to follow…but good on you mate.

    And what is the purpose of life? if I may ask.

  39. Rt Sai. Thank you for your comments. Jesus said in John 10:10 “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” This abundant life is summed up it in the ten commandments of the Hebrew Torah. Put very simply, the 10 Teachings simply declare God’s sovereignty and our relationship and fellowship with Him. It also defines how we must relate to one another. In other words, we have a vertical dimension and a horizontal one. Both are important but they must come in the right order. Jesus (God with us in human flesh or Immanuel) summed it up so well. Love God with all your heart. Love one another. That sir is the whole purpose of God for mankind. If we live according to those two fundamental principles, God has promised us that abundant (fulfilling) life is ours.

    To illustrate this concept for a pragmatic gentleman like you, let’s consider a kite flying in the breeze. As you well know, the two major forces acting on the kite and keeps it suspended in the sky are the downward pull of gravity and the upward force of buoyancy. If the string (cord) breaks, gravity will pull the kite down. Similarly, without the buoyancy of the kite, the kite will not soar into the sky and remain there like a bird. Both forces are essentially keeping the object in flight and in motion. In the same way, God had designed us as the most wonderful living being ever created. We are just a few categories below the angelic. He wants us to live for His glory and praise and to live in harmony with one another, within the divine paradigm and triangle of love. He wants us to understand the duality of reality. Reality is both spiritual and intangible more than it is physical and visible. All that we can see and sense and grasp is a very insignificant part of the total reality, which is GOD Himself.

    I hope the above will help answer your question. Vinaka

  40. Nietsche and I say that there is no god. He is delusion created by the likes of Tomasi. I do wish he would take his religious crap out of here and go preach to the already brainwashed. Gods and religions are a means of mind control and getting mon ey out of people so that the priests ca n have a good life. John Wesley died a pauper and his priests here are driving Pajeros and Land cruisers! I could say a lot about the catholics and the choir boys but you all know about it. You do not need gods or religions to be a good human. In fact the more I see of gods followers the more convinced I am that most harm in this world is done in his name.

  41. Anselme, please take the time to study the lives of all the famous atheists you may know. They all had a very tragic end. They were so sure of themselves when they were younger and full of energy and mobility. But then, one tragedy after another. Many of them committed suicide. How sad indeed. Not to spoil your suspense, just one example for you my friends. Bertrand Russel. Many scholars including the scientist from Cambridge admire and idolise him. But read his life story and see for yourself where his foolishness got him.

    God said, “The fool says in his heart, there is no God”. Don’t be a fool my friends. Do not draw conclusions until you have personally sought and discovered what you had been seeking. Those who seek god diligently will find Him. I was one of those. And I am simply passing on the news because this is what really matters. This election is important, but it will come and go. Voreqe and Khaiyum will go away someday. But where will you spend your eternity my friends? That is a question I want to leave with you. Vinaka

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